Oh Baby: Bijou & Boheme’s Nursery

Is this not the most elegant and gorgeous nursery you’ve ever seen? Created by the amazing Christine Dovey (the blogger behind the  Bijou & Boheme, a favorite of mine) for her newest bundle of joy Jasper.  I’ve been following the process on her envy-inducing Instagram feed and love seeing it in full now in Style At Home!


GAH!!!! Can I have a room like this???? You can search for those Serge Mouille sconces on 1st Dibs.



So very serene. I just love it. Kids room usually have so much color but doesn’t this seem so soothing for a baby?


Here’s some picks for a similar nursery look:


  1. That rocking chair! I’ve never seen a rocking chair so delicate and beautiful. The whole room is just so serene and elegant. I love it. And that rug, it’s just perfect-you would just sink into it, it looks like. So soft and textural.

  2. Gorgeous Nursery……but good luck with Lego in that area rug!!! I think it may prove to be a little painful! At least that is what would happen in this house!!!

  3. Beautiful nursery and baby!
    However, terrible choice for rug. I should know. I have the same one in my nursery and you can’t
    vacuum it! AGH.

  4. That is a beautiful room. But I’m not on board with decorating kids’ rooms for adults. Babies mainly spit up and poop. Save the cute, expensive rooms for the grown-ups.

  5. It’s really gorgeous! However, newborns need color and contrast for stimulation and development purposes. For this reason, I never really understood the whole all-white nursery movement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful but not exactly appropriate for such a little one.

  6. I have to write in response to the people who have commented about who this room was decorated for and/or the practicality of it. The room was in fact, done for my child…not for me as some might suggest…did I want to end up with a space that I felt was beautiful…of course…do I feel badly about that, absolutely not.
    With a house of six, I wanted a soothing and peaceful place for my baby to sleep- he doesn’t eat in his room, nor it is a playroom- we have other spaces in our house for that that I can assure you are filled with lots of colour and activity. This room was designed as a serene place for my little one to sleep and rest. The daybed is used for story-time and for nursing and has remained as clean as the day I bought it. The rug was chosen to be soft against little knees…I give it the occasional vacuum but find it really quite low maintenance because it doesn’t show the dirt.
    Though I always appreciate comments from readers and rarely voice any dissent in that regard, I have to say take great offense to the suggestion that I was selfish in the planning and decorating of this room- those who know me, could attest to how far from the truth this actually is.

  7. I just want to congratulate Christine again on such a beautiful space for her son!

    As a friend of Christine’s, I know well how very much love and thought went into every last piece that was chosen for this room.

    I adore the palette – such a calm and soothing environment for J – something I know that was important to you.

    Thank you so much for allowing us into your family’s home.

    Christine xo
    Shop 219

  8. Beautiful, but not practical. You can tell this is a first child. A changing table where a baby boy can and will do an arc of pee onto the fur rug (if it hasn’t happened, it will) or what’s known as an “explosive poo,” or the midnight vomit over the side of the bed. It’s simply what kids do, and is not conducive to white or white rugs. Plus, the fur will be a favorite for sucking. Second child’s room–wood with an industrial carpet area rug!

  9. Lovely room…beautiful and serene. I always find it amazing how people can call a person selfish by looking at a few pictures of one room in their house. Or how they can “tell this is their first child” when a few comments prior Christine referred to her house of 6. I wish people would take a little time to think about what they say/write.


  10. Christine,
    Can you tell me how you clean/vacuum that rug? I’m not being facetious, I’m truly wondering b/c I have the same one and LOVE it but have NO idea how to clean it? It does hide a lot of dirt but I’ve had it a year and should probably clean it one of these days. :)
    Again, love the room!

  11. I think my comment was harsh and I apologize. I don’t know the rest of your house or lifestyle. I do know I love your blog and vision. I do know raising three (four if you include my husband) with dogs, cats, a rat, hamsters, chickens that I think of that room after my kids got ahold of it. Even as young adults!

  12. Very disappointed in some of these comments. Christine has many children, this is hardly her first and I have known many children raised in all white, serene nurseries who developed just fine. Babies are not locked in their nurseries as the only apace for “stumulation”. If you feel the need to judge so publicly please learn a little more about who you are judging first.

  13. Christine, could you please tell me where the white tassel mobile above the crib is from? Thank you.

  14. I think the nursery is beautiful, but I was also thinking it was impractical. Maybe they just have… more serene children than I do, but in my house everything kids get into has to be washable and in darker colors. I will never forget the day I was changing my newborn son’s diaper, and he exploded neon orange breast-milk poo all over the book case, all over the white wall, all over the dresser, and all over a pile of freshly folded laundry! That stuff stains like crazy :) And then of course they get older and accidents happen – this week alone, my 4 year old son spilled a glass of grape juice, a mug of hot chocolate AND a full cup of brown soda on the carpet. Thank goodness the carpet is brown and we get it professionally cleaned every 8 weeks! So… maybe her babies never do that sort of thing. But most peoples do, hence I think many of the negative comments.

    This room DOES remind me a little bit of this one episode of Malcolm in the Middle where the mom and dad bring home their first son Frances from the hospital to this immaculate gorgeous white apartment. It fast forwards to when the baby is three, and the entire apartment is filthy and covered in crayon drawings. That’s what mine would look like! :)

  15. First I want to say that I absolutely love the design of this nursery. It’s beautiful.

    I am amazed at the number of comments relating to its practicality. I have two boys who find something to destroy everyday. It does not make me hesitant about buying new things for our home. This is really a matter of to each his own. I find vacationing with children impractical but know of someone who takes her very young children all over the globe. I am in awe of her and appreciate that she does exactly what I have never done nor want to do.

    Can’t we just admire that she created a lovely, serene nursery without all the comments and judgments? Oy!

  16. I’m beyond touched by so many of you who left such sweet and thoughtful comments-I appreciate the support more than I can say. And Erin, thank you again for featuring Jasper’s room- truly an honour:)
    Peggi…thank you for the apology:)
    Maggie- as Rebecca pointed out (thank you Rebecca:,) Jasper is my fourth child…not my first- that fact probably has alot to do with why I wanted such a neutral and calm space…we have a lot of chaos going on in the rest of the house most days so a break from that was definitely what I wanted in the baby’s room.
    Jenny- I take the bottom ‘head’ piece off of my vacuum and just use the pipe (hose) to suck up any dirt etc. I kind of hover over it so that I don’t really suck up all the fibers. I have one of those hand held Dysons and it’s seems to work really well. So far my only complaint with it has been the shedding but I was told this slows down after a few months.
    Mart- isn’t it heavenly:))) I bought it at an Etsy shop called FleurLux- I had it done in a custom white/cream rather than the blush- …https://www.etsy.com/shop/FleurLux
    Natasha- agree 100%…and thanks:)

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