What I’m Loving: New Stuff From Ballard Designs

I get so stupidly excited when new stuff comes out from vendors I use a lot for design projects. As of late, I have been giddy over all the new stuff coming out from Ballard Designs, a company I use a lot for budget friendly jobs.  Take a peek at some of my favorite new things- so good, right?

This table skirt blew my mind. Know why?

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Because it looks just like this one I’ve coveted forever from designer Tom Scheerer! Having this made would cost at least three times as much as they are charging.


More favorites- this tufted ottoman with tape trim (many options for the trim!) and this studded long x-bench for the end of the bed!

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DYING over the lacquered faux bamboo barstools.

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Gorgeous block print bedding (a few color and print options, but this grey is a fave) and adorable quilts with pom pom trim.

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Tape trim Parsons chairs? YES PLEASE. Trim options abound too.

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I love me a good tufted chair– these are both genius.  Ballard has a lot of fabric options for their upholstered goods but the really awesome thing about them is that you can send your own fabric too. I do this ALL the time for clients.

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Block print shower curtains and an AMAZING giclee that looks a lot like the works of a very pricey artist I love.

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Killer new wallpapers in this cool scenic toile that looks like a much more expensive brand and a wide charcoal stripe that is reminiscent of Tori Mellot’s old apartment from Domino!

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A couple gorgeous new mirrors

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A to die for chaise with nailhead detail and a flatweave rug that I’d love to use ASAP!

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This brass bar cart looks vintage and this dining room server is a great alternative to built ins! LOVE it.

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  1. Great post, Erin! I was just on Ballard’s website last night looking at the swivel gliders (particularly the Howard Tufted) for my family room. Have you ever ordered one of those? I hate to order something without sitting in it first! Thanks!

  2. Got my catalog in the mail yesterday and noticed many of the same items – big improvement for them! I remember you showing some studded barstools from them that you made for a client – they looked great! Have they held up well?

  3. Thank you for the reminder! I always forget about Ballard Designs – my mom put me on to them years go. They really do have stunning yet affordable pieces.

  4. I was thinking the same thing when I got their catalog a few weeks ago. I feel like I haven’t seen much new from them lately. This was the first time in a while where I was like YES. YES. YES.

  5. While I love BD, I love this post even more because you show us how the designers use the products…thank you!

  6. Hi Erin, Please tell me when home decor places will start selling longer shower curtains. I think it looks best when a shower curtain rod is up to the ceiling. Once the rings are added, a shower curtain 93in long is required. I have to make my own. It sure would be easier if I could just buy one.
    My personal opinion is 72in shower curtains are as bad as 84in window treatments.

  7. I just bought the white bamboo counter stools. Love them! I’m going to recover the cushions, just need to figure out what I want.

  8. I usually don’t comment, and I’m not trying to write a “review” in your comment section, but I just ordered four of the faux bamboo counter stools for my kitchen. I love all of your pics including these stools and Ballard in general for all of the same reasons, BUT, I’m not super happy with the stools. They are a cream color with a- dare I say- shabby-chic looking distressing to them and visible brush strokes/paint marks throughout. Not the crisp, white lacquered look I was hoping for at all! Again, sorry for the review-like comment, but I figured I would send it out there since I too was super excited about the new product, quickly ordered, and now am a little disappointed. Great selections though! :)

  9. I get their catalog and it’s a “two cupper.” Just ordered the “compass side table” for our cabin. I’ve used Ballard for years…sometimes you just need a quick change…I particularly like their giclee prints. franki

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