Old School Summer

It’s been SO friggin’ hot in Boston this past week we are all wilting a bit.  While sitting inside by the A/C (and cursing the fact that we have yet to install central air) I read an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal about how summer has changed.  I have to agree- as a kid I spent so much time outside in the summer months- at the beach, camp, in the pool, riding bikes or building forts with my brother.  No one was glued to a cell phone, iPad, TV or computer- it was so much more pure and easy then (ok, maybe not “easy” but simpler!)   The nostalgia for those times hit me this weekend and I want to spend my free time more like that- taking hikes, going to the ocean, going out for ice cream cones…. let’s bring back old school summertime!



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Here are some things that would help re-create an old school summer:

shorts (on sale!)// jars // bike // wine tote (got this for my parent’s new beach house) // bathing suit // rope bracelet // pie recipe // towel // Bonne Bell Lipsmacker // pajama top & bottom // espadrilles // hammock



  1. Oh Erin I know, when we were kids Mother could hardly keep us inside. We biked and swam, and walked an climbed trees! As long as we did our chores first and were home at the dot for dinner!

    2013 Artists Series-Kerry Steele

  2. My mom used to kick us out the door and we weren’t allowed back in until lunch. Hmmm….I might put that into practice with my own kids.

  3. We are totally on the same page. My kids, husband and I are so overscheduled and tired – even in the summer! I flew the coop for Florida with the kids for the month – at least! Have to work some, but it’s ice cream, beach/pool, shell hunting and just plain old chillin! No camps, no commitments. Hopefully I won’t lose my mind!

  4. Agree 100%! Childhood summers were the BEST – lemonade stands, the beach, playing “deserted island” in the abandoned parking lot, neighborhood water fights… I was thinking that it’s different now just because I’m older and I live in Houston where it’s impossible to be outside during the daytime in the summer – I really, really hope kids these days are still getting to experience amazing, adventure-filled summers!

  5. Had an old-school ‘simple’ beach weekend for the 4th and it was divine!

    (I ‘had’ to order those cute striped espadrilles – and a pair of Ancient Greek sandals earlier this summer – you encourage my shoe addiction with your awesome picks!) :)

  6. I definitely know what you mean. I am constantly glued to whatever Apple product is closest to me, and whether or not I realize it at the time, it takes away from my ability to fully enjoy every moment. Like last night I was about to leave for a run and I hesitated, thinking, “I should really take my cell phone with me so I can instagram a photo along the river.” Luckily I left the phone at home but just the fact that I thought of bringing it says a lot about my reliance on technology!

    I’m going to make it a point to spend more time outdoors the rest of the summer. Thanks for the reminder, Erin!
    P.S. Love that you included LipSmacker in this graphic. Such a throwback. :)

  7. Life was definitely a lot more simple back then. Remember ice cream trucks? My son told me the other day that he wants to move to a neighborhood where the ice cream truck will come by. I think he saw one on TV. Not sure if they even exist anymore!

  8. How darling is that mint bike?! I’ve been obsessing over bikes lately for no good reason. I completely agree with you about bringing back some unplugged, outdoor fun to Summer. My favorite way to achieve it is a weekend getaway with phones and laptops off!

    xx Erin

  9. Love the bike and the hammock. I’ve been eying the bike for a while but I’m not sure if I would actually ride it or if I’m just loving the idea of a lazy summer day bike ride to the ice cream store for old time sake!

  10. Things haven’t changed much here. The kids aren’t outside all day because it’s too hot, but they still manage to have a good time once I hide their xbox remotes. ;)

  11. yup. We just checked out and spent an extra long weekend in Maine-homemade doughnuts for breakfast, and lobster boils in the evening. All day on the beach, and fireworks every night. Kids stayed up until all hours, and slept way late. Said it was one of the best trips ever, and it was only a car ride away.

  12. Hi Erin, Where did you get the monogram tote bag? I clicked on the link and received a notice that it is no longer an active site. Would love to get it for my friend as a present for her new lake house? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.

  13. It ain’t summer without root beer floats. And icy cold watermelon. And homegrown tomatoes. And staying in the water/lake/pool, ocean until you “prune up”.

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