Fashion Friday: Jetting Away


(I can’t wait to be sitting right here)

Next weekend I leave for a full week away at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. I’m a mixture of SO EXCITED and stressed out, as being a small business owner (and dog mom) makes leaving for that long really hard.  But I am going to try to vacate my stress a little and enjoy 7 full days of sun and sea.  Of course, I have not thought about what to pack at all until now (I see a marathon shopping trip in my future). Here are some things I’d love to take with me:


1. Adorably simple but modern earrings that go with anything.

2. Denim cut offs. Duh.

3. Gold and bling statement necklace to dress up everything and anything.

4. Love this modern neon simple dress. Also conceals poolside drink bloat. :)

5. A simple silk tee paired with white jeans in perfect for dinner out when paired with that statement necklace.

6. Killer wedges that mix black AND tan.

7. An adorable bikini.

8. The perfect black and white stripe tank maxi dress.

9. A bohemian print silk tee.

10. DREAM PURCHASE: Gold Valentino Rockstud flat sandals.

11. I really want a one-piece since I’m not feeling my best right now- this one is still sexy.

12.  DREAM PURCHASE: This Tory Burch long embroidered dress. Die. Die. Die. (This one is more attainable).

13. Perfect long coin pendant from Julie Vos.

14. Love the retro/ Jackie O feel of these Chloe sunglasses!

15. Pretty coral embroidered blouse.

16. Perfect white jeans (I’ll pack a skinny pair too).


  1. Love! Your dream purchases are identical to mine! (Just wish I could justify the price!!) I’m leaving for Cayman in April…saving this for my packing list inspiration. Thanks Erin!

  2. Will keep these ideas in mind when I go to West Palm Beach in March! Good for you for getting away – enjoy it!

  3. I’m off to Zihuatanejo Mexico on Tuesday and your dream packing list is quite inspirational … once I overlook the fact that you’re 30 years younger, three inches taller and a whole lot slimmer. Ah well, I’m just happy to be flying to sunshine and warm weather.

  4. This post is making me even more anxious for my vaca to Puerto Rico in March. It can’t come soon enough. I am drooling over those Valentino sandles. LOVE THEM!! I will be so jealous if you get them :-) That scarf dress you have as the more attainable dress to the Tory Burch as adorable as well. Have a blast next week on a well deserved vacation.

  5. Ahhh…. wish I had a warm vaca planned. I would like the striped dress, the neon dress, and in my wildest dreams, the rockstud sandals (not happening, ever). Fun to dream with you! Have a great time!

  6. Just what I needed after many cold snowy days in the Midwest. My trip to Mexico in March can’t come soon enough. Who makes the cut offs, might be just me but the link takes me to the white jeans…thanks! Always look forward to your fashion Fridays!!!

  7. Ohhh nice inspiration! We are taking a vacation in March, and I’ve been trying to tell myself to start planning now on what I want to take and need to buy. I always wait till the last minute! This will help motivate me.

  8. Hi Erin – I think your cut-off denim shorts have the wrong link? I just went to shop for them and it lead me to the white jeans.

  9. Love that bathing suit! since I know you’re a Tina Fey fan like me, you’ll probably enjoy the new episode of “Comedians in cars getting coffee”….genius.

  10. Have a great time Erin! I vacationed there some time ago and absolutely loved it. Went horseback riding on the beach!
    The Arts by Karena

  11. Hey Erin, I have been to Casa De Campo and loved it. It was kinda different thought. It is 7,000 acres and parts are just wooded. Our family went there to celebrate my parent’s 50 wedding anniversary. There were 27 of us. I have 3 brothers and a sister so we all took our families. Make sure you play donkey polo! It was hilarious! We had a couples massage at the main hotel spa and it was fab. We also ask the hotel to get us an english speaking tour guide and a bus to Santa Domingo for a day and we loved that. I bought some beautiful art in one of the galleries. The tour guide’s name was Angel. My guess is that he is still there. We had Italian at the restaurant up on the hill. Can’t remember what it was called but the food was good. We rented 5 houses and they all had small pools. Make sure to ask someone where Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Oscar De LaRenta, and all the other famous American’s homes are. They all know. we were a little disappointed with the beach but there is so much to do you will love it! Have a great time. I’m sure there is more to do than when we were there in 2008. Can’t wait to hear all about it. One of my fond memories with my parents and family.

  12. Why is it that my emails from you only have a block of text now…. :( So sad… I used to love seeing your great pictures everyday and don’t have time to click to view.

    Please change it back!

  13. Ooooh, with the “temperatures” we’ve had to endure recently…your fun in the sun is “just the right medicine!” We’re off to the Bahamas…and I’m packing practically the same as your ideas!! Yay! franki

  14. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! My parents are from the Dominican Republic and I have heard great things about that resort. It’s a dream of mine to stay there one day. I know it’s hard to leave work behind (stressful, for sure) but I hope you are able to get some rest and relaxation and enjoy it :).

    Your warm weather picks are great, I especially love #4!


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