Brimfield 2013

At some point I will do Brimfield right, which is to say I’ll spend two full days there. It’s SO MUCH to take in in one day and it’s exhausting! But off we went yesterday, myself, Lindsey and Sarah Winchester (who took these awesome pictures). Fueled by coffee and fried foods we covered a lot of ground in our 5 hours there. It’s still over-priced but you can find really good deals… if only I had I big budget and a store to fill!!!


I’ve been cut off from buying antlers for the house. Otherwise….




How friggin’ AWESOME are these??


BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-2 BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-28




BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-25 BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-37


WHY DID I NOT BUY THE PAIR OF THESE??? So awesome, they spun around, were in great shape and would have been killer in my sunroom. Such an idiot.


We have never seen more dogs (real and statue) then we did yesterday. I was in heaven. I spent more time petting dogs than antiquing I think.


BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-45 BrimfieldMay2013_LowRes-43

Um, awesome much?



The people watching is fantastic too. Such characters.


I saw this piece and died over the detail on the doors….


This is the only thing that came home with me. It was SUCH a great deal and I am sure I’ll have a client who wants it redone as a media stand, bench or toy cabinet…. can you imagine it in high gloss grey with the gold hardware???


And Sarah got a CRAZY deal on this leopard carpet… not exactly antique, but after paying for my stair runner (I got it!) I know how amazing the price was. And I am so happy my leopard fever is rubbing off on others!


Did any of you go? Any great finds?





  1. I just “bronzed” the antlers I had in the bookcase…really like that metallic! franki

  2. So jealous! I try to hit up Brimfield in May and September, but my toddler is cramping my style these last couple of years! :) living vicariously is still fun, though. Huge favor–since the leopard rug isn’t vintage, I was wondering if you knew the name of the dealer so that I could contact them to see if they have others? Looks like the name could be written on the paper in the photo, but it’s too blurry for me to read when I try to magnify it. Any thought you have is unbelievably appreciated!!!

  3. The white snake chairs- do you recall which field and/or dealer? also, how many and what was the price? sorry for al of the questions. But I think I MUST go there now to seek them ou and buy them (if stil there:) was going to wait until July/september but on this gorgeous day, Brimfield it may be. Thanks.

  4. I love the stools you thought would have been great for your sunroom! Where they vintage?

  5. I have never been to Brimfield but would love to go. We have Round Top here in Texas which is pretty much the same thing. It lasts for almost a month and bargains are getting harder and harder to find.

  6. Ugh — why didn’t I go and buy that exact piece that you bought???? I love it — and obsessed with the detail. If you are ever considering selling it, would love to hear from you!!

  7. Wow, that looks like so much fun – I love antiquing. My favorite is that piece with the brass (?) detail on the doors. Also love a good dog statue. :)

  8. What a great time! 7 hours on the field and could have gone longer! My friend got the most amazing print. The women who sells the coolest oversized prints also has a booth at SOWA. I agree that brimfield is so overpriced but definitely fun!

  9. For those interested in the spinning wicker stools, they can be found at Gabbert’s. We have a HOM Furniture store in town that carries Gabbert’s and I have seen them there, so you could try either of those websites to purchase.

  10. I’m planning on going on Sunday! I try to go to all three each year and sometimes going on the last day is great because you get great prices since the dealers are often happy not to have to re-pack what they can sell. Sometimes things are picked over but honestly, there’s soooooo much stuff at Brimfield it’s more ground than I can ever cover anyways.

  11. Hey Molly,

    There is a great show not far from you this weekend. The Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Runs today through Sunday.

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