Fashion Friday: Get in A-Line


I saw this image the other day on Pinterest and thought 3 things:
1) This is the cutest, simplest spring outfit ever.
2) How does her tucked in chambray shirt not create any lumps or bumps at the top of her flowy skirt?

Having owned a skirt like this previously I am pretty sure the answer to numero dos is SPANX (which happens to be the answer to many of life’s questions).  Just tuck that shirt right into them and zip the skirt up over. Magic! What did we do before these amazing undergarments?  I remember once going to a wedding and forgetting mine and running around Philadelphia in a sheer PANIC attempting to find some.  All I could find were an “off brand” pair which were so uncomfortable I basically had to cut myself out of them in a ladies restroom and shoved them in the garbage.

That was WAY more than you needed to know. Sorry.

Back to this look. This is SUCH an easy outfit to switch up using different skirts- just check this little visual out to prove it!


shirt // spanx // leather skirt // yellow skirt // green skirt // nude skirt // wedges // necklace // sunglasses


  1. I always wondered about a shirt/skirt combo like this one…. Does this mean with the spankx one won’t get the shirt to ride up-to bunch up-basically this will keep it tucked in? If so, I am shopping for a pair today. I was wondering about the length of this panty-does it curl up at the thigh? Hopefully it doesn’t…. I did purchase a different brand in the past and the darn thing just wanted to curl up-ugh. Thanks for this tip and love your blog.

  2. Sorry to be dense here, but is the plan to tuck the shirt into the spanx? Never tried it but would love to know if it would help.

  3. Yes! Tucking the shirt into the Spanx helps smooth things out and keeps the shirt tucked in !

  4. PacSun (yes PacSun) has a great chambray shirt for half the price of the Madewell shirt. I haven’t ordered it yet but probably will today.

  5. Yes! I have the navy liquid silk skirt from J.Crew — REALLY wish they would bring it back in some new colors because I absolutely love it. I feel so feminine and 40s when I wear it. Anyway, the Spanx with the button-down shirt is totally my technique for eliminating bunching!

  6. Is J.Crew jewelry good quality for the price? It’s attractive and really affordable, but once I bought a $100 bracelet from a similar chain store, and it literally fell apart after a couple of wears. Thanks for any insight!

  7. I always feel like I look so awkward tucking shirts into skirts that sit on my waist, because I have such a short torso. Wish Spanx had a remedy for that :). But seriously, this is a beautiful, effortless spring look, and makes me even more angry that it is dumpy snow on us in Boston today!


  8. I adore that skirt she is wearing. Reminds me of something that Kate Middleton would wear and well, it’s no secret that I adore her! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I love her outfit – I think my only problem with many of the skirts you picked (which obviously depends on a person’s shape and height) is that they are not high-waisted enough to really make that look that she shows. I LOVE that floral one, which may be the longest in length and high-waisted. Super precious for Spring!

  10. I just posted the exact same thing about how I am SO. OVER. WINTER. love this outfit tho. Keep the sunny spring looks coming please!

  11. Your story made me laugh this Friday morning, so thanks for sharing! My only funny stories involving Spanx was the time I bought a pair at Costco, not realizing what size I was. Hilarity ensued upon just trying to get them on. Yikes.

  12. love this skirt/chambray shirt combo! Question, do you own the camel leather skirt? It’s super cute, but I’m curious about the fit/quality.

  13. You’ve been raving about the Madewell chambray shirt for a while, and I finally bought it. I must say I LOVE it! What did I wear before I had this shirt?! I have worn the shirt with a leather skirt, and it was a great combo.

  14. You are so funny. Love the “too much information” comment. I have a black skirt that looks exactly like the one you admired in this post. I wore mine waaay before SPANX appeared on the scene. I bought it at the now closed Freeburg factory in the South End. I must hunt for it in my attic/2nd closet. It is the perfect skirt: comfortable, flattering, versatile and timeless. The option you posted are cute but nothing beats a good knife-pleat skirt.

  15. I own the shirt (love it), I’ve owned the skirt (back in the day), and I’ve been in the same “missing Spanx” boat (wasn’t smart enough to cut it off and leave it in the ladies restroom). I do though adore this look. It makes me wish that much harder for spring to spring here in Seattle.

  16. The elongated stiched down pleats make this work… even for a short waist. BTW just bought the PacSun chambray 20% off w/coupon.

  17. Pendleton does knife pleats perfectly. I got caught in a “very tiny” outhouse with my Spanx down…absolutely NO WIGGLE room…not a pretty warned! franki

  18. Erin, you are so funny! I have never worn Spanx, but have had similar experiences with “super tummy control panty hose” (remember those?). I love this look, too!

  19. I have always been frusturated when I want to tuck a shirt in a skirt and end up looking bulky! I have never worn spanx and never thought of using them to solve the bulky tucking in problem! Loved the post!! Thanks Erin :)

  20. Why be so uncomfortable with spanx? Either one is small enough to pull it off or you are not. Simple.

  21. I love this look! I wish it was warm enough here to break out my spring clothes!!
    I love your suggestion for the shoes! I think there are a lot of different shoes you could rock with this look. I especially love these comfy sandals because they’re cute and I could walk all day in them.

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