Target’s DELICIOUS New Wares!

There are two places I cannot go in without coming out with three times the stuff I went in for- CVS and Target.  The latter being the worst culprit- I go in for a bathmat and come out with a shirt, three picture frames, a side table and pair of sunglasses…. (and forget the bathmat). The new collection of home goods they just released doesn’t make it any easier to get in and out efficiently. It’s sometimes hard to find all the good stuff on their massive site so here are my favorites (some are even already on sale).  More proof you don’t need to spend a ton to add a little style to your space!


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This little pillow looks a lot like a Moroccan wedding blanket, no?

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I’d love this bird lamp base with this piped shade!

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Furniture line Blu Dot did a line for them too- a bit more on the modern side but a few fun pieces for offices and kitchens!

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This little drink table looks a lot like a MUCH pricier one!

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LOVING this rope lamp for a beach house!

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  1. Last time I was in Target, they had some floral lamp shades that looked interesting. It doesn’t seem right to buy the shade before the lamp, though! Also, they had that super cute little drink table in a lovely aqua or turquoise color. THAT was a lot harder to pass up.

  2. Thanks for posting this :) I ended up buying the cute BluDot stools..

    I also have a big problem with spending too much at both CVS and Target.. That darn CVS ExtraCare card totally encourages my overspending there ;)

  3. I hear you! When I venture over the boarder I always hit Target where I run around throwing anything I can find into a cart. Can’t wait for it to open in Canada in the spring!

  4. I hope you have the RED CARD! I went nutty after Christmas & bought like 20 huge Illume candles in great mercury glass containers…they were marked down from $20 to $3!!!!!!!! I felt like I was going to faint…Target is so great!

  5. I was holding off on creating my little office space for myself, but after I saw some of these items at Target recently, I bumped up the timeline of that project! I bought the first pillow in coral, the chevron version in turquoise, plus the tray version of that little green/blue table (also in coral.) I’m pairing it up with a white Parsons desk from West Elm…just need to find the perfect chair to tie it all together.


  6. I love that green lamp. The cushion comes in coral? As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die!”

    Target is one of the top reasons I’d like to live in the US instead of London!

  7. Hi Erin, I LOVE your design sense and your blog! Question for you, can I mix the green lamp and rope lamp in the same room. It would be going in a beach house small room. One as a desk lamp and one next to a small couch. Which do you prefer on the desk? Thanks so much :)

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