Color Theory: Coral Peony

I spent the weekend working on sprucing up my yard and thinking about what kind of flowers I want out in my beds this year. I’m thinking lots and lots of pink. Specifically coral, as it is my favorite color for flowers, with coral peonies being the ultimate choice for me.  Aren’t they just the most majestic thing ever??? I doubt I can actually grown them, but a girl can dream.
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I just love, love love the color coral. My wedding colors were coral and chocolate in fact! My bridesmaids wore a pretty shade of it in silk shangtung and their bouquets were an amazing combination or corally pink french tulips, chocolate cosmos and fiddleheads. They were just awesome. My bouquet was a little more subdued with blush peonies, roses and dahlias.


Coral is a color that makes me happy, especially when combined with neutrals (linen, jute, wood) for interiors.  And in fashion, coral just makes me light up, I feel so drawn to it.  So here are some favorite coral items- with a little neutral mixed in for good measure… HAPPY SPRING!


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  1. Of course you can grow them(peonies)–just buy good bulbs. I have had mine for years and thought they needed special care but they don’t…only problem is they last less than a week and you won’t be able to pick them because they are so beautiful.

  2. Erin, I agree with Lola. Of course you can grow them – just don’t plant too deep. They do only last a week but it is fun watching them shoot up and then slowly open. Cannot wait to see what else you plant in your garden. You can get coral tulips which could look lovely next spring.

  3. Bury the tubers in a sunny area and they grow and spread. I think they are right up there in easiness to grow/low maintenance with day lilies and hostas. They sometimes need support rings (like tomatoes) or they will flop over after the first rainfall. Ants love the flowers too though.

  4. So easy to grow, plant in sun. Coral Supreme is what is pictured above. Buy plants at nursery in Spring or better buy tubers mail order now and plant in fall. Check out coral David Austin roses too.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of coral in stores this spring so bought two coral t shirts just to add that color pop to my basics.
    I’ve grown peonies for decades (they love to have crowded roots so DON’T transplant them). If you get big bushes and no flowers, they’re too deep (the roots). Scrape back some soil. Otherwise, ignore them till they bloom. And let the plants yellow and store energy for next year. They’re really quite easy once they’re shallow enough and in a good spot. Good luck!

  6. You can absolutely grow them, just as the other commenters have said. Buy three, then you won’t hesitate to bring some inside after shaking the little ants off.

  7. Adore peonies! I have many touches of coral in my home and two weeks ago purchased the crosshatch perfect shirt in neon rose. What shall we purchase next?

  8. We bought the roots at Weston Nursery when we first moved to our house 20+ years ago. Peony roots need to be planted in the fall in a sunny location and fertilized every fall. They thrive with little care in between.

  9. Erin – peonies do have a short bloom time, but if you cut them when they are in soft bud, and seal them in a plastic bag (or just a white garbage bag, closed off with rubber bands) they will keep in the refrigerator for weeks. Also, although peonies are carefree, assuming they have enough sun, make sure you plant something in front of them that will bloom by the end of July,(maybe coral dahlias or zinnias?) because the leaves do get ratty looking by mid- to late summer.

  10. Loving coral right now! We just planted coral peony poppies. They are the most gorgeous shade. Not sure if they grow in your zone but it’s worth a look. They’re amazing.

  11. Peonies and hydragneas are my favorite. My wedding bouquet was all-peony (ivory) and my flower girls carried pails of pale green hydrangeas. In my gardens at my house I have the flowers that were in our wedding (although not necessarily the same shades – my wedding flowers were white, ivory, and green and I wanted a bit more color for the house) as well as flowers that remind me of my mom and my husband’s dad (both of whom have passed on). While I have quite a bit of pink and added some orange last year, maybe I should meet in the middle and add coral this year. Good luck with your garden!

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  13. Plant as many tubers as you can in full sun. I have an entire peony garden hedged with small boxwood and set off with iris and delphinium. When they bloom its an entire wall of grogeousness and perfumed air. The tubers take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to mature to produce big, leafy plants with poofy, showy blooms. Ants are needed on the buds as they eat an enzime from the plant and that allows the bud to open and bloom. Once the bloom is gone you’ll have a lovely dark green bush for the remainder of the season. Worth it in every way.

  14. Oh, you will love seeing peonies “come to life” in the spring!! We transplanted peonies from my grandparents farm … the “peony parents” are over one hundred years old. They are the “old fashioned” white with red. The coral would be fabulous! franki

  15. everyone is right, peonies are easy to grow. there are varieties that bloom early, mid-season and late. Plant some of each and you’ll have peonies for many, many weeks.

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