Buck Wild.

I’ve been trying to pick a stair runner for my house for a while. Banded wool sisal is the obvious choice, and probably the one I’ll go with, but of course animal print is my JAM and I still think about using one on the stairs. Andrew will throw in a veto on that, I am sure. Leopard is my favorite color, but maybe it’s overkill? How about antelope though? I do love the pattern and have seen the rugs used in so many spaces.  It reads quite neutral and is a little less {cat sound}.



 Bailey of Peppermint Bliss used it in her new living room- how about that green sofa too?


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Do you even notice the rug when there are 50 Birkins on top of it? You could lock me in this room and I’d die a happy lady.

sarah kaplan 12


I love the grey colorway as well! A little more modern.


I actually ADORE this in a nursery- particularly a boys nursery! So fantastic!


But then there is THIS. Holy hell, yes.


And this…


And I finally found the manufacturer too!


I think I have my decision. :) Except for the pesky husband decor veto…. PLEASE ANDREW?



  1. Dear God no! It’d date faster than anything and it’s not like you can just change it. Shoes, absolutely, handbags, of course, even a jacket or skirt, but carpet… NO NO NO!!!

  2. 1. I wish runners could be like those snap watches kids have, and you could change your staircase all the time.
    2. I would highly consider animal print or any type of wild print carpet for your stairs. From what I have seen so far your house is incredible!! – you really should be a designer. :)
    I live in my parents carriage house which requires you to walk directly up stairs – if I could have a sign on the front door that said leave your shoes outside…I WOULD. But friends and family are already on to me about my OCD- so i gotta lay low.
    – I had sisal on the stairs- and I mean there is nothing to not love about it. It always looks like the right choice. GORG. However if your stairs are going to be high traffic I recommend NO sisal. I just ripped mine of a few weeks ago because the smell and condition it was in. Carpet is so much easier to clean- Sisal can still get cleaned but I still felt it always had the mildewy smell- and never left. Granted I live in humidity central!!! ( FL) so everything starts to smell like a bad beach house.
    Go. Buck. Wild.
    My mother gave that exact picture ( pretty lady on stairs) to her carpet people and now has it wall to wall in her master bedroom/ closet. -It’s amazing. And I notice people give you mad props for doing something that bold in your house- Cuz they wish they had the balls ( or the husband) to do it!
    The end.

  3. My two cents? The Antelope works very nicely as a rug (as shown in most of the photos) and does give you the animal effect while being subtle. As a “runner” however…. No. It just looks like roadkill. I can almost see the blood seeping out.. It’s too much. I say use the Antelope “rug” in a smaller room that can be changed out if you get tired of it. Sisal as the stair runner and find a place of prominence for your beloved leopard. I’m thinking pillows and an entry mat so you’ll see it every day you come or go from the house!

  4. If you’re going for animal print, the leopard pops, looks modern, bold and interesting.

  5. I love the leopard (or cheetah, I guess). The antelope is fabulous too but my friend put it up her stairs and her husband asked if the dog had the runs up the stairs.

  6. HI Erin,

    thanks for the blog on animal print rugs. The patterns are actually printed on the carpet. I called the company this morning to order some samples and I was told they no longer carry the carpet because printer went out of business. :(

  7. I had the Karastan Antelope in our last family room & loved it. It wore beautifully – even with high traffic & dogs.
    I grew up with the Karastan leopard on our staircase and my mother never tired of it and loved the durability.
    Love them both!

  8. I have the Stanton leopard in my walk in closet and hallway between the master bedroom and bath. Those 2 rooms are limestone and it makes a great unexpected choice that after 5 years I still LOVE. Also, it wears great!!! I’m re-doing my wood stairs soon they are currently a dreaded light contractor grade maple. I’m going to stain darker and run the leopard up the stairs. Just my opinion….:)

  9. Oh my gosh! That is my leopard stair runner! I have saved that Real Simple pic forever, searched high and low for the manufacturer AND convinced the hubs that it is fabulous (and he usually hates animal print)! If you love it, you should do it.

  10. The antelope is much nicer. It looks like snowflakes. Leopard print will just look cheesy in a few years — it is too trendy. :-)

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