75 Parisiennes

I feel confident is assuming that almost all of us wish to mimic, in some way, the style of French women. Be it their interiors, fashion, attitude or je ne seis quoi. Which is why I thought sharing these images from the new book 75 Parisiennes was appropriate.  It features BOTH, in an honest, documentary style way.  The effortless look, variety of styles (and herringbone floors) of these ladies reflects the French lifestyle very well, in my humble opinion.







75P simone-crivelli








  1. I love the older women, too!
    PS- did you notice the item on the floor in the first picture? Is it just me or is that what I think it is???

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! I am obsessed. I interned in Paris at the fashion institute and it is hands down my favorite place…and this is an amazing combo of fashion and decor. I can’t believe I have not heard of this book, but Im ordering it today….again…merci beaucoup!!!

  3. erin,
    you need to have your photo snapped in your new kitchen…..something fun…you laying on that marble with swatches-
    looking all french in the burbs!:)
    i’d love a book of american ladies….i love american ladies too.

  4. It’s out! Erin, do you have a copy? I was photographed by Baudouin, for this book, when I lived in Paris. I’m dying to know if I made the cut!

  5. Get out Caitlin! That’s amazing! :) I don’t have a copy! I need ot order from England, could not find a US distributor.
    And PVE, I agree. I need to lounge on the counter. :)

  6. I’m ordering it from Amazon.fr, shipping is only 8 euros, and I think it’s even a little cheaper in Euros when you do the conversion :)

  7. This was quite fun! Everyone woman—person definitely has an interesting personality that almost always shows throughout their living space. This showcased that beautifully!

  8. Is it just me or does the girls legs in the first picture seem to go on for ever? I would wear shorts everyday if I had legs like that!

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