InteriorsMarch 12, 2013

My Renovation: A Mudroom Mini Makeover

When we renovated the house this fall we had to take out a small hall closet- the ONLY hall closet- in order to create a very valuable pass through hallway that opened up the living room and added a glass door to what will be, our back patio.  It was 100% worth it, until this winter when we had mounds of coats and crap everytime we came in the house and no where to put them!  We have a long term plan, in which we put back in a coat closet at the back of the house- but that only comes when we are ready (i.e. flush with cash again) to do our addition, which will include a laundry room, expanded garage and master suite above. That may not be for 568 years, at this point.

So we had to figure something out.  We have a mudroom off the back of the house, but it’s not heated and was in a very sad state with stinky old carpet and dingy walls.  Once the kitchen was done we could not be looking out to that situation, so we decided to do a very quick, affordable makeover of the space to suit or needs of coat, scarf/gloves, purse, broom, mop and vacuum storage.

Here it was before. I can almost smell that musty carpet.


Here it is after- awaiting a new light fixture, but you get the point.  We painted the doors black, the ceiling white (still need another coat of Killz), carpeted the floor and added hooks and an IKEA storage piece!  That window to the right will become a glass door out to the patio when we renovate this for real.


Thinking this light will be cute:


Baxter (creepily) approves.


Speaking of the carpet, we used FLOR tiles to do this! Andrew spent an hour or two with his box cutter getting the stairs right, but it’s an affordable way to do it!  It’s been durable and great- and if something gets on it, we have extra tiles to pop into place!


It’s become a GREAT use of space and way for us to store so much stuff!

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