Fashion Friday: Claire Underwood

Andrew and I have been down in the DUMPS since we finished Downton Abbey and Homeland and were in search of a new show to feed our hobbit-like lifestyle of late (who needs to go out when you have sweatpants and a sectional?)  Enter House of Cards. Holy hell, we are full on addicted.  Like, we get super psyched if our social plans get cancelled so we can watch more episodes.  One of the best parts of the show is Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.  She is a take no prisoners tough lady who dresses as such and makes me think “I need a  black trench coat, like, YESTERDAY” and “why don’t I have the bone structure (or balls) for a pixie cut?”

Nothing she wears is earth shattering.  It’s clean lines, mostly black, white and grey, but that simplicity and the flawless fits remind us that fashion does not always have to be an in your face statement.  Understated elegance is always beautiful.  It’s hard to find pictures that capture her looks, since a lot of what makes her looks so fierce is her attitude while wearing it. Half the battle folks, carry yourself with confidence and you’ll look ten times better.

Perfectly tailored LBD and YSL bag. Of course.

The haircut!


The black outwear. It’s divine. Terrible shots, but trust me. That first one is a SPOILER for me as I’m only on episode 7, but I can;t wait to see it. :)

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She adores a square/scoop neckline sheath. Work it.


Fancy times require the same silhouette sans sleeves


Business Claire and Off Duty Claire.

tumblr_mimlkrKZwI1qa2ylwo1_500 Then & Now Robin Wright 23

Even her running outfits inspire me! I’m all “I need to go running!”


Get the Claire look like this:


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  1. I have been crushing on her look too! Loved the silver dress she wore to her firm’s benefit party. And the hair…, but I could never pull it off!

  2. OMFG I am SO glad someone else is on the House of Cards wagon! My husband and I literally did the exact same thing (leave social functions early, hole up on the couch) for about 2 weeks. We finished the whole season. Depression ensues again. Spot on about Clare’s wardrobe – classically simple & stunning – new level of depress sesh ( I nneeeeed it), thanks for bringing it back up.

  3. Have you watched “Damages” with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne? It is really good! I have also finished “Homeland” and “Downton Abbey” so thanks for the tip on House of Cards!

  4. Have you seen the show 24? My husband and I have been watching it since Christmas via downloads from Netflix. I am not typically into action shows/films, but I was hooked from the start. We are almost finished w/ Season 7, and I am still hooked but getting a little sick of hearing “This is Jack Bauer. Do you Copy??!” and “Copy that” every minute or so. I was OBSESSED w/ Homeland. My husband also got me into the show, The Walking Dead, which was better than I expected. I has great character development, but don’t look for any fashion inspiration there (unless you’re looking for inspiration for Halloween – haha!)

  5. YES! OBSESSED! I discovered House of Cards while down and out with the flu last month. I had marathon viewing sessions for two days (shhh…confession time: I even pretended I was still a bit sick on the third day so I could watch the last couple episodes–it was a Sunday, so I didn’t miss work, though I may have considered it!). The actors are amazing, and the storyline is intriguing, but I’m with you: I was obsessed with Robin Wright’s look. In fact, the whole look of the show–everything was in shades of neutral (I’m so sad I can’t use the phrase “shades of gray” anymore without a mental cringe). The clothing, the interiors, the exteriors…..even the extras walking down the street are color-coordinated. A visual feast!

  6. I’ve recently become a homeschooler mom and I aspire to keep a classic sense of style with some modern pop pieces. Claire’s character inspires this…thanks for pointing it out. I’ve not watched this show yet.

  7. You are not alone. My husband and I rarely watch regular TV anymore thanks to our Roku. Our favorite thing to do is put on our sweats, get the dogs around us and watch our current series we are obsessed with. We recently finished House of Cards, Damages,and Downtown and are waiting for the new episodes. I was more interested in the clothes and interiors in all of these. If you liked Homeland, then you need to watch Life with Damien Lewis. I think it’s better than Homeland, but unfortunately it got canceled so there’s only 2 seasons. If you like PBS series you have to watch Doc Martin and Monarch of the Glen.

  8. Love everything! I, too, love the “less is more” style. As I come into my 50s (Robin Wright is 46), I realize just how perfect the look is, particularly for my age (yet for every age. It is just class personified.

  9. A friend recommended the show to me and I watched it non-stop. Her crisp button down shirts amazed me. Can’t wait for more shows. Also I’ve built an unhealthy love of Kate Mara’s skin. It’s flawless.

  10. I love the show, and I love Claire’s clothes. But I wonder if you can pull that look off without looking like an ice queen. She’s trying to be one, so it works for her!

  11. Love House of Cards and especially love Claire’s style — you reminded me I have a gray Joseph dress I bought in London a few years ago that is totally spot-on Claire Underwood. Have also been contemplating the sweeping front/pixie cut she pulls off so well — but have never gone *that* short, so not sure how it would look in the back, plus the maintenance too to always have it just right.

  12. I’ve never seen this but must check it out. Robin Wright still looks amazing! Thanks for the tip!

  13. another cool claire is claire matthews (played by the gorgeous natalie zea) from the following- her cozy looks make me want to be on house arrest asap. minus the serial killer ex husband. check it out, my bf and i are OBSESSED (although i watch half of it with my eyes closed.) love your blog!

  14. I love Robin Wright (loved her since the Princess Bride!) I wish I could pull off a pixie cut – so chic. I have heard only great things about House of Cards so I think I have to check it out.

  15. She is so incredibly chic. I know IRL she is pretty bohemian, but she is so immaculate on this show. Very much Victoria Beckham meets Caroline Kennedy. I am in love with her wardrobe as well!

  16. I have always loved robin wright — the princess bride — forrest gump. She can do no wrong in my mind. This is now a must-watch! Thanks for sharing. love her style!

  17. Yes. LOVE the classic monochromatic wardrobe. HOWEVER…… That dress she wore to the evening soiree the night before the library dedication. That cream wool dress with the gold buttons and built in cropped jacket that looked straight out of my mothers closet circa 1980 (minus the triple shoulder pads she would have worn with it) made me absolutely batty. I mean CRAY-CRAY. I kept whispering to myself “Why??” and hand gesturing wildly (I think my husband thought I was having a nervous breakdown.) Did anyone else have that reaction?

  18. I love Claire’s style – simple sophisticate! And she pulls the hairstyle off superbly. I haven’t seen the show, so I will have to check it out – if storyline is even half as good as the “styling” of the show, I’m in!

  19. We’ve only watched a couple episodes so far, and it really is a beautifully shot show! I also have a coat very similar to #1 (though mine is wool and more for just winter) and I swear, I feel like some kind of badass every time I wear it!

  20. Obsessed with this show and Claire. You are spot on!!!

    Great blog…look forward to it everyday!

  21. I think you should style the show!! Your picks are even better than she wears–lbd and coat are killer.

  22. This post is very timely for me for a couple reasons: 1) I literally just posted on facebook that my husband and I have a Downton Abbey shaped hole in our lives and we need a new show to fill the void (we’ve watched the first season of homeland–LOVED–and are waiting for the next season to become available). Thanks for the House of Cards recommendation! 2) I have a very similar haircut but have been thinking I should grow it out…this post (and her beauty) is making me reconsider!

  23. this is on my list to watch and the original british version is meant to be good too…….I give 24 a thumbs up as well- at least the first season and rose byrne is an awesome aussie actor

  24. Loved HOC but the ending sucked…..did you watch Boss? It just got cancelled but there are 2 seasons….it reminded me of Cards. Also love Magic City on Stars. Season 2 starts this summer. Set in Miami in the 50’s.

  25. Robin Wright has a perfect body, she would look great in a paper bag. I recommend the show midwives, only 6 series but if you love british tv……. Will look for some of the other recommended sites too. jeanne

  26. Ahhhh! I saw your post title and thought, “YES, of course! Claire Underwood!” While she’s definitely not a warm and cuddly character on the show, she has an beautiful, tailored style that is to-die-for. I love how she always looks so classic and clean and elegant. I was similarly inspired to start running again because of Claire! Awesome post.

  27. Oh man, that show was straight up crack to me!! Robin Wright can do no wrong, and Kevin nails the anti-hero role.
    I absolutely LOVE Claire’s elegance and poise, in my dreams I’m totally that chic– in reality, I am definitely more of a Zoey Barnes (Bahns ;) !

  28. OK after reading this I was super intrigued.. I love the same shows and HOC does not disappoint!! Thank goodness my bf’s away because I haven’t left the couch (or my pj’s) all day!! Great recommend! :)

  29. Yes! My husband and I watched the entire season in a weekend (probably should not admit that!)! I thought the same thing about Claire’s style. Simple and stunning!

  30. spot on!! h.o.c. def filled the hole in me that homeland left. NEED MORE EPS. and robin wright- my god. sge just gets better with age.

  31. Great post! I hadn’t seen the show but caught 5 episodes over the weekend and am now completely hooked. Your blog is original, original, original. Doesn’t feel like an advertisement like many of my previous favorites have become. Your genuine spirit shines through. Whatever you’ve got girl keep sharing it!

  32. Just finished house of cards and my husband and I both loved it, although I think I liked it more thanks to the gratuitous Claire fashion eye-candy. Robin Wright is looking fab!

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