Artist Crush: Rosanne Olsen

This weekend I stopped into one of my favorite photography galleries, Iris Gallery, on Newbury Street and came face to face with a massive framed print that stopped me in my tracks by photographer Rosanne Olsen. How amazing is this?

photo 1-18

They also look great on the smaller, more affordable, scale too.

photo 2-17

I dream of having some large scale, modern photography in my house soon, and one of these might be an ideal option. I just love them.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 4.36.55 PM








  1. Society 6 has a lot of photos similiar to these for pretty cheap. Not the same but it still gives you the effect. Elle Moss has a bunch on the site if you don’t want to weed through their vast offerings.

  2. Sorry Erin :(. I usually LOVE your ideas and suggestions, but this one….. not so much. They kinda creep me out! The poor woman seems to be either drowning or dying.

  3. i think these are beautiful. very serene, which is I think what the artist intended. Erin, do you remember what the price range is for these?

  4. Hi Erin these are simply mesmerizing works of art!
    Hmm I may have to add a small one to my walls soon (although I love the one of her holding a water lily!)Rosanna is amazing!

    2013 Artists Series

  5. Erin if you haven’t come across her, check out australian painter Martine Emdur – she paints the most exquisite underwater scenes. Huge huge canvases, and smaller ones too, that look photographic. I’ve been yearning for one of hers for years…. She is on the web, and also instagram.

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