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I like this image from photog Michael Lee better than the original.

Even though I find it hard for me to believe, some would consider this blog a legitimate media outlet.  As a participating member of “the media” I have to add my voice, as meek as it may be, to cacophonous roar building in Boston over the heinous Rolling Stone cover I’m sure you have already heard about.  Nothing I can say will be earth shattering, or even original, but I feel so strongly about this disgusting display of bad taste that I can’t NOT post something.

When I first saw the cover I thought it had to be a joke.  And then when I realized it wasn’t my emotions went from disbelief to horror to pure, unadulterated anger.  After all this city has been through- all this NATION has been through regarding horrific violence and the glamorization of death, murder, terrorism, horror and hatred- the choice to put this evil individual in the same ranks as musical geniuses like Springsteen, Dylan and the BEATLES is the biggest lapse in judgement ever made in the publishing world.  Yes, let’s make this murderer look like a fucking JONAS BROTHER so that the troubled youth of our country have more of a reason to think that killing people brings stardom and fame.  Let’s show them that blowing up a crowd of people is akin to bringing a crowd to their knees with a beautiful song from a brightly lit stage. Yes, this will be good for the country. Let’s use our power to do that.


Now, on a much, much, MUCH smaller scale I have posted images or words before that offended others but threw up no red flags to me personally before clicking “publish”.  Upon later review, I typically can see that perhaps it wasn’t the smartest thing to share and admit when I’m wrong (or let it slide when I feel others are being a bit too sensitive).  But there is NO way that the art department mocked this up and thought “Yeah, this isn’t offensive- this looks great!” and then sent it to the publishers,  a whole other group of editorial veterans, who then reviewed it and said ” Let’s go to print!”  I mean, seriously??? Are the people running these huge magazines THAT heartless? And have you heard their “explanation” that because this image has been used before many times by the New York Times and other big media outlets that they feel their use of it is no different??? Yes, yes it has been seen a million times over, but they, above all others, should know that it’s about the CONTEXT in which the photo is used, not the quantity in which it has been seen.  I am no Mensa member and even I know that!

The front page of the Times is for news, the front page of Rolling Stone is for STARS.

End. Of. Story.

I absolutely love the response that various stores have given of choosing NOT to sell this issue. And the letter that our own mayor sent to Jan Wenner made me even more proud to call this city home.  No, we are not “hiding our heads in the sand” (thanks for that genius comment TMZ- but really, I can’t expect more from you), we are attempting to protect our own- those hurt and maimed by this horrific act- from seeing their torturer’s face when they go into CVS to fill a prescription, likely for their injuries sustained in the blast.  We are better than you, stronger than you and smarter than you, Rolling Stone.  And because of that, I predict your magazine will implode from it’s own inflated sense of self-righteousness.

Blogs are where it’s at anyways. :)



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