Tom Scheerer’s Beach House

I have long admired Tom Scheerer’s work (see one of my prev here) and I was psyched to be able to show you an exclusive preview of a spread coming out in the September issue of House Beautiful of his own Watch Hill, RI home.  The classic New England shingle style architecture certainly plays to my sensibilities as do the blue tones throughout the house, not to mention the couple truly statement making choices that keep this from being a stereotypical “beach house”….


I absolutely ADORE this map wall covering in the entry/ mudroom area.


I’ve used this China Seas/ Quadrille paper in a bathroom before and I love it on a big scale, especially with those dining chairs.


GAH! This slays me!!!!  What a gorgeous, enveloping use of a traditional paper (Clarence House I believe)


Patterned wall tiles floor to ceiling in the kitchen dining nook are a fun and practical choice.


These patterned drapes are amazing, no?


Even mroe of that drop dead wallpaper in an incredible stairwell!!!


Such a classic, pretty outdoor space (this gives me hope after the ridiculousness that was day 1 of my patio construction yesterday…)


Really excited to see Tom’s new book coming out in September too! I love his work and how he has such a great variety to his style!

All Photos by Francesco Lagnese





  1. I LOVE Tom Scheerer! I was thinking – why doesn’t he have a book, until I got to the end :). Thanks for posting. Am eagerly awaiting my House Beautiful, now.

  2. Wow! What a great home! I adore quadrille wallpaper and fabrics and i love the choice to use brown, not something I would think to do right off the bat. Im equally loving that Clarence House paper aswell! Looking forward to reading all about it in house beautiful!

  3. Wowsers – what a pad! Amazeballs! And there was me worrying about a loud pattern on a throw this week. Proof indeed that we should be loud and proud! xx

  4. One word: Magical. If anyone want’s to go to Watch Hill.
    You must have lunch or stay @ The Ocean House. As lovely,
    as Tom’s home. Actually, anytime is lovely on Watch Hill.., oh no
    our little secret is out…!:) Great get Erin!

  5. Just gorgeous!!! Can anyone ID the map wallpaper used in the entry hall??? I’m dying to use it in my house!!

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