24 Hours in Newport

Last weekend Andrew and I spent a night down in gorgeous Newport at Castle Hill Inn to celebrate our anniversary. We lucked out with some glorious weather (mostly) and a fun day of touring the mansions and eating and drinking by the ocean. Some images from our very quick vacation….

The inn’s main house.


The Harbor Cottages.

IMG_0192 IMG_0193

Taking a walk up to dinner and the bikes you can borrow to tour the area.

IMG_0175 IMG_0180

The Lawn- where Adirondack chairs and blankets make for a cozy cocktail hour.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.50.13 PM

Our beach cottage- the most splendid location right on a private beach! Adorable!

IMG_0160 IMG_0161

The view from our porch was spectacular.


Complete with a cute mini kitchen (and Nespresso machine that we fell in love with). More views.

IMG_0165 IMG_0164

Waking up this close to the ocean is heaven.


Taking a walk up to the lighthouse.

IMG_0212 IMG_0213

The shale rocks are so beautiful.

IMG_0217 IMG_0199

The mansions- something I haven’t done since I was little and are just amazing!!

IMG_0140 IMG_0142

Andrew sizing up Rosecliff.


I ADORE the architectural details and pink and white stripe awning.

IMG_0149 IMG_0155

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.29.15 PM

The Breakers- home to one of the most stunning bathtubs I’ve ever seen. One piece of marble, people.

IMG_0157 photo-59

This brings me to the topic I am considering making a repeat feature on this blog: Things I Make Him Wear.  I bought Andrew this striped J.Crew shawl collar sweater a few weeks ago and he begrudgingly wore it this weekend because 1) we were in Newport and 2) it was our anniversary celebration and he saw the act of wearing it as “a gift”. He thinks I try to dress him as I would my gay male friends. And he already gets enough attention from his own gender, if you catch my drift. So I try to convince him that he looks very straight and very handsome. In this particular outfit, he said he looked like a sailor. I think the stripes really threw him for a loop. Kind of like the Men’s Cardigan Incident of 2010- which ended in some very nice sweaters being donated to Goodwill and me sulking in a corner.  How many of you have to fight a battle to get your guy to dress “hip”???

IMG_0189 IMG_0201

I have gotten him into a slimmer cut dark denim though- these are Rag & Bone (he was HORRIFIED I paid more than $50 for jeans) and his other favorite pair I’ve gotten him are by Bononos (Slim Straight).  They aren’t “tight” but not baggy either.  A perfect slight bootcut that looks dressed up enough when paired with a blazer for dinner out but still looks casual with a sweater. Andrew’s 6’4″ and on the slim side and these fit great, FYI.

As for me, I was ALL about the seaside comfort of white denim, sweaters and Converse.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.47.38 PM

Sweater: Vince Jeans: Citizens Bracelet: J.Crew Shoes: Converse Rings: Andrew :)


  1. Looks dreamy! Happy Anniversary. And definitely get the nespresso machine if you don’t have one. We first tried one in our hotel room in Yountville CA, while lounging in those white fluffy hotel robes. Now it’s my favorite way to start each day.

  2. Erin, I’m pretty sure we all go through this with our men, but I hope you realize–Andrew is a SAINT above the rest in terms of his tolerance (or he’s a little more comfortable being metro than he dares to admit ;) I vaguely recall something about a couples-coordinated Lily Pulitzer ensemble as well, and like, in front of people?? Dark jeans were my greatest victory.

  3. looks beautiful and for what it’s worth, the sweater looks great. love your bracelet too. and if you like coffee then a nespresso was a staple -we held off on it for so long but our parisian friends had one, our italian friends had one, and our viennese friends had one. all coffee experts in my book so if it’s good enough for them we decided it was good enough for us – we love it. people who come to brunch love it. people who come to dinner parties love it. get it, you won’t look back. also, the aeroncino for milk.

  4. For a more masculine jean try the Levi’s 511 or 514. My husband works for a men’s fashion designer in NYC, and he gets a lot of compliments on his 511’s.

  5. The inn looks incredible. Too funny about your husband! I had a similar problem with mine at first but now he wears nicer clothes than I do. I created a monster!

  6. Beautiful stuff! Andrew looks awesome. It reminds me of the episode of Rachel Zoe where she takes Rodger shopping at All Saints and she says something like, “nothing makes me want to make out with my husband more than a shawl collar.” Truer words.

  7. I LOVE that sweater… I may have to buy one for my husband. He feels the same way sometimes, but he’s usually pretty open to trying out new styles.

    Love your outfit too!

  8. My husband and I have been married 18 years and thats a battle I lost a long time ago. He’s also 6’4″ and on the slimmer side and he would kill me if I spent that kind of money on jeans. Even though he would keep them for the rest of his life! We actually found a pair of Dockers (5-pocket straight-fit) dark wash jeans that fit him very well that he will actually wear. I think this would be a great blog topic to explore.

  9. These pictures are straight from a movie! That little cottage is to die for! So fun!
    I definitely had to do an overhaul on my man’s closet. He is slowly breaking down and wearing what I tell him…including J.Crew sweaters :)

  10. Can totally relate. After 18 years of marriage I’ve finally gotten him to get rid of his “dad jeans” (faded with a baggy butt) and have a bag full of pleated pants waiting to go to Goodwill. Why do men hate wearing clothes that actually fit them? He’s seen the light. I don’t think I’ll ever get him into a shawl collar sweater though, but you never know…
    I just can NEVER refer to it as an “outfit”! The kiss of death, as far as he’s concerned! Glad you had fun in Newport! I agree that bathtub is amazing – and the fact that she could have salt water from the tap.

  11. Hah, its telling how far gone my boyfriend is that he’s stopped fighting me. He’s also tall and super slim, so I’ll take these jeans recommendations into account!

  12. Andrew is such a good sport! Does he not realize how handsome he looks in that sweater? No wonder he gets so much attention from his own gender ;) You’re lucky to have a husband who lets you try to dress him. My husband is strictly jeans and tee shirts. No fun at all!

  13. Beautiful pictures!! I lol’d about the “dressing your man” part. My husband will not wear any slim cut pants at all. He literally “marches” in place when he tries pants on and if they don’t pass the “marching test” he won’t wear them. Guess what–only baggy pants pass the marching test. It drives me crazy because my husband has a totally hot body and I wish he would show it off!

  14. This place looks so amazing. So charming and serene. I love your outfit and Andrew’s as well! The stripes look great on him. Keep forcing your choices on him, he’ll learn to appreciate it! (maybe :)

  15. Thanks for taking me back. We got married near Newport (originally supposed to be at Hammersmith Farms, but had to change to Blithewold Mansion) and stayed in a beach cottage at Castle Hill that weekend. I did an early morning swim before the wedding right where you took the photo. We really loved it there!

    Also, I think I remember that Benedicte Verley was your wedding photographer. She was mine too! She is so amazing!

  16. I think your husband looks great. Mine would NEVER, ever, ever wear that sweater though. He *hates* sweaters and has none. As far as the jeans I could totally relate. I tried to get mine to try on some higher end jeans and he couldn’t get over the price tag. He’s extremely frugal and doesn’t understand why anybody would pay $175 for ONE pair of jeans when that would buy five pairs. It’s hopeless. Happy Anniversary!!

  17. haha love this post! First of all what a fabulous getaway to celebrate an anniversary! That beach cottage looks like the most adorable little place. And those views!! I could sit out on those chairs with wine every night. Back to dressing our men…I agree we all go through this, and yet they never get it. I have to fight my hubby to even get him to wear a pair of dark wash jeans. I don’t get how he doesn’t see how nice they look?! But Andrew looks really nice in his sweater and jeans. Way to go, Erin!

    2. Your husband is adorable. Thanks for the jean tips. My husband is tall and slim so they may work. I am proud of the fact that I can get him to wear pink ;)
    3. He just surprised me with a trip to Paris so I need a packing guide! We are going early spring and I’ve already reviewed all your previous Paris posts.

  19. Does your husband happen to be a homosexual??? He clearly has no balls left and is about a whipped as any guy I have ever seen. Why in hell would he put up with your crap? When he comes home and announces your imminent divorce, please, don’t come whining about it here.

  20. Love the photos in this post. Looks like a beautiful anniversary. Love that your husband saw wearing these clothes as a gift to you. True love :) And yes, I love a shawl collar too. I didn’t realise this until I had a son. I had never paid any attention to mens clothes (too focused on women’s!). Luckily my husband focuses for me. I think he must have some Italian blood :) But once I started to pay attention one of my first favourite purchases for my boy was a shawl collar cardigan. In fact didn’t even know this was the correct name for such a collar until your post :))

  21. absolutely love the mansion tours- some things never get old! I remember dressing up as a kid and going there with my family- trying really hard to get separated from the tour group so I could pretend I lived there. I also remember being so excited about the same bathtub – but of course my mom’s commentary still rings in my head- “Erika. The Pieta was also one slab of marble.” ha! I’d still take it.

  22. Love, love that little beach cottage, ditto the sweater, the rings and everything about Newport! Thanks for sharing….have never been there. Happy Anniversary!

  23. @ Scott my hubs puts up with pretty similiar “crap” (probably worse) and is equally “whipped”. He is rewarded handsomly.
    We have been married 20 yrs.
    My much better half is 6’8″ and slim too. I can find AG ( ha notice those intials), Seven for all Mankind, and Lucky jeans for him. It is a pita finding him clothes.
    Love the Newport pics. Happy Anniversary!

  24. hahahah I made Nelson buy basically the same sweater last season from Brooks Brothers. Shawl collar + stripes = major guy confusion. Needless to say, he loves it now.

  25. Hi Erin,
    I absolutely love your blog, been a follower for a number of years, this is my first comment, read your blog every morning!
    I live in Malibu California, my eighteen year old son just moved to NH a few weeks ago to attend Phillips Exeter Academy as PG. I’m an interior designer and an antique dealer. I’m not familiar with your area and I was wondering if you could recommend some vintage and antique shops in an around the Boston, New Hampshire area.
    Thanks for all your wonderful blogs!
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Janette Mallory

  26. My husband will wear anything I buy for him as long as I say those magic words: “Yes, that shirt definitely makes you look more muscley.” By the way, I LOVE your wedding rings! Very cool mix :)

  27. I’m laughing with tears streaming…Andrew & Erin…you two are THE BEST!! Thanks, Andrew, for indulging and Erin…your taste speaks for itself! Susan, your comment I could have written verbatim. franki

  28. These photos make me so happy! We, too, had a chance to stay at Castle Hill for one night last September. Now I want to plan a return trip so we can stay in one of the cottages. It’s also very fun to see that you visited Rosecliff. I shot a wedding there last June and fell in love with it!

  29. Just so I have it straight, I wear a sweater that my wife wants me to because she thinks it makes me look handsome and I don’t mind if it makes her happy. You read my wife’s interior design & fashion blog, and make a rude comment suggesting that I have no balls and I am going to wake up and leave her. Perhaps your definition of “adult” needs some tweaking?

  30. Jeans over $50?!?!? This made me crack up. So true! That awning gets me every time. I love it. I broke my pave link bracelet out this week too. Fall just seems like the right time of year for it. (By far the best piece of jewelry I’ve ever gotten for myself!)

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