Yard Crashers, EOS Style!

So, we’ve been here almost a full year (September 1) and we are finally getting down to redoing our little yard!  I love the privacy it gives us, the fun it provides our dogs and the size, which is just enough to not be a total pain in the ass to take care of.  But one thing it’s currently lacking is a PATIO!  I am someone who loves being outside- so having a space to hang out and entertain outdoors is super important to me in a home.  So we are going to maintain some grassy space for the pups and future EOS spawn while adding a fabulous new patio to the mix!

While bluestone would be lovely, it’s not in our budget.  So we decided to work with Pavestone and Quikrete on a patio project showcasing what you can do with a smaller budget and just as good looking materials that also happen to be durable and practical.  First we decided on a material- it was between these two forms- on the left is Venetian 80mm Combo and on the right is Vintage Stone Combo (as well as the Rumble Stone border we are embedding around the planting beds next to the house). Everything will be installed by Chris Miller Brick Paving.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 6.54.33 PM

Both of these looked great, and I loved the grey color, but I ended up choosing the one on the left due to it’s larger size stones.  I thought it looked more like bluestone and it looked better when wet (something to think of when choosing- I sprayed them down and it made the choice easier for me!)  So, we have a material, now for the layout.

It was VERY important to Andrew that we be able to have 2 chaises for us to relax on- we do love lounging in the sun!  But we also needed a place for the grill, a dining space and I wanted an area for 4 chairs where we could sit with another couple and have drinks.  We also had to plan for our future garage/master suite/ laundry room renovation/ addition in which we tear down the garage and rebuild it larger and taller to accommodate all those spaces.  So the door from the mudroom/garage/ kitchen to the patio will change locations in a year- we had to make sure the patio was planned accordingly.  So here are the “before” pics- so bland and in need of help, my goodness:

photo 3-3

(notice the marks from me spray painting my nightstands?? Ooops.)

photo 1-6

Ugh! It’s so sad looking!  We need to jackhammer up all that pavement and grade the area (which happens to be quite lumpy and uneven) before we start the install.

So here’s my sketch including details we are also adding like a trellis above our back door, rose trellis’ to either side of the door and a mini deck and steps being built out of wood.  We actually decided against the built-in firepit and instead will just keep using our freestanding copper one to allow us to have more flexibility with the furniture layout.


Pavestone did a KILLER video rendering of what the space will look like when completed!  We’re doing some different landscaping and furniture layout but you get the idea :)  It’s going to be time to call in my Mom for some serious landscaping advice after this is complete!

The trellis and porch we’re doing will look a lot like this:


We also have a little shed, we affectionately call “the barn” which needs painting and updating.  I have been enamored with black sheds with white trim, but also like Benjamin Moore’s Deep River, which has a smidge of green and is more of a grey then black (you can see my test patch by the door). Still undecided.


An example of the black/ white option for the shed- our patio will be that color too!



It would match perfectly with my patio decor plan- which is- wait for it….. BLACK AND WHITE!!! I know, it’s SO unexpected coming from me! :)  It all began with this vintage Brown Jordan patio set my grandparents left me that I love, love, love.  I had it re-enameled in glossy black.


And here’s where I am with the patio furniture (all IKEA because that’s how we’re rolling these days) and accents so far- still not sure about what accent color I’m using, but I do love coral mixed with black and white.  I’ll have to think about what colors my plantings will be and coordinate!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

Stay tuned here to see progress- we break ground August 9th! I can’t wait to have a backyard I’m proud of!

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  1. I love it! I considered doing black and white too because of one striped umbrella from Ballard. Everyone talked me into red though and I have to admit it does go better with our blue gray paint color. I love the black and white though because it’s so elegant.

  2. Love the video–it really captures the transformation. I vote for the shed black and white. Love the color scheme and look forward to following the progress.

  3. Love this – glad you decided not to go with pressed concrete (I’ve heard only bad things). Where around Boston did you get your set re-enameled? I have some items I’d like sprayed. Do they do interior furniture enamel paint as well? Thank you!

  4. As soon as I saw your instagram this weekend from Ikea I knew you bought the Falster chaises! I have the same ones, they are fantastic. I think Ikea knocks it out of the park with their outdoor furniture. As does CB2, fwiw.

    Also, I vote black or nearly black for the shed! Those inspiration photos are completely fab.

  5. Looks great! I love the color on the barn, the Deep River, just for a little bit of color. If you can call it a color…. ;)

  6. Always love seeing your plans for the house. =) The video rendering is awesome! Really gives you a taste of what it’s going to look like. Love it all, can’t wait to see more!

  7. Loved the video, really shows what it’s going to look like when done. I’m hoping you go with black with white trim on the barn. It just looks more like your style … and you have boatloads of style!

  8. so pretty! we have those woven white ikea chairs and love them. surprisingly comfy. just a heads-up though: those are seasonal so I hope you’ve already snatched some up! my in-laws just went to ikea last week to buy them and they are gone.

  9. That rendering is one of the coolest things I have seen in a very long time. Love the plan and the color scheme. I have a black and white scheme in my backyard, but I accented with cushions in a bright cobalt with white trim, Love the look and yours is going to be stunning. How fun to follow along on your project. Ge the Ikea stuff now because they sell out quickly and then you can’t get it anymore, Bummer!!

  10. Now, that is SHARP!! The coral accents will be so easy to work in plantings..the possibilities, oh, the possibilities… franki

  11. I vote black and white shed! The other color option is really pretty but I think the b&w will look like perfection when everything is all done!

  12. Love the design. That rendering slide show is incredible! We all need that! Love your choices, you might also look at Darlee Outdoor catalogue. They have some great prices for the trade on outdoor furniture. I have had mine for years and it is sturdy and comfy!

  13. Hi,
    Now a days I am looking for buy patio furniture for my home. It’s nice idea to get black and white patio furniture. This dining table looks nice.
    Thanks for share.

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