Grey Days

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I’ll stick with my color theme so far this week and move into my other favorite neutral, grey.  No 50 Shades puns here (I hated those books-I know I’m alone in that), but it IS the color of the season- in the skies and in fashion and home. Here are some grey things that have my eye these days:


1. I absolutely NEED this adorable cross body for fall. I love the texture, the color and the function. And at under $300, it’s not unachievable.

2. This new grey dining chair piped in white from C&B would be SO fabulous around a white tulip-like pedestal table.

3. Grey glimmery studs- a must,

4. I adore this grey flatweave rug. It would be so soothing and crisp in a bedroom.

5. Farrow & Ball just released new colors– including TWO amazing greys- Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath.

6. This stone bottle opener would dress up any bar and make beer drinking oh so chic.

7. Grey kitchen cabinets are the new white- hands down (affordable options from Kitchen Resource Direct)

8. I bought this Bloomingdale’s cashmere sweater in light tan and I am straight up obsessed. I am going to go back and buy it in grey. I got so many compliments pairing it skinny white denim and ballet flats!

9. A grey marble box trimmed in gold for all your little treasures.

10. Grey suede heels, boots or flats are gonna be SO SO hot this fall. Mark my words. This gold sole on these Kate Spade booties slays me.

And for the last and most present grey— hairs. I am FREAKING OUT that I now have more than a couple. They are pure, wirey evil streaking my otherwise dark hair and I do not know what to do about them. Go lighter and blend them with highlights? Go darker and dye them? Or embrace them a la Linda Rodin?  Granted, I am not even remotely this grey (in all honesty I maybe have 20 hairs) but I do love how gorgeous and natural Linda is. Um, and did I mention fierce?






(This top reminds of of this one I got for my Newport trip this weekend. I knew it was classic cool.)


I am pretty obsessed with her. And how much she loves her dog Winky…. who ALSO happens to be grey! :)  I hope I’m this cool when I grow up.


  1. I have decided to go grey, just a few grey hairs now but I keep looking at women my age who go dark, go highlighted, go cringe aubergine (sorry but a head of merlot is not attractive on anyone)! Then I did a fun photoshoot of my Grandmother 93 years of age, no work done and still a beauty with a full head of gorgeous grey hair and fabulous sense of humour. She has never coloured her hair, well that kinda answered my pondering thoughts on the subject.

  2. I love that kitchen! Details, please? I love your blog and think you do a great job at your design and social media. Thank you!

  3. Omg! Gray hairs are the bane of my existence sometimes. My suggestion is to use foils to dye them out as one would highlights. of course this depends on how your grays are distributed. Mine were right around my temples and face. I started doing this about one year ago and I feel as though limiting the hair dying regularly to just the grays has helped prevent me from having an epidemic of gray on my head. As far as color goes, I was conservative and kept the color as close to my naturally dark hair as possible. But this technique would work if you wanted to do high or low lights. Good luck Erin!

  4. LR looks fabulous! I have one grey and cried at the site of it. Oh well. I was wondering about the kitchen photo. Where is it from? I have been thinking about redesigning my kitchen and love that style of cabinetry. Thanks!

  5. I love the color my home. On my head is a different story altogether. I give Linda credit with letting it all go gray. She looks amazing! I would look like a corpse. I started getting gray hairs at 26 and have dark hair like you. I just started covering them with honey-colored highlights. I hope that helps.

    PS You are one funny gal! Your honesty is refreshing. :-)

  6. Erin I adore the sweater and that lush berry shade they show, late birthday gift anyone??! The gray velvet chair as well!

    I went gray early, however have always had my hair colored or highlighted. I LOVE silver on other woman. I remember last time in Chicago seeing so many youngish fashionable women with silver tresses. Of course if I ask friends or family about it I get a resounding NO! ( I am thing about going to a high quality wig shop and trying on silver wigs and see what I think!

    2013 Artist Series

  7. Linda Rodin is so amazing. What an incredible character and strong woman. I totally get embracing the grey, but am not sure how to embrace it in the in between, know what I mean? Full on grey and sassy is awesome, but what about the transition?

  8. You’re so not alone, I wanted to punch every 50 Shades character in the face as I got further and further into the books. That aside, gray is my most fave neutral besides black and white, especially for the home. I love how it looks on everyone and everything!

  9. Girl, you are not alone. I read the first 50 Shades book and could barely finish it. They’re beyond awful. BEYOND. Grey hairs are the bane of my existence. I’ve never died my hair and I’m not about to so I just stand in front of my bathroom mirror and pluck them out. I will never be as fierce as Linda Rodin.

  10. I love every single thing in this post! And THANK YOU for mentioning your hatred for 50 shades- they are horrible, on so many levels, I thought I was the only one. I am in the same situation with my dark brown hair so I decided to get some blonde highlights. I think ultimately though, I will be dying to match for years to come!

  11. Great post and THANK YOU, I totally hated 50 shades, so so awful, I cringe when women say they loved it, its so wrong… Love that mole’s breath color.

  12. I read exactly three pages of 50 Shades and erased it from the Kindle! No thanks. Too many amazing books out there I’d rather read. Love to see an older chic woman like Rodin showing the younger gals how to do it! Is she a yogi? She looks so strong and limber.

  13. I freaked out at my first gray hairs in my natural very dark hair and plucked them. They finally got too many to pluck, so because I couldn’t/wouldn’t embrace the idea of coloring my hair, I decided to embrace the gray instead. I have a chin length graduated bob and I prefer to call them “silver highlights”. Since I’m a silver jewelry person, I think of them as another accessory. Makes life easier!

    I hated the concept of those 50 Shades books that I didn’t even bother to read them.


  14. First of all, I’m with you – I HATED the 50 Shades of Grey books.

    The foggy day, the kitchen and the studs are gorgeous!

    I’m very very lucky to have greyed beautifully. I’m 59 now, but started going grey in my twenties. My grey looks ash blond instead of grey and is as soft as silk. Whenever I have my hair cut, the stylists always marvel at how soft and beautiful it is. It’s funny – when I was younger, I used to colour my hair all the time, but now that I’m fully grey, I haven’t coloured it in years!

  15. Love grey! San Francisco is especially familiar with grey days. I think grey hair is beautiful! My hair will probably go salt and pepper like my mom’s. I’m going to dye it pink so it’s black with pink streaks when the day comes. I’m sure you look lovely and refined!

  16. In the last six months I’ve had too many greys to keep on top of with the tweezers–and they’re mostly at my temples, right in sight. :( I love my natural hair color, but at some point I guess I’ll have to start dying them to match (I’ve never dyed my hair so I don’t even know if that’s possible–don’t want it to look streaky). I like grey hair, but not until I’m much older thank you very much. My mom dyes her hair a shade that’s pretty much my natural color, so I’m hoping I can just go to her person when the time comes.

    Also, can’t say I hated the 50 Shades books as I never read them–and have no interest in ever reading them. Glad to hear I’m not missing anything.

  17. I’ve only read about a paragraph of the first 50 Shades book and it made the Twilight books seem like War and Peace. Unintentionally hilarious, though!

  18. Loved your version of “Fifty shades of Gray”. I’m lusting after that gray sweater even though it’s 88 degrees right now andnobody has air conditioning in Seattle. I quit high lighting and low lighting my hair about three years ago and I love it. The silver strands look like I’m still high lighting so I’m wondering why I spent the time and money for so many years. But make yourself happy and do what makes you feel most like you …

  19. Don’t pluck your greys! The old wive’s tale holds true… You’ll just get more in their place ;) I’m a stylist… if you get highlights, it’s best to have your stylist put some color foils- only on the greys (which most likely occur on your part line and temples) using a low volume developer so it isn’t harsh on your hair and doesn’t require constant all over root touch ups! Just a tip:)

  20. Wow, she is fabulous! When I got my first gray hair at 18 I contemplated letting it go all gray. That lasted for about 10 years until about six months ago when the grays migrated to the TOP of my head! At which point I had that ‘oh no you din’t!’ moment and immediately called my hairdresser for the next available chair. Things were all fine and dandy when the grays were hidden in the middle, but once they had their coming out party, I dyed those suckers back to my original, near-black color.

    Unless your hair grays quickly, I don’t suggest the Linda Rodin look. Really, who wants to suffer in that hideous in-between phase for three decades?

  21. You are not alone- I hated the books as well! I felt they were horribly written and there wasn’t really a story that warranted three separate books. Humbly just my opinion, but blech. Not a fan!

  22. My dog & Winky are best friends. Here are few facts:

    -Linda is as cool as she looks
    -She never wears any makeup- just red lips. Her skin is flawless
    -Rodin face oil is magic. Yes pricey- but worth every drop
    -Honestly, great skin as hers is genetic- but this oil is the secret to life.

  23. STOP OBSESSING….LOL It will give you more gray!. Seriously you are darling so you have nothing to worry about. Worry about things that are important.

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