My Week in Instagrams

If you aren’t on Instagram yet…. GET WITH IT! It’s my favorite social media app by MILES and it’s such a fun way to chronicle your life in filtered, beautiful images.  Here are some things that went down in my world this week:

I had dinner at fellow designer Mally Skok’s INSANE home.  I mean, it’s 100% my dream house….


Her dining room has upholstered walls. This style is what I would call Traditional Badass.


Need a close-up? Thought so.  Her fabrics are awesome, but this one happens to be Quadrille Contessa.


I got myself a faux bust for the bar.  Goddess of the Drink. All hail.


My new line with Jill Rosenwald fresh outta the kiln with the cutest little lower case monogram!


Part of the line…. I happen to be super into the cream and sugar set.  They’ll be up for purchase in a couple weeks and you’ll be the first to know!!!!


Frozen yogurt break, nerds.


I took the ferry to the Hamptons. It was peaceful and reminded me that I am SO much happier and calmer by the ocean.  Good thing my parents are building a gorgeous home by the shore right now! #movingbackhome #nomoreemptynest!


So happy how these Ballard barstools came back from our upholsterer for out Hampton’s job!  We did some custom pieced upholstery to get this look and it’s pretty awesome.


I got to visit the new Serena & Lily store in Wainscott. It’s as adorable as you might imagine, but this wall o’ art was my fave.


So many people commented on how cute this top was.  It’s cheap and you can get it here.


I babysat for my Mom’s new 11 week old Golden puppy Barney last weekend. He bit a hole in the above cute shirt, but because that face is so smushy and amazing I don’t care.


The view from their porch.  This is not England, but it could be.


While there I went to the nearby antique shops and saw this lucite goodness. I paced, I pondered… and I left empty handed.


But then I went back and bought the (now known to be) Thorpe candlesticks, which I had the intention of selling.  But then I put them on my mantle and….. scene.  Welcome to your new home, crazy pretzel, lucite candlesticks. Would it be so bad if I try to get the metal part brass plated??


Then my vintage Brown Jordan patio set that was my paternal grandmothers came back from the shop all freshly enameled in black and ready for my patio (which starts soon).  Planning on topping those seats with black and white wide strip cushions and adding a white umbrella! Perfect, and meaningful.


Yesterday we were setting up for a book photoshoot all day today!  I am SO,SO obsessed with this tablestop setting I created- especially that Juliska Country Estate china.  I think I need it (in blue).  Those ombre napkins were under $4 at Crate and Barrel too!


PHEW. I’m exhausted. But more to do…. Stay tuned!!!


  1. First, I love that you are extolling the wonders of Instagram – I recently discovered it and am now obsessed! Second, I am CRAZY jealous of your Thorpe candlesticks as I have been looking for a set to put on my mantle for quite a while now!

  2. Even though I follow you on Instagram it was still fun to see all of these and hear a little more about it! I can’t get over that puppy face!

  3. You could try a little gold rubnbuff on the candle sticks. It would give a brass look but could be removed with paint thinner if you ever sell them.

  4. Erin, you are so funny! I came for the beautiful style, but I stay for your burst of sunshine personality. Thanks for all the smiles

  5. When you say, “cheap”…I’m thinking under $30 at Target or Old Navy…Not $78! Wow!

  6. I second the rub & buff suggestion for candlesticks! Love that stuff! So easy to apply! Find it at Michaels

  7. SO AMAZING pics:) I really love your blog and your sence of style.

    If you want some European travel inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from

  8. I’m slightly obsessed with you, Erin Gates. Not in a crazy person way, but in a “you are totally awesome” way! So much of what you post about life reminds me of me and what you post about design encourages me to explore a much broader universe of ideas. So, thank you!

  9. Nice pictures, i am delighted to see all these…love your style! You are just amazing! This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

  10. So glad I saw these Ballard stools on here- I’ve been contemplating these for one of my clients but they don’t have finish samples! Have you done these before with any of the blonde/gray wood finishes? I’m scared to order without seeing an actual finish sample… Thanks so much!

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