A Modern Rustic Makeover

Now that my house is pretty much done and decorated, I of course have the itch to redecorate. I’m not going to because I just spent so much money on this place (and I do think it looks great), but I can’t help but feel the desire to start switching out a rug here, pillows there…. you know?  In particular, winter always makes me want a more rustic interior.  We get all cozy inside and have fires and it makes me want to whitewash some wood and throw up some farmhouse inspired pendants- I can’t help myself!  This spread from Country Living, showcasing a really awesome interior in that vein, only feeds the flames.  And how I LOVE a good before and after! The owners of this Pennsylvania home happen to be the force behind Acre Creative and looking through their work I was pretty inspired!

This kitchen is a great example of a budget renovation- the cabinets are IKEA!  Love the fresh, white feel with the rustic ceiling and vintage island.


Such a great example of how you can turn something gross into something stunning.


Love this open, bright living room space. Decor-wise, I would have done it a bit differently ( a big linen slipcovered sofa somewhere!) but I adore the mirror and the ceiling!


Look how bland it was before- they added SO much character to it!


Some fun detail shots.

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Love this bedroom, the beamed vaulted ceiling (which I want to do in my new master suite when we do our addition) is so airy and lovely.  And it such a good idea to treat the low wall as an extended headboard by applying a different material to it!


This vintage chair the homeowner covered in sheepskin reminds me SO much of this new West Elm chair I’ve been totally obsessed with since it came out a few weeks ago! I personally would go nuts having to look at the contents of my closet all the time and would probably have added some great curtains to the opening here to close it off.


The before shot. I mean, DAAAAYYYYUMMM.


The showstopper- the bathroom. Just scroll down and see the before and then come back up and let’s discuss…..

YEAH. I mean, it’s pretty awesome.  I have too many issues to feel comfortable showering in the open like that- I don;t need Andrew seeing me shave my legs while he’s brushing his teeth, but I love the idea of a space like this!




This little vintage sink is too cute.


The guest room/ office is so adorable. Love the black walls offset by the white wood ceiling and the curtain separating the bed from the office space is just beyond cute (and smart).


The guest room before- the blew out that wall at right to extend further and create the sleeping nook!


Get the look of their home with some of these ideas!

Photos via Country Living/ Max Kim-Bee


  1. I’m really digging that office/guest bedroom situation. It can be so hard (yet so practical) to combine those rooms!

  2. I can’t even believe that’s the same house! It looks so much bigger, too. Love when people are able to execute their visions like that. I imagine it took a leap of faith!

  3. Which room didn’t I like?? When can I move in? The kitchen and bathroom – especially killer. I’ve never seen a tub/shower setup like that before. Perfect for my “darling” kids who insist on splashing water out of the bathtub by the bucketful because they believe they’re either a fish or a mermaid.

  4. Love everything in this post. So clever on every detail and best use of spaces. Oh the bathroom – what a great idea for small space if you want both tub + show!!! Great post!

  5. Great before and after. Wow. I visit your page frequently, but don’t bother to comment. I think you have great taste, but anymore when I read your posts I feel there is so much materialism coming from you and wanting more, more, more just as your first paragraph suggests. I love interiors, but there is more to life than having “things”. Like the jeep you posted for your husband. It was incredibly sweet gesture, but geez. As a reader, I don’t feel a connection with you. I feel like you boast a lot. I agree you have many blessings to share, but it’s getting old seeing what you ‘got’. Give back. Try reading an inspirational book, like Seven, which is life changing.

  6. ugh, scott, give it a rest. erin is an INTERIOR DESIGNER. it is only natural for her to mention her constant itch to change and improve her surroundings, as it is both her job and in her blood.

    erin, i personally love reading your blog for the aspirational and often hilarious content you post. keep up the great work!

  7. For a lot of us, designing and changing our interiors is a hobby-it’s an opportunity to be creative, to experiment. And it can be done by rearranging, making new pillow covers, shopping Craig’s list, redoing a piece of furniture you own, and an innumerable list of ways most of which cost nothing or very little. I get it. And I love it too. This post is a great example of a redesign with a budget. Things are not high end, big box stores were used. And when you present high end redos-they spark my creativity, I find ways to achieve what I love about them within my personal budget. I appreciate and a large part of why I love your blog, that you show us things I’m not exposed to and don’t get to see on my own. Youre in the business, and because I love your taste and style, you deliver images and trends already filtered and edited for me. Thank you. Now,, on to the bathroom above. I don’t understand the use of small tile on floors in bathrooms that will get wet. I see miles of grout lines that will get dirty and the potential for mildew even when you fastidiously rubber scrape them after every shower. To say nothing of an entire room that gets wet. Ugh. Have I missed a secret of the designers for using small tile for wet surfaces that makes it practical? Do tell! :-).

  8. Scott- This blog is about “stuff”, it’s not about my philanthropic efforts. If you want to read about that kind of thing I suggest you follows blogs focused on that. And as for the car I bought my husband, that was not posted here, but on my own personal Instagram account and for your information, not that it’s ANY of your business, but it was a grand gesture to a man who has supported me and sacrificed more for my happiness than anyone else I know. So don’t try to make it something “bad”. Don’t assume you know everything about me based solely on this blog, it’s incredibly naive.

  9. Sarah, we use small tiles because the grout keeps people from slipping. And they make grout with anti-mold ingredients in it now so no need to worry about mold at all. But I will say, white grout gets FILTHY, so it’s best to choose and light grey or tan that compliments your tile!

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