A Public Service Announcement

Dear Ladies of Planet Earth,

If your husband bugs you for months on end to please watch Suits on USA with him, you really shouldn’t blindly resist, tell him it’s a stupid boy show about lawyers and be a jerk about it like I was. You should listen to him. You wanna know why?

Exhibit A: Gabriel Macht a.k.a Harvey Specter.  GUH.


Exhibit B: Gabriel Macht a.k.a Harvey Specter in a variety of Tom Ford suits that are the best example on TV of how men should dress for biz-ness. Or anything. Because he’s perfect. A modern day Don Draper if you will. But slightly less douchey.


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Exhibit C: Donna and everything she says and every face she makes.


Seriously, it’s such a funny, awesome show.  The relationship and chemistry between Harvey and his underling Mike Ross is so great and the writing is smart. I am OBSESSED. Like, first two seasons of Scandal obsessed (unlike season three of Scandal which has totally jumped the shark for me). Watch it.  Revisit Exhibit A if you still have any doubts.


Erin Gates

P.S. Sorry Andrew, but really this whole schoolgirl crush  is all your fault.

P.P.S. (also to Andrew) I am pretty sure your crush on Harvey runs deeper than even mine.

P.P.S.S. Gabriel Macht would have been the best Batman. I love ya Ben Affleck, but no.

Ok I’ll stop now.

And for those who, like me, like to chase a gluttonous TV show binge with something a bit more, ah, cerebral, in an attempt to feel less gross about yourself, I highly recommend Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier.  I know from the amazing responses my post about anxiety received that a lot of you struggle with it too, and this is such a funny, witty, interesting story about one TV anchors journey of self-awareness and acceptance via meditation.  It’s an easy, great read that has some very interesting theories.




  1. Oh my gosh, yes! My husband LOVES it and the first season I was like, nah… guy show… so he watched without me. Now I never miss!

  2. I always just chalked up my anxiety as a genetic personality trait handed down to me generation by generation, kind of like my great- grandmother’s china. Soo looking forward to reading this book, maybe it will help me stop the cycle! Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. I am ob-sessed! I watch it on Amazon instant video so I can watch back-to-back-to back episodes and I’m up until 1am every night. Did you know his (real life) wife was in several episodes in season 2? She played the leggy Australian woman who helped select the mock jury for Harvey’s trial. Anyway, so happy to know I’m not the only one who LOVES this show.

  4. Dan Harris did a segment to introduce that book and he showed footage of an on-air panic attack and I immediately related. I can’t wait to read the book. Um, and I think that winky GIF of Harvey Specter might ease my anxieties, too ;)

  5. I agree with you on Suits. My husband introduced me to it last year during our baby moon and let’s just say our two week old’s name ended up being Harvey :)

  6. I watch Suits with my husband and we LOVE it! All of the characters are soooo good and after 3 seasons my absolute favorite is Louis Litt =)

  7. Suits is one of the few shows my husband and I both love! We try and let our recorded shows stock up in our DVR so we can have Suits binge fests! Addicted!

  8. He is a fine, fine specimen, and Queen Donna runs the world! LOVE that show. Thanks for the book rec too… anxiety is a struggle for me (and family) so I’ll have to snag that book!

  9. While I haven’t watched Suits, I was the exact same way with my husband and Sons of Anarchy. I was all like “that’s a stupid motorcycle show” and then I said “oh hello there Charlie Hunnam…where have YOU been?!?!?” It was and is my obsessive schoolgirl crush…so I get it!

  10. Ha! I went to Hebrew School with Dan Harris. I’m curious about the book – will have to check it out. I’ve never watched Suits, but I am obsessed with Scandal… Perfectly distracting.

  11. funny post! i’m always on the lookout for new show recommendations and will definitely give this one a try. i agree about scandal- i stopped watching in the middle of season 3…



  12. love suits. hope it doesn’t jump the shark this season…..agree about scandal. It got bad when they stopped solving weekly cases and Olivia became more of a shrieking wife to the president then his actual shrieking wife. Besides the fact that only an idiot would turn down that hot Senator and SUPER hot Jake to be with such a hot mess as that President. Should have wrapped that story up in Vermont and called it a day…..:)

    But Suits? Awesome. And Jessica? Powerful, unapologetic, strong black female lead who outsmarts white dudes at every turn? Awesomeness in itself.

  13. My husband and I made a deal a few years ago. I would watch Suits with him if he would watch Downton Abbey with me. WE BOTH fell in love with each others shows, and can’t wait for the new seasons to begin! Not to mention everyone’s clothes on Suits is worth watching it for!

  14. Love, love, love suits!! You have to watch White Collar next–Matt Bomer is very dreamy and the rest of the cast is awesome. *White Collar, like Suits, is also on USA network which has some really great shows…

  15. Not related to this awesome post – LOVE Suits!! – have you seen West Elm’s new spring items? Loving their rugs and patio furniture – what do you think?

    Thanks for such an enjoyable blog!
    – Maggie

  16. TOTALLY AGREE about Harvey. OMG hottest guy on TV right now. Totally blow Don Draper out of the water for me. (Adultery is just such a huge turn off)

    i was so mad at my husband when he deleted that wink episode from our DVR. Otherwise that would be on loop constantly!!!!!

    Depending on how far into the show you are, there are fleeting glimpses into Rachel’s apartment and it looks AWESOME. They don’t show nearly enough of it, but i have a feeling you’ll be a fan.

  17. And everyone thought I was crazy for wanting him to be Christian Grey…. I have never seen a man look so good in a suit!

  18. Trying to remember why he looked so familiar…He was Mandy Moore’s love in the movie Because I Said So with Diane Keaton. Ok…I can go back to work now that I have figured that out. That is all. Another show for Kirk to get addicted to!!

  19. Ok, totally agree about Harvey. Love. But is it just me or does anyone wish he would remove the distracting moles on his face?

    Louis makes me laugh. Love his character.

  20. Well I could have told you Suits was great. Dragged my husband into watching it. Everyone is so well-dressed, but I LOVE Jessica’s suits. My hubs and I like imitating Louis.

  21. Donna. DONNA. Donna is the best! I mean… girl’s got moxie like nobody’s business. We’ve been watching Suits since it first came on and it absolutely fuels my love of a man in a fine suit! Hello, handsome! Love those gifs! xoxo

  22. Recently got into Suits (marathoned it over the week when I injured my leg) and I am so torn now about who I need to be in-real-life friends with more DONNA vs. JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Ugh first-world-TV problems.

    Also for something cerebral, I am chasing my injury-induced TV binge with reading Unbroken. Awesome inspirational story as well.

  23. OMG Erin! I can’t believe you initially wasn’t into Suits. I love that show. Another guy show I love and have now gotten my hubby hooked to is House of Lies on Showtime. Such a male show but love it.

  24. Thanks for the recommendations! I have the 10% Happier sample on my Kindle now and I was debating what book to start. Just finished The Invention of Wings which I loved!

  25. Erin,
    If you like this show, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE White Collar!!!!! It comes on the USA network. I resisted watching it with my husband, then my 2 daughters got hooked (ages 12 and 16). So I gave in over Christmas break, and watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and then ordered the DVDs. Finally, season 5 came out and I ordered it too. Matt Bomer (plays Neal Caffrey, a con artist) is just beautiful (and so are his suits). Season 6 will start this fall or winter. You will will love the characters, stories, New York architecuture, etc. etc. Go watch it! You will thank me!

  26. My husband and I have been watching since day one. Great show.. and he’s not bad to look at ;) Also love the way they dress Gina Torres aka Jessica.

  27. Get LIT up!!! Such a good show! I’m the one who’s trying to get MY husband on board. I initially thought Gabriel looked like a cleaner Johnny Depp. Maybe his brother? Great tailoring and sharp writing. Easy to watch a few episodes in one sitting ;)

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  29. Watching the first episode now (no worries, it’s on pause). One word: hooked. The suit alone is worth watching the show. Gah!

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