12 Fab Outdoor Chairs

I have an early meeting with patio people this morning as I plan out and get ready to renovate my backyard just in time for summer!  I’ve been perusing all sorts of patio furniture lately and have found some shocking bargains (chair #1) and crazy fabulous indulgences (chair # 4,8) and wanted to share twelve great lounge chair finds!  Of course, I’m keeping things black, white, grey and green- like my interior- but want to be sure it’s a comfy space to lounge with friends and a chilled bottle of wine…. because isn’t that what summer is all about? Pull four chairs around a coffee table and you are good to go!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

** Grandin Road is such a good resource for awesome, funky outdoor furniture and pieces!!!


  1. Hi Erin, I just purchased two Sundero chairs from Ikea and I’m really happy with them. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and these fit the bill. I added a couple of colorful pillows for pop. They look great on my bluestone patio. I have a round teak (weathered & gray) table and they look nice together.

  2. Great post, Erin! Lots of great finds! I’m really loving the butterfly chairs (#3) for indoors or out! And I, too, blogged about the awesome white nest chairs (#5) today. :) thanks for the great round up!

  3. Go for something with cushions… Also make sure you can leave it out year-round. In other words, looks yes- but comfort and convenience also. Lastly, cheap outdoor furniture will not last. It will look good for a year or two then fall apart.

  4. I wonder if you would happen to have a recommendation of a good company for putting a patio down in CT? I am afraid that my budget is pretty small though, so I may get laughed out the door, or i’d have a heart attack when i hear if it going to cost me more than $5k….

  5. Hi. Love these. Can you tell me where to find #6 ? It seems to lead to the wrong link. Thanks!

  6. I love how all of these are so different, but I want each and every single room! Not that I have the space or the budget for any of them, but you know…

  7. I’m leaning towards anything dark – just in case your patio furniture gets caught in any inclement weather it won’t show any damage as much or as quickly. Or is that wrong idea? Maybe something light that can be repainted? But definitely something cushioned!

    Good luck…they are all wonderful choices! Whatever you pick will be great. :)

  8. Love that IKEA #1 chair–a friend just put it in her backyard and we actually featured it on the blog today because it reminded me of these fab vintage ones that we saw when we were antiquing in Michigan this weekend!

  9. I just purchased the sofas from the World Market All-Weather Wicker collection (#11 pictured above), and was really pleased! A really good-looking bargain buy, durable white fabric.

  10. Selecting outdoor furniture in the Northeast is so tricky! The salty/humid air corrodes at an abnormal pace, and the good stuff is SO expensive – I paid more for my outdoor table than I did for my indoor one! I own the ikea chairs and had custom cushions made for them. So far they have held up pretty well. They look much pricier than they actually are!

  11. Love most of these, but especially #6. Can you update the link for that one? It’s a duplicate of the link to #8.

  12. Love these selections. A few years ago we made two big patio purchases- one a couch/love seat set with fire pit for our pergola pad (stamped concrete which I LOVE) and the second a dining set for our tree deck. The set on the pergola pad has cushions and I thought it would be my favorite – wrong!! They always have to be covered and uncovered and get bugs under the covers. The dining set is amazing. The slings in the chairs never need to dry, be covered, and wash easily. Low maintenance and good style. Just a thought. What I liked to look at and sit on turned out differently in real life!

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