Favorite FindsJuly 8, 2013

Old School Summer

It’s been SO friggin’ hot in Boston this past week we are all wilting a bit.  While sitting inside by the A/C (and cursing the fact that we have yet to install central air) I read an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal about how summer has changed.  I have to agree- as a kid I spent so much time outside in the summer months- at the beach, camp, in the pool, riding bikes or building forts with my brother.  No one was glued to a cell phone, iPad, TV or computer- it was so much more pure and easy then (ok, maybe not “easy” but simpler!)   The nostalgia for those times hit me this weekend and I want to spend my free time more like that- taking hikes, going to the ocean, going out for ice cream cones…. let’s bring back old school summertime!




Here are some things that would help re-create an old school summer:


shorts (on sale!)// jars // bike // wine tote (got this for my parent’s new beach house) // bathing suit // rope bracelet // pie recipe // towel // Bonne Bell Lipsmacker // pajama top & bottom // espadrilles // hammock


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