Getting Some Sun

Those of us born and bred in New England are typically a hardy breed of people who treat bitching about the weather as our national pastime. I typically hate winter, but deal with it in exchange for our gorgeous falls and summers.  I always end up uttering the “why do I live here” phrase in February/ March but after this brutal, brutal winter I am really pondering that.  We spent five days out in Scottsdale, AZ last week and while sitting at the pool in the dry 80 degree sun I looked at Andrew and said “Maybe we SHOULD move…”  He got all excited because he would move somewhere south or west in a heartbeat as he is FROM the south- but I am a stubborn New Englander and likely would never relocate no matter how much I talk about it.

But man, was it nice to be in the sun.  We stayed at Sanctuary on Camelback and had such a wonderful stay. The grounds are gorgeous, the spa amazing and the food truly fabulous. The rooms need refreshing for sure (I’m available), but what made up for that one little “miss” was the absolutely best staff and service- truly it was Four Seasons level service (maybe even better). We were amazed. Here’s a little peek into our trip via my Instagram.




The beautiful landscaping.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 6.29.09 PM

The smell of orange blossoms is what heaven must smell like.


We went to the Desert Botanical Garden and LOVED it.


Are these not insane??? They looked fake.  I love me some succulents and desert plants.


More pool. Of course.


Views from the lovely outdoor bar.


More lovely landscaping.

photo 2-29

Great succulent planters.

photo 1-31

Path to our room. These trees are dreamy.

photo 5-4

Walking back from the spa.

photo 4-7

Can I go back??



  1. I’m so happy to see you toes up by the pool in the sunshine. Glad you got the chance to soak up a little Vitamin D before returning home. But no matter how wonderful it is now, Scottsdale can redefine “Hell” come July and August…

  2. So jealous! Those photos are a nice respite from the snow that I can STILL see out the window here in PA. Glad you were finally able to get away!

  3. A little over a year ago, I made the jump from Boston’s North Shore to Scottsdale and never looked back. It is a very easy transition with every winter day in the 70s and only rains a couple times a year. The other side of the coin is the summer. Patricia is correct… Think of the worst 3 day heat wave in Boston you remember, now add 10 degrees and stretch it out over 3 months.

  4. I want to go to there. I was honestly liking winter. I know. (And I live in Vermont.) We have a wood-burning fireplace, cozy sweaters, warm and hearty foods, thick Alpaca blankets, down jackets, and shearling mittens. And we still have all of that. But as of this week, I’m done. I want to go to there.

  5. Grew up in Scottsdale. Every February I wonder why I am here. Very hot in the summer, but when you are with family not bad at all.

  6. Was just there too and makes me wonder why I live in the northeast?
    Did you see the great glass sculptures at the botanical garden – even better at sunset! Hope you had a chance to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Talisen West – definitely worth it so if not go next time!

  7. Hi Erin – my husband and I are born-and-bred Bostonians and we left the charm of the South End for the wild west. We are currently in New Mexico for his job, and it was fun at first with all the sunshine (seriously, so. much. sunshine.) and nice weather but to be honest, we miss the sarcasm and witty nature of East Coasters. I think too much sunshine makes people…weird. I’m glad we’re on this adventure but I will be happy to return “home”, if we can get there!! I’ve been writing a bit about our life out here –

  8. I live in Seattle – and every February/March my husband and I take a nice vacation somewhere sunny to escape the dreary Pacific Northwest winters. Like you Erin, it is a trade off. Gorgeous, lush springs, perfect 78 degree summers with no humidity (and way up here it stays light out after 10pm making the summer even more fun!)and beautiful falls, but man, its a slog November – March. Overcast, drizzle, damp cold that no amount of North Face gear can protect against. No snow and rarely below 40 degrees so I guess I can’t complain on that front but getting out is necessary for mental health. Palm Springs when I retire!

  9. I am a stubborn New Jersey person and although I am saying the same thing as you every Jan/Feb/March, I will then turn my whole attitude around every May thru October! So nice that you got to enjoy Scottsdale though. I’ve been there a few times and it’s a nice break! Just remember what their summers are like though! If it makes you feel any better, we turn our clocks ahead this weekend! That is a sure sign of spring!

  10. Erin – I live in Scottsdale and want to just say that I love living here. Summers are rather insane (110+, whoa) but its a “dry heat” so its more manageable (in my opinion) to any type of humidity. Camelback Inn is also a gorgeous resort on Camelback mountain, hopefully you got some hiking in!

  11. Beautiful pictures! If you want to move, forget AZ, California has perfect year round weather! :)

  12. I say try a move your website will allow you to still be crazy busy with work…..I cant believe people live on the East coast because of the winter-but I am from the south-I say why not-but Im also the one that says cut your hair-it will grow back:)

  13. I am originally from Arizona and now live in the Boston area. The winters are so hard on me. We go back every Christmas and stay for 2 weeks minimum. Longing to go back soon:)

  14. I feel your pain. Three weeks in Lauderdale (FL) and back…to this…and more of this…two months “leave of w*i*n*t*e*r” is ON MY BUCKET LIST!!! franki

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