The Perfect Getaway.

Following up on yesterday’s post, I have been perusing the internet for escapes. Some a re a reality, some not. This falls more in the not category, but HOLY HELL this is exactly what the perfect “get away from it all and unplug” place looks like in my dreams.  Meet The Hope House Mousehole (yes, the area is called Mousehole! MOUSEHOLE! Can it GET ANY QUAINTER???)  There is a house and a separate loft for rent in this sleepy seaside village in Cornwall, England.  Can I pack a ton of books, cable knit sweaters and tea and go NOW?


The House: The stuff my monochromatic dreams are made of.


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The Loft: Where modern and rustic meet.



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The Location:





  1. This is so cozy and charming! I think right now I would need a tropical fix and sun shine, but this would be wonderful! I hope your resolution to chill a bit becomes reality and all of us have felt your angst at some time or another. So important that you recognized it and it’s never too late to turn things around. Savor the holiday with your family and pamper yourself with things that feed your soul. Happy holidays dear one. Xo Nancy

  2. I absolutely love that loft! The little fire burning fireplace and all the cozy sitting areas–you could really unwind and recharge there. I am a monochromatic nut as well, and grays with tans are so comforting and relaxing together! Love all of it.

  3. One of my best friends grew up in a village in Cornwall near Newquay. This area is beautiful…rocky cliffs, crashing sea…and quaint little villages. Would certainly be a quiet, serene getaway…the weather will likely be Seattle-like…but won’t be as cold as Boston! If you go, get some fish and chips with mushy minted peas…sounds gross but soooo good! There are also lots of more upscale cozy restaurants.

  4. Looks so wonderful Erin! Sometimes we really need to escape. It is so important to relax, recharge, to just “be”!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I love the look of the loft, but both the house and the loft have excellent lighting (industrial pendants ahoy!). Hooray for Mousehole! Even if it is pronounced differently from how it looks…

  6. There’s an Aga stove – I’m in! One of my (admittedly odd) desires is to be able to cook on an Aga (or similar). I’ve decided my best bet to achieve this goal is renting an equipped cottage in the UK, so……

  7. It’s just down the road a bit from Penzance. We stayed at Jean Shrimpton’s Inn … my introduction to feather beds and coal fires and sleepy afternoons by the fire with a pot of tea and a stack of old country house magazines. Heaven on a rainy day. I do hope you go.

  8. I just spent the weekend at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport and Castle Hill Inn in Newport and was going to recommend both as a quick and easy coastal getaway. Then looked at your trips and realized you’ve done both towns and both hotels! Darn! White Barn Inn during Christmas Prelude is unreal. They displayed christmas trees behind the windows in the restaurant and it felt like I was dining in a giant snow globe! Combine that with carolers during dinner to make the most beautiful Christmas experience ever.

  9. Just read both posts. Yesterdays and today’s. I must say you are a role model to many of us. I love your blog and is usually one of the first things I read in the morning. I understand and hate the feeling of impotence when a problem can’t be solved by me. I understand stress and anxiety from different experiences, but nevertheless we need to learn how to control them so we can have a longer, healthier life. Learning how to balance life is the hardest job! But, following today’s post, why is this not a reality? You work hard and deserve a good vacation. I say, embrace life and plan it for 2014, we only live once!!!

  10. Want to go now! Of course I’d have to bring some bright red cushions or something, cuz that’s a ghost house right there.

  11. If you want a wonderful escape that you can actually do, try this:

    Its a short drive from Atlanta and they have an Inn or Lofts in their “downtown”. We loved our stay there! Perfect weekend getaway! Hope you get rested soon!


  12. Mouzll is gorge – but if you really want to unplug, best bet is to go somewhere where there just ain’t no wifi. Strongly recommend Bali – in the hills, not the Coast. Like Lombok, Ubud etc. Or Vietnam, Hanoi is stunning. There’s tropical beaches, spas for relaxing treatments, beautiful areas to cycle around, awesome places to shop – plus it’s warm there right now. No snow. Goodluck!

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  14. My first reaction was that this gray/white scheme is gorgeous, as I continued through the pictures it almost felt a little…melancholy, maybe? I love the overall feel but maybe they took itaa little too far, its almost like living in a newspaper. On the other hand, the lack of any kind of bold color causes the view out the window to seem much more vivid in contrast. The town and water front veiw is beautiful no matter how it’s pronounced.

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