I forgot to tell you guys about the coolest bookstore I got to visit while in North Carolina! Picture this- a rambling, two story shop full of vintage books with a wine and espresso bar inside and BONUS, you can bring your dog?!?!  Is there anything better??? Meet the Battery Park Book Exchange in Asheville.

I loved the vibe of this place- layered rugs, mismatched vintage furniture and so many nooks to hide in while looking at books and sipping a nice Pinot.




 I am SO loving that sofa.


If you prefer espresso to wine, there’s this.  I personally, prefer BOTH.


I mean. Yeah. This is pretty much everything. My head just exploded.


And I LOVED their wine glasses with their dog logo!!!


There’s even an outdoor cafe too for those nice days.


This visit reminded me of something though… that I need to get a new camera.  While I am a total Instagram addict, I want to be able to take serious pics for the blog with a real camera.  I’m thinking about the Canon Rebel SL1.  Being small and light get a digital SLR is important- my last Nikon felt like carrying around a brick so I never took it anywhere!  Anyone have it? Thoughts??





  1. While I’ve never had the SL1, I have had two different Rebels and loved them both. So exciting that you’re camera shopping. I bet the SL1 is as great as all the versions I’ve had!

  2. I have a big Nikon and I completely agree. I am not good about taking it everywhere because of the size. I think that Cannon looks perfect!

  3. I have the Rebel SL1. Just brought it along on a two-week California adventure and it was fab! Pics are awesome and size/weight is perfect.

  4. I’ve been wish-listing a digital SLR for quite some time now, and Canon has managed to stay at the top of the list. I’d say, let’s take the plunge together!

  5. Well, that’s just a wee bit better than the B&N on Rte 9, isn’t it?

    Small is the way to go for a camera. I really regret getting a large Nikon because I never bring it when I travel. And I *still* need to read the damn manual, too!

  6. Gah! I was married in Asheville and have been there a thousand time. How have I missed this? I will be going there this weekend and you can bet I will be posting up on one of those sofas for a few hours, post hiking.

  7. Whoever thought up this concept is brilliant! Why haven’t we thought of this?! BOOKS, WINE, COFFEE + PUPS! Not to mention the amazing decor. Oh my. I want to go there now. It looks so cozy.

  8. You are going back there this fall when you’re down for the wedding … looks like a great spot for crisp sunny days and even better for rainy days.

  9. You might want to check out the Sony RX100. It’s a pocket camera so lightweight and portable and it takes pix like a DSLR. Got one a couple months ago and it’s almost taken the place of my big dslr. The picture quality is amazing and its nothing like my old pocket cameras. The NY times review is what convinced me (worth reading it), especially because my husband hates my big camera.

  10. That place looks amazing. I love the black shelving & the furniture choice were great! I must visit one day. {}

  11. I always stop here when I visit Asheville. When I saw the title “Books+Wine+Puppies”, I knew exactly what this post was featuring! I’m happy you got to enjoy it.

  12. genius concept,… move over b&n! on the camera: just bought this for my daughter’s grad gift and she’s addicted (love the video opt)! i have used it to take pics of clients homes/rooms pre-remodel and love the ease and lightness. one negative for me: no wide angle which is best for interiors shots.

  13. I’ve had my Rebel for YEARS, it’s not nearly as light and compact as the new one, but I have to say, they’re pretty solid, take GREAT photos and last FOREVER. The latest model is great (I’ve played with it a TON despite not really having the budget to upgrade at the moment…), has all the bells and whistles of a larger DSLR, and can accommodate pretty much any Cannon lens you could ask for. Nikon lovers often have a heard time transitioning because the Rebel has less outer buttons and more selections on the screen, but it’s a phenomenal camera. Highly recommend!

  14. That photo of the dog reading the book KILLS me! I could live in that space! Wine, espresso, books, dogs…whoever thought up that concept has to be good people.

  15. A few friends swear by that DSLR — but I wanted to throw a recommendation out there for the Olympus Pen with a longer lens we bought that we always keep attached.

    It’s what I have – and it’s really great!

  16. I want to live in that bookstore! Like, seriously.

    Also, I have a Canon Rebel T3i and LOVE it. I have the regular kit lens and the zoom lens and both are great! Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents

  17. When I was in the bookstore in Newburyport (near Boston) this past weekend, they are revamping the bookstore to include an espresso bar and they said hopefully a wine bar all in one. I don’t think it will be as big as the Asheville store but it is closer to home! Not sure about the dog part but they did have a dish of water outside the door for dogs :)

  18. I owned a canon rebel xsi and loved it. I upgraded to the new Canon 6D-full frame SLR. Even more in love,,,,as you know the quality of images are crazy good above the phone. Let us know what you get. You should go straight out right now and purchase one so you can play with it all weekend :-)

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