I Want to Go To There: Crosby Street Hotel & The Mark

One thing I always say about my design work is that I never want my projects to look like “hotel rooms”. By this I mean stark, cold and impersonal. I may need to rethink that little saying after seeing some seriously awesome hotel design where personality is the name of the game. New York certainly seems to be a hotbed for this, no surprise. Hotels like The Greenwich, The Bowery and Gramercy Park are all on my list and have been for a while, but two more have just been deemed “must visit”, namely Crosby Street Hotel and The Mark.

Crosby Street is owned by Firmdale Hotels who own a bunch of boutique hotels in England, all of which are designed by co-owner Kit Kemp (check out her new book). Each room has a unique look, which means there’s PLENTY of inspiration to pull from.


A good black and white room really does make me weak in the knees.



Love this little vignette.



A print headboard plus striped wallpaper might seem like “too much” in theory but in execution it works if you keep the tones the same.


You know I LOVE those wing backs!!!


A great example of a perfect color purple for walls- deep and rich offset by white trim.



The patio looks amazing too!


The other hotel I’m freaking out about is The Mark– look at the lobby floors (not to mention the hotel bikes!) I plan to be buried in black and white stripes and this just delights me to NO END.




Kinda obsessed with the trimmed out closets.




But the real design porn is found in the bathrooms. The marble striped floors and chromed our trimmed cabinets are utterly ridiculous (in a good way!)  I need to make this happen someday in a house (preferably my own)





One more shot of this magic….


My kinda mini-bar (ginormous and well stocked!)


Even the pencils are awesome.



  1. These two have been on our list too! We always pop in the lobby of Crosby Street when we’re in Soho so I can swoon. We are heading up in December and have booked a room at the new Viceory, NYC – designed by Roman and Williams. It looks really fab…excited! We stayed at the Viceroy, Snowmass a couple of years ago and love this brand. Kelly Wearstler designed the Nest – the restaurant there and it was ahead of its time. Really great.

  2. Hi Erin,
    My husband and I stayed at the Mark a couple of years ago to celebrate his 40th birthday. Everything was top-notch: the room, the amenities, the service and the location. It’s expensive but we would definitely stay there again for a special occasion.

  3. Saw the Greenwich hotel on this blog awhile ago….have been twice since. It’s that good. I will put these others on my list but it will be difficult to pull myself away from GH. Make that your first stop.

  4. I ate at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges last time I was there, and that lobby is even better in-person. The meal was delish, but honestly, that lobby was what I remember the best!

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