Fashion Friday: Inspired by the Beach

No place makes me happier than the beach. I spent last weekend sitting on the porch at my parent’s new shore house and it reminded me that when life gets a little crazy, a couple hours by the ocean is the best remedy.  And is there anything more heart-warming and charming than beach cottages?  I could drive around shore towns all day looking at salt-swept shingle style homes (and is the reason Coastal Living is such a visual feast for me).  Being a New Englander born and bred, I will forever have a love for nautically inspired summer style. So why not combine the two?  I saw this beachy front door and thought “I want to wear that!”…. so….

The Space- the front door of the author of Grace Happens:

The Outfit:


1. (25% off today!) // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

As an alternative to a heavier denim jacket, this new chambray blazer from Two Penny Blue (of which I’m a part of) is a darling, preppy alternative! The best part? The monogram underneath the collar on the back! And don’t forget, for every jacket bought on the site a school uniform is donated to a girl in need in Africa (click here to read more)– it’s an awesome way to give back a little.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 8.07.59 AM



  1. Hey Erin, I’m a big fan of your Fashion Fridays, and your lifestyle recommendations in general, but the internets’ rumorsville puts a lot out there about bloggers earnings from click-throughs. Would you mind clarifying the Rstyle, Amazon, other affiliate links? I think it would help aid in the transparency of this issue.
    Thanks so much,

  2. The monogram is such a clever, extra preppy touch! It’s so awesome that a uniform is donated with every purchase. Eat that, haters who complain about prices ;)

  3. Alison,
    Yes, any and all bloggers that filter links through RewardStyle earn a commission on items sold. I cannot speak for any other bloggers but myself, but I personally only link to items I would have posted regardless off commission. I also only accept sponsors (who are clearly delineated as such) that I truly love and would post about anyways as well. That’s how I am able to continue this blog AND feel good about what I do. I don’t sell or support anything that I do not believe in 100%. I say no to more sponsor offers than I say yes, that’s for sure. And in order to keep this blog running it has to make money or else I would have to stop. I spend about 20-25 hours a week working on this blog in addition to the 30-40 hours I spend on my day job of designing.

    Affiliate links are similar to product placement in all our favorite magazines- when they recommend a mascara in an editorial there is a very good chance there are ad dollars behind it and it’s not notated as such. But people don’t get mad about that. But some are, however, getting mad about bloggers making money when their readers buy things they recommend. I don’t understand that.

    And as a side note, I am feeling like you’re referencing Get Off My Internets (the second mention this week in comments) and I have to warn you to please take what those posters say with a grain of salt. I have read what they have said about me and most of their assumptions about me are 100% wrong and quite hurtful. It’s an incredibly negative space that truly is harmful. So many bloggers put in so much time and care to produce content that so many people enjoy- please remember that. I hope that clears it up?

  4. Erin, I wanted to tell you that your blog has been on FIRE this week! I have enjoyed every post so much – especially the laundry room porn and this awesome outfit inspiration post today, but really every day has been a knock out. Just wanted to give you props for your dedication, talent, and good taste.

  5. Erin, I couldn’t agree with you more about that Get Off My Internets site. I call it the “mean girls” site because the comments are so personal and vindictive.

    Cream always rises to the top, as you have demonstrated yourself. The GOMI crowd can continue to wallow in the gutter.

  6. That’s Grace’s front door! If you haven’t read her blog, Grace Happens, or follow her on instagram, you really should. Such a lovely woman with great style and a kind heart, much like yourself :)

  7. Erin,
    Thank you for clarifying. Several bloggers I read have mentioned the “mean girl” site over the last few weeks/months, so it’s only natural to see what all the fuss is about. I guess there’s always going to be that segment of the population…

    To your reference comparing bloggers to magazine editors – I think the argument could be made that we as your readers feel a personal connection to you that perhaps we don’t have to a random magazine editor. The reason you’re able to have VIP status in the RewardStyle ranks is because people like me trust your taste, and click through the link – often times to purchase. That’s not something I necessarily do from an impersonal magazine.

    I can’t speak for all your readers, or even for naysayers on GOMI, but for me, it’s not that I resent or misunderstand your need to earn a living off the work you do for the blog, I’d just kind of consider it a friendly/courtesy gesture for you to give us a heads-up about how it all works. You know, get ahead of the message, before the false stuff runs amok.

    I’m a looooong-time reader, and I will continue to be, but I sense there’s a backlash brewing because of the growing trend of great blogs being driven by revenue-producing posts. I guess in all things, there is change.
    Please know I come from a sincere and non-confrontational place.


  8. Allison- I know you are a long time reader and I appreciate that so much about you. And I know you are not being confrontational- this is just a hot button issue on both ends of the spectrum. I think the backlash makes us bloggers feel under-valued and attacked and it makes some readers feel like we’re trying to sneak something by them. Again, I can only speak for myself when I say that I do my very very best to keep the content and tone of this blog the same as when I was making zero money from it for this reason alone (and RewardStyle links allow for that!). And when I do sponsored posts, I put it right in the title so everyone knows. Perhaps I’ll do a post about it just to clear the air and educate people, but I also feel a little like for those who have an issue with it, they have the option of not clicking and there’s no need to call people names and be mean about it (not you, the whole GOMI thing…)

  9. Erin, I appreciate the time you have taken to explain this, and as someone who frequently purchases things you recommend (my gates satchel shipped today , hurrah!) I am happy that you benefit from my purchase, since I consider you a supplement to my personal shopper, I value your impeccable taste, and am happy to pay you (albeit indirectly) for your time.

  10. I love your blog. Please waste NO energy or time worrying about the naysayers on GOMI. Sadly they are a tribe that don’t have the talent to create. They hide behind anonymous screens to vent their frustration. Nobody with a fulfilled life would waste time spewing out such negativity. I think that many a psychology PhD will be written about the phenomena of this faceless cruelty in the future . You provide a little shot of enjoyment to my day . Please take my advice and ignore those ghastly sites .

  11. Erin, I stopped in Blue Mercury last week to check out the Laura Mercier concealer that you raved about last week. Your assessment was spot on -it’s amazing!

    I told the rep and sales girl about your blog, hinting that you should get a gift for the referral. I actually feel badly when I purchase recommended products that aren’t through a direct link. Hopefully, you have a couple new readers, at a minimum.

    Anyways, I really appreciate all of your time and dedication that you put into this blog. xo!

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  13. Erin-
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I love that you benefit from my purchases because you always seem to know what I need.
    Some days I look in my closet or around my home and I see the things I bought as a result of you posting them. I did work in the magazine business and what you said is so true. The “best of” or recommended products are often a nod to an advertiser
    So the brand understands that edit is supportive. How many times I would present to a clients their editorial credits or hear we were not featuring then enough.

    Thank you for you time on this blog! It’s a daily, first thing in the morning read for me and often times I go back and search for items, like I did yesterday when I was liking at the etsy artists or ordering from the merry window.

  14. Just to make things easier I have added a disclaimer in the About page on the blog. Once the site is redesigned there will be a clear place for it too.

  15. I love your blog and I appreciate the fact that you take time to cull the vast world of the internet to find items – both fashion and design that are in good taste. Several times i’ve ordered directly from your links (that blue tuxedo J. Crew shirt has quickly become my go to work staple!) and i’m happy that your hard work in searching out items is rewarded.
    Your explanation and disclaimer is enough for me – don’t listen to the internet trolls – they are just jealous of your good taste. BTW, I LOVE the blue CR Laine chairs – they are fabulous – one is in my office, and one in the kitchen/living room and everyone who comes in promptly plops down and says ahhh…!
    Keep up what your are doing – it is terrific!

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