Sponsor Welcome: Circa Lighting

There are some vendors that we use over and over again in our daily work at EGD, and Circa Lighting is certainly one of them. So when they asked to become a sponsor I could not think of anything more natural. Their massive and gorgeous collection of lighting is astounding and a designer favorite the world over.  I think it’s an invaluable resource for everyone to have in their back pocket for times of lighting need- here are some of my favorites:

Flush Mounts: An attractive flush mount fixture IS possible! I used the classic star in my entryway (but am way in love with the NEW multi-point star!) I also used the small Paris Flea Market on my closet ceiling recently and it’s so girly and charming.

m_AH4020NB-FG m_AH4025NB-FG

m_CHC4206AB-SG m_TOB4130AN-WG

m_AH4016NB-FG m_CHO4311WZ-CG

m_AH4200PN-FG(1) m_AH4021NB

(my closet ceiling)

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 8.19.47 AM


Chandeliers & Pendants: There are so many good ones here- from kitchen pendants to dramatic dining room chandeliers. We LOVE the classic, antique looking Paris Flea Market Chandelier at EGD, and of course the Hicks pendants (the two tone I used in my kitchen, and have since moved them into the mudroom on a short chain as a ceiling fixture!)


m_CHC1408AB-SG(1) m_CHC1144CG

m_TOB5063BZ_HAB-WG(1)         m_ARN5100G-CG           m_RL5402NB-WG

m_CHC1575OW m_CHC2160G

m_RL5133AI            m_S5015PN

m_TOB5041HAB-WHT            m_TOB5226HAB_G3-CG             m_TOB5014BZ-HAB-NP-BT_61094

Sconces:  Sconces are really important in bath lighting, but also in other areas of the house. There are SO many to love- from the classic Bryant I have in my bathroom to the Boston Library Sconce with it’s fab arched arm (and name!) Modern or traditional, there are a ton of options.

m_ARN2006WHT(1)                   m_CHD2150PN-PN

m_BBL2035SB-S           m_s2320pn-wp

m_RL2270PN                 m_SL2922HAB

m_TOB2002PN-NP                 ttt

m_TOB2126PS-NP         m_SL2931CH

Floor Lamps: I am still DYING DYING DYING over Aerin Lauder’s floor lamp and I will have it someday for my living room.

m_ARN1003HAB-L            m_BBL1023SS-S         m_SL1031BZ

m_ARN1006BLK         m_SP1508HAB

Table Lamps:

m_AH3004C-NP m_AH3090WHT-NP

m_CHA8934CG-NP m_AH3040WHT-NP_Alt

m_ARN3006BLK m_MS3002Q-NP

m_CHA8265AB-NP     m_CHA8627IC-NP



  1. Hi, Erin! I am such a fan of your style. Can you tell me the name of the fixture in the first row on the right? I can’t seem to find it on the Circa site. Thanks!

  2. Circa is so good and the new line by Aerin looks amazing. I want every single fixture in her collection. I can’t wait until her book comes out at the end of the month! I just purchased the basil flush mount in brass of course for our mudroom.

  3. circa is my go-to! have used many in my own house and in many clients’ homes. you must be honoreded thay asked you to sponsor! interesting that you blogged lighting today, as i’m blogging about lighting for my post tomorrow & circa is being featured!

  4. I am currently using 4 of the lighting fixtures you listed in my current NYC renovation. Including the one that you’re using in your closet! I’m using it in my closet and powder room. Love!!!

  5. We are about to purchase the double twist chandelier for our dining room. I must say we were able to see it in person in the Charleston store after lusting after it for over a year and the pictures on the website do not do these pieces any justice, they are beautiful in person!

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