Random Goodness: Unbelievably Chic Highchair

I am not in “the family way” yet, so don’t go reading into this- I simply saw this Ovo high chair and yelled aloud “OHMYGOD! That is the best children’s design I have ever seen!!!!!!!” I mean, look at this thing, it’s freakin’ GENIUS.  No longer an eyesore in your dining room or kitchen, this high chair would actually UPGRADE most interiors. No joke. I am head over heels.  And of course, as expected, it has the price tag to match- and of course is only available on European sites for a painful 349 euros (about $477 for us).  But given how much you use this thing and it’s flexibility (it transforms into a toddler chair) I think it’s worth the investment. Not to jinx myself, but I am almost tempted to buy it and stash it for whenever Baby Gates decides to come our way. Is that creepy?

Buy the white and deep navy chairs on this site. Also available with faux leather harness straps for a little more money.

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If that’s the packaging this thing comes in then it’s even better. It’s not even fair to American high chairs.



  1. you are totally not crazy! that thing is amazing. i have a “hope chest” that was my grandmother’s where I store baby things for our future baby. especially when I find beautiful baby clothes that are neutral. If I ever have a boy I refuse to dress him in clothes with basketballs on them, so if I find something special I always scoop it up! My husband has just gotten used to it by now ;)

  2. I agree that it is beautifully designed, but it is still a high chair. It’s going to get food all over it, and it’s not going to look quite as pretty then. There are other great options out there that aren’t quite as expensive. I’d put the money elsewhere.

  3. I had a pair of very similar high chairs for my twins from ikea that were portable.
    Perhaps you can have something like this made, custom and sell them….

  4. I agree with Julie. I was a lot more romantic about this stuff before the babies actually came. Now I look at that and thing, hmm, looks pretty hard to clean and those colors will show a lot of food! If this is high-end, I got mid-range not-totally-ugly Keekaroo highchairs, but now I kind of wish I had ugly Fisher Price ones that are easy to clean and can be operated with one hand.

  5. Oh, I’ve got to laugh at the white one! It’s just begging for stains! I’m with Julie – every high chair no matter how lovely gets absolutely disgusting. It’s the nature of the business. And frankly, past 2 years most kids don’t want anything to do with their high chair and prefer a “grown-up seat” (and then there’s my oldest, who prefers to drag the counter stools over to the dining table to sit on). So hey – if someone can blow $400 on something that will get cruddy in two seconds, enjoy. I think you will get more enjoyment out of dropping $400 on a wardrobe for the bambino (and no, I don’t think it’s nuts to buy something to stash away).

  6. Holy moly! These high chairs are amazing. We are currently in the market for two and want them to match the decor in our dining room. Other than the price, these would be perfect. It has been such a challenge to find anything. Nearly all of the high chairs we have seen have prints that are goofy or just plain tacky. The only chairs we have liked so far include the taupe/walnut Oxo Tot ($250 a piece) or the simple white IKEA chairs (under $50). Several of our friends who bought the IKEA chairs loved the look, the easy of cleaning, and the price but they were universally unhappy with the lack of comfort. It’s so hard to choose and I agree that the items that look best are European. I’m inclined to go high end on high chairs and save on other things. Plus, like you and the others who commented, I started stockpiling random chic baby things three years before I actually got pregnant so I have less shopping to do now. :)

  7. i sadly have to agree with a couple of the other posters — I saw this chair yesterday and LOVED it, it’s so pretty… but TOTALLY impractical. yes it will get dirty, but the small size of the tray is just asking for more food to go everywhere, and the design of the seat looks to have a lot of crevices for food to sneak into.

    the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair is where it’s at for good, practical design that still looks good & will last through the toddler years.

  8. oops – edit to change the last part of my comment – no crevices for food – yay. but small tray (and to the side) is still not going to work… maybe for older kids.

  9. If you think it’ll still be awesome with applesauce and pea puree smeared all over it then go for it : ) It’s never crazy to plan for the future. What better way to tell baby Gates you’d been waiting for them than to have set their place at the table in advance.

  10. I loved seeing this!
    It’s not at all practical and too expensive.
    I wish one could only buy chic items for baby but the inundation of baby items is inevitable and some of the chic ones aren’t fun for the baby.
    Still, it’s fun to see what to put in ones imaginary sleek apartment. You know like in the pictures.

  11. I have a twenty month old, and I’m not saying she’s never messy, but the clean up thing is not that big of a deal. We taught her from day one not to play with or throw her food and she literally never does. So, I say go for it. I’m sure if not now, in the future they may come up with different tray attachments, etc. I would do a darker color, but the white is really tempting regardless! I stocked wedding and baby dreams before either happened- not crazy!

  12. I actually bought the white one for my third child who is one now and I love it. It is molded plastic so it is easy to clean and the cushion can be washed. I wanted something without the giant tray – it feels more like she is sitting at the table with us.

  13. It’s gorgeous, ah to dream….but for the length of time that you kids will sit in it, you can’t go wrong with the basic white god looking Ikea one either which is about $30 I think! I like knowing when things are dirty, so white is best! You want to know when that mashed up sweet potato is stuck on there! It’s amazing how much I spent on all that baby stuff, to only give away and donate it eventually. I had a million dollar organic bouncy thing and none of my kids really used it. Taught me a swift lesson. BUT I’m sure that anyone with a new baby will swoon and fall in love with this one.

  14. So chic! I think everything about it looks awesome and easy to wipe down except for the white safety straps. Can you get the straps in another color? We have this one from OXO and I think it has a similar look, but with dark straps. This is something I never would have noticed pre-baby in my life! :)

  15. Hey Erin, my first ever comment after being a long-time reader!
    I like the chair, but you should also check out the Svan convertible chair. We LOVED it! Our sweet boy just turned 6, and I am so glad we spent the money on a Svan (and yet it’s less expensive than the one above!) We purchased the walnut one with sage green chair cushion and removable, clear plastic, washable tray cover for our kitchen. We loved it so much that we bought the dark cherry one with the red chair cushion and plastic tray cover to go in our finished basement kitchen as well!
    Our son actually sat in his for years; it wasn’t bulky or heavy and could be pulled right up to the table. They held up so well that we sold them both on eBay a year ago and got some of our money back!
    I hope your blog continues for a long time. This 40something-year-old mama loves reading it while I’m waiting in car rider line!

  16. I’m with the other Mom’s out there who have to say that yes, high chairs get disgusting (you’ll know what I mean when your toddler finds a raisin in a crevice that you don’t remember giving him). However, this one seems about as easy to clean/operate as the one we have – OXO Tot – although more expensive. So if you love it, get it. Our highchair was a gift, but it was one of the items I was willing to splurge on myself since we use it multiple times daily.

  17. I don’t think you’re crazy but you will GO crazy if your toddler starts to eat by himself/herself on that tray. It’s far too small and on the side. Even the neatest toddler (my son is very neat when he eats) will throw over a bowl every now and then or spill some stuff. It’s virtually impossible for a kid to learn how to eat by himself with that weirdly positioned tray. I don’t see the clean up as a problem. But believe me: you will curse that tray!

  18. Oh and on a side note: it can be really dangerous to remove the tray and have toddlers sit on the table with you. If you have a really active kid they can easily push their feet against the table and tip over the chair. If you put Tripp Trapp chair dangerous in Google or YouTube you’ll see what I mean. Exactly the same thing happened to my friends’ daughter and they were just so lucky the chair fell against their sofa instead of hitting the floor!

  19. wonderful!! I ADORE the all cream one. I’m pregnant with my first and am in the process of selecting furniture/completing a registry and this is the best thing I’ve seen. This is the first high chair that doesn’t look space agey like what’s available on Giggle or like recliner on stilts which is what you see everywhere else.

    after reading the comments above, maybe I should invest in a color other than white. clearly I’m new at this :)!

  20. It IS ridic gorgeous but I can’t help but be amused at the comments made by actual mothers. Oh so true. Ridic impractical, you will cry when it gets inevitably disgusting. The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair is the perfect balance between design and practicality, add that to your secret baby pinterest board. ;)

  21. I know style often trumps substance, however, I would make sure these chairs are truly sturdy. As soon as the kid starts walking, he/she will want to climb in and out of the chair without your help, and this chair looks easily tipped. Have one made out of pretty wood, one that can convert to a toddler chair once the wee one is ready to pull up to the grown up table…

  22. Your future baby, your money, so you get the chair if you want it :). That’s part of the fun of planning isn’t it? Personally I think it’s lovely. I got a bright red one from ikea. would I have liked something fancier? Oh sure but at least it was fun with clean lines. It didn’t make me mad every time I looked at it lol.

  23. This is a great looking chair, but as the cohabitant of a toddler, I recommend the ikea chair. Has the same look for $25-and no pad to wash, which is a huge plus when you are marking time in toddler days. Ours may have even made a trip through the dishwasher? You will be so eager to move beyond a high chair, invest elsewhere!

  24. I pinned one of those high chairs when I was pregnant and was convinced my baby needed a chic chair. Then…I had the baby. Nobody could convince me of anything other than my son is a prince, but babies? They’re kind of disgusting. I’d put the $477 in a college fund and buy the $25 Ikea Antilop high chair instead!

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