On My Radar: January

Some things on my radar right now:


1. This new West Elm chair looks so high end with it’s contrast buttons and piping. Plus I love the shape.

2. When it’s this cold I dread washing my hair because I can’t let it air dry- so I tend to go 3-4 days between shampoos and this Oribe Dry spray is the BEST for adding back some volume and texture to roots. Plus it makes hair nice and “grippy” for updos!

3. When I travel I always am looking for little bags or pouches to put my delicate jewelry in- this little pouch from Claire Vivier would be so perfect and the monogram makes it feel luxe (a great gift for friends too!)

4. This print pillow from CB2 is a steal and adds so much style- I’d love it on a bed with white and black linens!

5. I head to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic in February for a week of sun and I am going to pick up this bikini from Athleta for the trip.

6. I fell hard for this make-up bag for trips from C. Wonder!

7. I cannot stop staring at these Leoffler Randall shoes. I want them SO. BAD.

8. I am pretty much obsessed with everything at Club Monaco right now. This jacket in particular. It’s SO very good.

9. Add a little natural wood in a modern way to your wall with these rustic deep picture ledges.

10. Madeline Weinrib just released this new Mala rug from which they donate 100% of the proceeds to a great charity that helps build schools and end child labor in carpet weaving areas of India. Do good while making your home look good too.

11. Pottery Barn now has these horizontal striped panels in black, oops I mean NAVY, tan and aqua- awesome.

12. Oh. My. God. I just started watching Scandal and HOLY HELL I am obsessed. I cannot get enough. I watch like 4 or 5 episodes in a row on the weekends and am about to finish season 2. It’s making me want to buy lots of white clothes and satin pajama pants. You better believe there will be some Olivia Pope inspired Fashion Friday posts coming your way….

13. This media center is so gorgeous, especially in a smaller space.  It offers up so much storage and a streamlined, mid-century look.

14. Love these classic, feminine bow flats from Tory Burch. Also love the two tone version!

15. LOVE LOVE these earrings from Bauble Bar. Must add to my collection.



  1. I was literally JUST looking at the West Elm media center before I clicked on your blog. I wish the product description explicitly called out what size TV’s it will support. I’m dying for a white media center for our 60″ TV! Also, thanks for the heads up on the CB2 pillow – 2 are currently in my shopping cart! I’m hoping to add them to my bed :) Hopefully they compliment my chambray linen duvet cover!

  2. Scandal WAS my Christmas!! I took the week off from work, and it was me, my coffee mug, and Olivia Pope every morning!! It needs to hurry up and come back so I can get my Fitz on!!! Excited for the fashion posts! Stay warm -Jenn

  3. Oh my goodness Scandal is the best!! There is just one twist after the next and it is so addicting. And Olivia Pope’s clothes = to die for! Also, what a great bikini find from Athleta. I have to admit I was surprised it was from Athleta because I feel like their suits usually have a more athletic feel, but I love the print of the suit.

  4. I SO wanted the pottery barn drapes in black when they came out. Only….,they aren’t black. They are navy :/

  5. To Jayme’s point, I would love a post on your favorite media centers/TV solutions! The West Elm one doesn’t look like it would hold a TV over 40″ or so. If you don’t have architectural detail to use as a base (like a fireplace) what are you supposed to do? Staring at a big blank wall and would love advice.

  6. Oof, I hate the clickthrough. I know it adds pageviews, but gosh I hate it. I do love the things in this array, though! Agreed re: the Oribe spray!

  7. Maybe this is just me, and so you can feel free to disregard, but I really dislike the posts where I have to keep scrolling up and down to see the item and then read your thoughts. I love seeing the items, and I love your thoughts, and I wish I could see them both at the same time. Honestly (call me lazy) but I tend to give up before I get to the bottom.

  8. I just got back from spending a week at Casa de Campo! It is heavenly and the week felt way too short! Enjoy!

  9. That chair from West Elm is adorable and so versatile. Great find.
    And SCANDAL… OMG.. The best! I just started watching it too! I am not much of a series tv person but I AM HOOKED! I cannot believe it is not back on until February!
    Happy Friday.

  10. I bought a similar pair of curtains in gold/ivory stripe from Crate & Barrel. These are pretty too. Must order those shoes. Just started watching the first season of Revenge on Netflix. Madeleine Stowe. Very good.

  11. Casa de campo….oh how I miss it. Try and check out the Jenny Polanco jewelry boutique at the Marina, super cute things and pretty affordable. That bikini will be perfection!

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