Story Porter Interview.

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I had a blast answering all these questions for Paige and her fabulous site Story Porter.   Andrew McCarthy (as in, the one from Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire and the like) was the interview up before me…so…. ya know… no big deal.) I had no idea he was a travel writer now.

But I digress. I certainly tried to be as honest and real as I can be and hope that some of my answers might be of interest to you.  Read the whole interview HERE.  And check out the other interviews for many more insights into all sorts of creative folks!



  1. That was a great read. I would seriously love to do what you’ve done (take a major chance on becoming a designer) but i’m terrified to do it for financial reasons. You give me a little hope that it’ll be ok.

  2. That was so awesome to get to know more about you! For being risk-averse you’ve really taken some biggies, but it’s worked out so, so well for you.
    Gives me hope as I sit in my office cube waiting for the day to end!
    And I love PB&J too, still eat it about once a week. My husband just doens’t get it. haha!!

  3. I love how you think. One of the best interviews I ever read. Honest. Witty.
    Intelligent. Generous. Your blog is like coffee…I have to have it every morning. If you do a book signing in Palm Beach County, Fl I will be there.
    Everytime I tell one of my three daughters something new I have learned they will ask now where did you hear that? Wait, wait, don’t tell me “Erin Gates”. Bingo! x0x0x0x

  4. Coincidence – Left chilly Boston a couple days ago – sitting on the beach in Maui – reading your interview … will soon be enjoying mahi [email protected] Four Seasons! Cheers to your success!

  5. Happy to learn about your background, especially. What a neat story about growing up at the crossroads of fashion and architecture, and how it shaped what you do today. Congrats on all your success, and looking forward to the future book!

  6. Hey Erin- Since you’re a Tina Fey fan like me, thot you’d like to know that she’s on Inside the Actors Studio tonite. thanks for your great blog & congrats on the book!

  7. Great interview! You bring so much authenticity and goodness to the blogiverse. Thank you for that. And I love that your husbie is so sweet and supportive.

  8. You are more like Tina Fey than you give yourself credit for. If you haven’t read her book, Bossy Pants, run don’t walk.

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