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The Pretty/ Ugly Lamp Debate

I have got to finish up my house. While my dining chair choice is giving me ulcers, I have one purchase I think I can finalize soon…. a floor lamp for the living room. Specifically this corner:


The basket will move and a floor lamp will live there as we need more light in this space until we save up to do recessed lighting in here later on.  I have been hemming and hawing about what style lamp to buy but find myself totally attracted to the statement that french designer Serge Mouille’s lamps make in a space.  I have a lot of brass in here right now, so something decidedly NON metallic would be great.  But sometimes I see these lights independently and think “they are kind of ugly.” They are the definition of ugly/pretty.  They look like insects or something, yet they can totally elevate a space from boring to AWESOME.


serge mouille betsy brown bungalowhome







This application of sconces makes me think “aliens coming to attack this child and bring her back to the mothership”




These two are the real deal Mouille fixtures on 1st Dibs– the floor lamp going for a cool $2,911,  and the ceiling fixture will set you back over six grand. Yowzers. So not in my budget. Not even remotely.


Michelle Adams’ apartment featured what I thought was a Mouille lamps but turns out it’s a great replica that will only cost you $575. So we’re back in the game!


From White on White the Praying Mantis lamp (see, I told you it was insect-like) looks almost identical. I think it’s too big though, I’d totally love a single version of this in my space.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 7.42.22 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 7.44.04 AM

Other lamps in the running:

This one from White on White too. Might also be too big though. And a lot of brass.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 7.41.55 AM

I love love love love this lamp too. The desktop version is sick too. The clear glass would be great in front of that window!


And this one. Kinda great, right?


or do I just go simple and classic?


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