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This and That.

I’m currently staying with my parents as all our floors get refinished before our big kitchen install starts in a couple days! It’s moving pretty darn fast! While here we went to check on the progress of the beach house my parent’s are building (designed by my Dad and his firm).  It’s pretty exciting stuff.

A rendering nailed up in the frame.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.28.13 AM

It’s amazing how fast framing happens!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.28.39 AM

Looking into the vaulted living room- will have a great stone fireplace between those windows!

photo 3-1

Views to the water and shipyard down the hill.

photo 2-1

We went to one of the local lobster places for lunch (yes, there’s multiple lobster places).  While I don’t like lobster (I know, try to contain your horror- I don’t eat sushi either) it’s a cute place to have some chowder as well!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.29.12 AM

Ford’s is kinda famous for their buoys.


And they go back a ways…. don;t you love the wall color? It reminds me a lot of Farrow & Ball’s Arsenic.


Love this little painting from a local gallery- too bad it’s sold, would have been a great housewarming gift!


The town they are building in is a little boating village on the CT shore…. it’s very quaint and cute (P.S. that lighthouse is now a private residence. Oh yeah.)


I mean, look at the little local store/diner.  How Americana is that?

20080722160730_carsons store

20080722161540_carsons store noank ct.

While back at my house it looks like THIS.  The Wellbuilt crew is working round the clock to get us back in there!!!


But our floors are coming out lovely.  I was pretty stressed out about the stain colors.  We tried a few and I wasn’t loving any of them. I wanted them to be dark but not TOO dark, brown but not red. But not grey either.  I actually didn’t sleep one night because I was fretting so about this decision (I know, you don’t want my problems…)  So I researched a bit online and found out that many people, including the DIY expert Jenny from LGN suggested a mix of 50% Minwax Jacobean and 50% Ebony.  I had tested both those on their own and didn’t like them but together- I think we have a winner!



REALITY!!!!! (Now we just need three coats of poly and we’re golden!)


How was your long weekend?

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