Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2014

The Oscars last night were funny and somewhat poignant but WAAAAAAAY too long. We don’t need a montage of “movie heroes” when this thing is running three and a half hours long! C’mon! But there was some good fashion, and actually a real drought of bad fashion! I thought most people looked lovely! Leaves me with less snark, but I still can review, right?

Tied for best dressed has to be Cate Blanchett and Lupita N’yongo (both winners) who looked so gorgeous. Cate is just a freakin’ MOVIE STAR. Look at her! That dress is perfection are the earrings, the hair and makeup. Lupita’s “Nairobi blue” Prada gown was the very best color on the carpet and the cut was magnificent on her. I didn’t love the headband, but I didn’t hate it either.


These two killed it too- Charlize looked incredible and this dress fit beyond perfect. And Sandra picked the ideal color and silhouette for her. Loved her smokey eye too.

158_2696_350 158_2714_350

THESE TWO. Are you serious? Can they be any hotter? Olivia does pregnancy well, y’all. This 70’s inspired look on her was just amazing, I loved it. And his dark blue tux was the best men’s look of the night, hands down! When did Jason Sudekis become such a stone cold fox?

I thought Julia Roberts looked LUMINOUS- her hair and makeup was simply awesome and I actually loved this dress on her. I’m not crazy about the peplum, but I LOVED the neckline and lace detail!  Karen O’s dress ( I had no idea who she was…) was elegant and retro and super old school Hollywood. Love.

158_2703_350 rs_634x1024-140302162315-634.karen-o-oscars-030214

Two young starlets with pixies both looking good- Anne Hathaway’s dress was a bit edgey and I like it on her a lot. Jennifer Lawrence looks great in red (I think I predicted she’d wear red) I just wish those little hip peplums were ripped off. Nothing wrong with simple.


But is this not the best?


I adore Kelly Ripa’s coral dress (minus the square shoulders) and I quite liked Portia’s detailed Naeem Khan.

article-0-1BF9EAC100000578-840_306x905 rs_634x1024-140302153543-634.Portia-de-Rossi-Oscars-jmd-030214

I actually was not big on Amy Adams’ dress- Sandra wins for navy and this kinda fell flat for me. It’s missing something and I wasn’t loving the hair.  Her hair is so amazing she should wear it down! And again, I’m not big on those 80’s kind of fold details. Love the shade of blue though.  I thought Glenn Close looked awesome (and made up for a missing Helen Mirren) but I wish she had worn a big statement necklace with this great dress! rs_634x1024-140302162135-634.glenn-close-oscars-030214

I have one red carpet pet peeve and it’s when pale brunettes wear champagne. Both Jennifer and Jessica look SO DAMN GOOD in bold color it bums me out when they wear this washed out shade!!!! Obviously they look lovely, but not as great as they could in something a little bolder.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals rs_634x1024-140302162943-634.Jessica-Biel-Oscars-jmd-020314

Edit: I FORGOT KATE HUDSON!!!! She looked every inch movie starlet (I liked this even better without the cape. I have a real thing against shoulder pads. Must be because I’m a child of the 80’s. She always has the BEST makeup too!


I am SO happy Matthew won, he was a revelation in Dallas Buyers Club (and is also on True Detective).  While I think Leo really, really deserves an Oscar, it was Matt’s year to win. I loved his look too, even though I’m not a big white jacket fan.  Wasn’t loving the half cape on his wife though, if her dress had been without it I think it would have been awesome.


Did anyone else do a double take with these two? Naomi and Callista both wore cap sleeve sparkly white dresses. Both simple and pretty, but kind of a red carpet “oops”.


Ahhh, the golden couple. Looking….. golden. Angie’s dress was good in concept but bad in execution. The fit feels wrong to me. And I can;t deal with Brad’s current haircut. GAH.

I think I will be in a minority when I say I did not love Kerry Wahsington’s look- the dress was a little too wrinkly and I’m not adoring the dark lip. I like the color of the dress but something feels off here for me too. And I LOVE Jared Leto and I’m so happy he won but the red bow tie mad me sad. A shiny red satin bowtie with a white jacket is not my jam. But he does have the most perfect ombre hair.

rs_634x1024-140302162631-634.Kerry-Washington-Oscars.jl.030214 rs_634x1024-140302161714-634.Jared-leto-Oscars.jl.030214

So here are my two least favorite- Anna Kendrick’s dress would have been so much better minus that red beaded sheer panel! Ick. Her Vanity Fair party dress was SO MUCH BETTER! But we all know that the worst dressed HAD to go to Liza Minnelli. OMG, someone please get her a bra. Please. And the blue streak and the crazy plastic surgery. Ummmm, no.


Your thoughts?


  1. I totally agree with you on Kerry Washington! Wrinkled formal wear is a huge pet peeve of mine. That thing should’ve been hit with the steamer before stepping onto the red carpet. It also looks a little wet on the bottom or something. Love your reviews!

  2. I too loved most of the dresses. I thought Calista Flockhart looked really beautiful. Most people seemed to be missing a necklace – especially Amy Adams and Kerry Washington – also I did hope I would like Kerry’s dress but it looks like it has twisted to the side. She needed her gladiators to come in and sort it out. Was hoping you would show Chris Hemsworth’s wife and her baby bump – was wondering what you thought…

  3. I agree w/your take on K.Washington. I loved the color but the dress looks like a bed sheet fastened with a jeweled clip. We know from past years and other expecting mama-stars that have been on the red carpet – think Heidi K and Catherine Zeta Jones – that maternity fashion and glam can be simultaneously accomplished. I don’t understand why designers/stylists cover the bump up instead of playing it up.

  4. I too was confused with Naomi and Calista wearing similar dresses. I actually had to double check the photos to see that they weren’t the same one. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed.

    Love Jason and Olivia. Holy moley… smoking.

    Lupita (obv), Charlize, Sandra, all wonderful. Cate’s reminded me too much of the figure skating costumes with the nude illusion, but it does look nice on her.

    Kerry’s dress being wrinkled and wet (due to the weather) was unfortunate but forgivable.

  5. I so agree with you on many of these. Amy Adams looked overly severe to me too, and I wish she’d done something more fun (I loved her Golden Globes dress). And Kendrick was bad. I didn’t like Angelina either. Would really have liked Naomi Watts sans necklace. And while Kerry’s dress did look wrinkly, I loved her hair!

  6. I wasn’t a big fan of The Jolie’s dress – seemed…matronly almost. And speaking of matronly – Camila Alves. That dress screamed Mother of the Bride. She’s Brazilian, for God’s sake. And goes home to Him. Just sayin’.

  7. Nobody’s talking about Lupita’s earrings which I thought were gorgeous and like nothing I’d ever seen before.

  8. I agree with most of these, but did you miss Kate Hudson? She knocked it out with just the right Hollywood glam for the oscars. Her hair was perfect swept to the side. I would give her best dressed with Lupita in second

  9. I agree with you and Alison (above). Angelina is so thin, and that dress somehow made her look top heavy – no easy feat. I also expected more sex appeal from Camila Alves. She was too covered up, and it didn’t even look comfortable.

  10. We need to mention Sally Field. She looked beautiful while presenting! So classy, gorgeous beadwork, and simple hair and make-up. She looked AMAZING last year and again this year. She may not be in the spotlight these days but she could teach us a thing or two about style!

    Also, Margot Robbie…..Booo. From the Golden Globes to this, no thank you.

  11. Great wrap up! I agree on Liza being the worst dressed. I soooo did not appreciate seeing her areolas!

  12. Since you mentioned it, I’ll use your blog as my forum…
    It makes me so sad that these actresses cannot age gracefully.
    At a certain point, you can’t even look at them comfortably, what with all of the plastic surgery they subject themselves to.

    Of course, men are not immune. However, they can get away with more wrinkles and gray hair, and still get work.

    There is something seriously wrong with a society that does not embrace the way we ALL will look one day, God willing…
    We all want to be the best we can be, but that should not require such drastic steps.

  13. Agree with Sara – Sally Field was superb! Didn’t like Kerry’s look either. She just can’t seem to get it right to me at the awards shows.

  14. LOVE your award show recaps! best dressed: lupita, j lawrence (despit the “mom” hair), sandra bullock). and omg jason + oliva = one hot couple! totally agree with you re: the misses… esp angelina joile. that dress made her look really old. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  15. Agree on the comment about Sally Field! Best age appropriate look of the night, IMO. Also loved Pink in the red sparkles for the Wizard of Oz tribute. FWIW, I was thinking Jared Leto wore the red bow tie for AIDS awareness…but, I think I would have liked a red bow on the lapel better with a black bow tie. I was surprised that no one commented in the media about Angelina in that dress following her double mastectomy and reconstruction. I hope women who have had similar procedures look at her in that dress and think, “oh yes I can!” She definitely looked top heavy, but she wasn’t afraid to show off the goods, and I think that is admirable in a way.

  16. With ya. Everyone mostly looked amazing. Cate and Lupita WIN all the tings.

    Only minor difference points: I thought Sandra’s look was kind of boring? Not at all bad but the silhouette and styling have been done so many times. And I saw Jessica Biel’s interview with Ryan Seacrest and that dress is seriously beautiful up close. Lovely pastel, sequined details. But in flash photos you can’t properly appreciate it and true, she does look washed out.

    LOVE your post-award show fashion recaps! This is always my first stop on “the day after!”

  17. As I didn’t watch the show last night, I really liked your recap. Loved, loved, loved Cate Blanchett’s look. But eeks…I never would have recognized Liza M. Thanks so much for your post!

  18. You were dead on with Angelia’s ill-fitted sparkler. Everyone one the fashion panels went drooley Gaga for it, but you know they were thinking FAIL! she looked 30lbs heavier than she is. Very matronly grandmother. I think when Helen Mirren decided not to show Angie birrowed her dress-not looking half as good as lady helen woukd have..

  19. great assessment as always! not much to criticize ( madame jolie)– what about sally hawkins? awful dress,………


    Someone pointed out last night that Jared Leto’s red bow tie was likely a nod to the AIDS ribbon.

    Just sayin…

  21. The problem with Angelina is her boob job. It’s terrible. She had a mastectomy for perfectly good reasons and then went and got huge, disproportionate implants… weird. I wish there would have been more bright colors! I loved Jennifer Garner, Lupita, and Sandra Bullock.

  22. Amy Adams was a complete bore and the hair was awful. I loved Kerri’s look though! Olivia Wilde was gorgeous as well. I loved the bumps!

  23. I agree with you on everything except the peblum and the cape, it’s something different and adds a little flair, although you are right the dresses would look great without as well! Lupita’s headband and earrings remind me of Cinderella, but I love the dress. And Liza looks like an old washed out meth head in cheap shiny fabric sewed together (oops).

  24. You are always dead on with your recap! The minute I saw Cate Blanchett I knew she needed to win, because she looked like the winner in that gorgeous dress. Angelina Jolie did look heavy which always seems to be the effect of overly large implants. Lupita and Kate Hudson – stunning. I wasn’t loving Sandra Bullock’s dress with all that fabric just hanging there.. and did anyone else think she seemed upset/sullen throughout the evening? Liza and Kim Novak.. sad.

  25. Angie’s dress would have been a home run if her dress had lost the gathered waist. Had it been a more simple silhouette she would have KILLED IT. Such a bummer for me. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t wowed by anyone on the carpet. I was so disappointed by J.Law too. I know she’s a Dior slave, but it was so boring to me and she’s already done the back necklace. Snooze.

  26. The winner for me is Sandra’s Alexander Mcqueen gown.
    I think the pale gowns generally need a brighter lip to not look washed out!

    The Arts by Karena

  27. Liza didnt have plastic surgery….it is injectables….like meg ryan you inject and it makes things odd-listen Im first in line for so botox and some restalyne dont get me wrong but holy cow-less is more, less is more….well no botox I say freeze it up but injectables so bad-Liza face didnt take it equally-it is pulling bless her heart…..once over 35 you ll get it:)

  28. I always look forward to your review on the Awards! I loved Sandra Bullocks dress but thought Julie Roberts dress looked like “widows weeds”. I get what people are saying about Angelina’s chest (not that it’s any of our business) but she looks like she’s going to fall over as her chest is too large for her slight frame. Thanks for another great red carpet recap. Until next year…

  29. I loved Lady Gaga wearing Versace. It was an art deco number that looked like a work of art because the design fit her petite but curvy body perfectly. She really looked sophisticated and lovely. I loved it. I liked Camila Alves half cape design, sexy. I am not a fan of these gowns that cut down the front almost to the waist.

  30. Hmmmm….guess I’m a peplum and a cape fan…on those bods…WOW! Even Goldie Hawn wore an “Oscar” gown. I agree the fashions this time around were really dazzling! franki

  31. I loved alot of the dresses worn in the oscars especially the dress worn by Sandra Bullok. I think that Katie looked beautiful except her dress and some of the dresses worn by the celebrities were very revealing especially when younger children were watching.

  32. I totally agree with you on all the dresses, except I really liked Naomi’s and Callista’s white sparkly dresses! I didn’t like anybody’s hair (wow, that sounds so negative) except for Callista’s, Julia’s, Matthew’s wife, and Glenn’s! Brad needs to go back to being a short-haired blonde, Matthew’s hair looks better left natural and wavy, Jessica needs to lighten the top half of her hair, Amy Adams needed to wear her hair down (and the color looked a little off). And I was hoping Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence were growing their hair out!

  33. Erin,
    My Mom asked “did you watch the Oscars?, no, but I’ll see the dresses on my EOS.” Mom, “What?” My Blog gal she does a recap of the dresses the only reason to watch the Oscars.” Love your recap. Now don’t you usually dress the worst in what you would have chosen for them? :)

  34. Appreciate any excellent write-up. The spot different could any one wardrobe kind of facts in this particular best way of crafting? I’ve a speech next 1 week, that i’m about the find similarly info.

  35. I’m not a big fan of white jackets either, especially at the special event like the Oscars. But I really liked Matthew McConaughey’s choice of clothing. And what surprised me even more was Jared Leto’s white jacket. To me, it’s like they called each other before the big night “Hey Jared, what are you going to wear tonight?” :)
    Unlike you, I really like the red bow on Leto :) And I agree he has the perfect ombre, every woman would like to have hair like Jared. Even me.
    And when it comes to the ladies, I really liked Sandra Bullock’s outfit. It’s simple, beautiful, and it suits her :)

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