Sponsor Updates: My New Favorites

Some updated product offerings from blog sponsors who make posting everyday a possibility:

LOVE this grey desk from Laura U– it’s such a classic for anyone, male or female (depending on the desk chair!) And I love the cover of this Jane Austen book from them as well- perfect to leave by the bed in a guest room!

Arteriors CAIN LIMED OAK DESK-275x275 PERSUASION-275x275

Two bold, fun works from artist Lindsay Cowles:

untitled 928- lindsay cowles untitled 1014

I am so loving anything malachite these days and these boxes from Shop Ten 25 are a perfect accent, and this nightstand is simply perfect right down the curve of the legs and the hardware.  If I didn;t already have some for my guest room I’d be buying these.

Bennett-Nightstand-Black-350x324 RabLabs-Andu-Boxes_Malachite-350x222

I also am looking for lots of  vintage gilt accents for my new house- I would love to mix these antique portraits in ornate frames into my gallery wall, and I am searching for a gilt frame French chair for the corner of my living room. All from Ruby Lane!

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 6.58.15 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.03.35 PM

Mohr & McPherson is having a rug sale and this insane Moroccan berber is 50% off!  I personally am looking for a great overdye rug for either my dining room or master bedroom- this blush color one would be lovely in a soothing master bed!

index.php index2.php

I need me some counter stools, and fast! These two choices from Gabby Home are that great mix of rustic traditional and streamlined that I am looking for!

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.18.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.18.26 PM

I am still hemming and hawing about my pendants- I keep wondering about glass and brass to lighten things up- these new ones from Shades of Light are pretty amazing!  And this new chandelier reminds me of a much more expensive version that I’ve put in a couple homes in the past.

PEC1257AB-01 CH12059GL-01

As for jewels I am super into anything animal inspired/related- like this lion head cuff from Stella & Dot (perfect for jazzing up an arm party) and may have to order this serpent pendant– I always need more long pendants in my collection.  It’s the easiest way to dress up a boring tee/cardigan or blazer/jeans outfit!

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 7.13.23 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 7.15.08 AM

And if you want to renovate your kitchen but don’t have a custom cabinet budget ( I saved up for mine my entire working life) then Kitchen Resource Direct might be a good budget option for you.   Plus they plant a tree for every cabinet ordered!




  1. I am beyond obsessed with the grey desk, malachite boxes and the amazing amazing glass and brass pendants which actually will work perfectly in a client’s kitchen (hope they agree :-) Great finds!! And thank you sooo much for introducing me to Shades of Light a while ago because it really is AMAZING!

  2. Hello you fabulous one! What lovely treasures you’ve found (as usual). The malachite boxes are divine, although a bit pricey. I have a 4×3 inch box that cost just AU$180 and identical to those illustrated. Mine came from a local gemology store that stocks rock specimens and polished lower end gems. You might find something in a similar store in your area. I can imagine a couple of malachite boxes in your bathroom or coffee table against that gorgeous grey you’ve chosen. I totally love your blog. You are real and warm and wonky and have the most gorgeous smile ever. Cheers to you and your lovely Andrew for doing such lovely things to that classic home. (PS for what its worth I like the glass and brass light fittings for your kitchen) x

  3. I like the stool on the left much better! It looks much more inviting. Go with that one, and then upload pics!

  4. Yo I’ve been pondering those brass glass ones from SOL for MONTHS but something is keeping me from pulling the trigger. Kitchen lighting is tough. I like them because they are a great size, cute, and cheap, but if my budget allowed I’d be all about the Hicks, personally!

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