Summertime Blue & White (and some art)

Whenever I decorate a home by the shore I immediately go to blue and white as the palette. It’s so obvious, but it’s also so WONDERFUL! There is something just so crisp and clean about an all blue and white space- don’t you think? I also have been having a serious moment with collections of blue and white ginger jars- am thinking of putting a few in the middle of my dining table. I just love them! Here are some great spaces utilizing this color scheme and a few picks to get the look yourself.

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rug // ginger jar // bench // pillow // plates // iphone case // dot pillow // chair // vases // tablecloth

And speaking of summertime and this hot beach weather, I am SO loving these beach paintings by Teil Duncan!  The colors and composition along with the semi-abstract style are all so wonderful. I’d love one to put in the guest room (my room) at my parent’s new beach house!







  1. I fell in love with the Lapis-border china pictured next to the blue & white bowl when I registered at Shreve’s almost 27 years ago. It was so pricey that I chose another pattern. I still love the Lapis china after all this time!

  2. Erin, love these paintings! Thanks for sharing. I keep looking for your design/business website but can’t find it. I’d love to see more of your work. Do you not have one?

  3. i am obsessed with blue and white. basically my whole wardrobe and room is blue and white (except a few pops of pink). thanks to you i feel like i need gingham curtains!

  4. Loooove these! You definitely have the same taste in art as I do! I especially like anything that is related to the ocean/beach or summer–my favorite season!

  5. I love Teil’s work! Thank you for sharing this with us. trying to figure out which one might work in our house. love, love!

  6. I’ve been a blue and white fan forever … didn’t know quite why until my sister found my childhood tea set; blue willow. which also explains the slowly collected twelve place settings including soup tureens and vegetable dishes and pitchers and egg cups (and just stop me now!). I think I’ve cornered the west coast market on blue willow berry bowls…

  7. I always “change out” paintings (pictures, etc.) with the seasons…these summer scenes are sensational! franki

  8. Can’t go wrong with these colors. Every one of those photos is fabulous (although I agree with Lindsay about the drapes…). I probably also wouldn’t be able to resist throwing in some small accents of greens or yellows.

  9. Just signed a lease on a cute little place by the beach and I’m SO inspired by all of the navy/indigo and blue hues of the water. This just took my obsession to the max! So many wonderful ideas… thank you for sharing!! Cheers!

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