Weekend Purchases

Lately I’ve found myself less than successful when finding time to do a little shopping on weekends- maybe it’s because I’ve been shopping under pressure-frazzled and under the gun to find something for a specific event coming up.  So when I went out this weekend with no agenda, I found a few AWESOME things that I see becoming staples in my life and had to share….


1) I’ve been loving the look of boyfriend jeans in images I’ve seen on Pinterest and on other style bloggers, but on me I’ve yet to find a pair I like.  The thing is, I find the giant, baggy cut unflattering in real life.  Enter the Madewell Skinny Boyfriend Jeans- I tried them on this weekend and snapped them up. The trick here though is, they run big. Really big. I went down two sizes in them (I’m typically a 27 in Citizens/Rag & Bone and I got a 25 in these).  They are a little more fitted then I wanted at first but after a day of wear they have loosened into the perfect slouchy but flattering fit- cuffed I wore them with heels on Saturday night and with Converseon Sunday and loved them both ways! They are great!

2) As I get older I am more in more in need of concealer with insanely good coverage.  I picked up Laura Mercier’s new Full Coverage Concealer and HOLY HELL this stuff is the Kevlar vest of concealers. Nothing is coming through this stuff- sunspots, dark circles- it’s crazy! You only need a TINY dab (which is why it comes out so slow) and it seriously covers better than anything on the market.  I’m serious about my concealer, so trust me on this one.

3) As a busy gal who works with her hands a lot I am not the manicure type unless it’s a special event (and even then I rarely have time). I just like having clean, simple nails.  I’ve heard good things about the new Dior Nail Glow– a super-shiny pink tinted nail polish that dries fast to a super-shiny finish- so I bought some and LOVE it.  It makes the pinks of your nails look pinker and the whites whiter.  One coat is super-duper subtle, two a little more pink and my nails feels crazy strong (true to life examples of the color in use here) ! I will be using this ALL THE TIME.

4) So this isn’t something I picked up in person, but I carried this new clutch from River Island out to dinner this weekend for the first time and love it. It’s roomy enough for lots of stuff and the tassel detail is killer. The giraffe print pony hair feeds my animal print love too. :)

Also check out my favorite picks featured on Wayfair!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.20.05 AM


  1. I just picked up Dior’s Nail Glow, and I love it–so subtle, but makes your nails looks so pretty and put together (and the color changes in the light). My new favorite!

  2. I recently picked up a pair of skinny boyfriends from Anthro – AG brand (appropo for me) They’re instantly soft like your fave old pair. More forgiving than skinnies, but not butt-hiding baggies, either. Wish I could say I had to go down two sizes, but, no, these seem true to size. I’ll be living in them.


  3. definitely heading to madewell this week to try on those jeans. they look AMAZING!
    also, i’d love to know where the sheets (?) in the background of your photo are from :)

  4. I LOVE dior’s nail glow. try a 3rd coat some time – it makes them even brighter! it’s all I’ve been wearing on my nails since I picked it up a month ago.

  5. I bought those Madewell jeans a while ago…I love them! And you know I have a particular liking to the chandelier in your Wayfair picks!

  6. Love these posts! And of course, love your selections. The items you picked out for Wayfair are awesome! Lamp is out of stock so I am already on the notify list. This is like Fashion Friday+Erin Gates Design=Perfection! thank you!

  7. I was just getting ready to bite the bullet and buy the cle de peau beaute concealer — I think you have tried it? Do you prefer the Laura Mercier?

  8. Always love to see what you love and buy. If you want an amazing undereye cover up and brightner try Boi~ing by Benefit. I have really I mean really dark under eye circles and this stuff make me look brighter and more awake, plus it covers them up!! I pinned the polish, looks like something I would love as well.
    Happy Monday,

  9. Absolutely agree about the Madewells, and it breaks my heart. Even their smallest size is too big for me because they run so large. The perfect clutch on the other hand, always fits! And that giraffe one looks amazing!

  10. Jen- The Cle de Peau is my all time fave staple- it’s more moisturizing then the Laura. But the Laura has longer lasting coverage. I have both plus my other fave the Givenchy Mister Light wand. :)

  11. …was just in madewell last thursday, had these jeans in my hand until my daughters (teens– they know it all!) said that the one patch looked cheesy! so i caved to daughter (like:peer) pressure! i did buy the white skinnies, however! just interesting! thnx for the post! oh, & i love the zanadoo!

  12. Loving the Dior polish! Ordered it last month when posted it and the St Tropez self tanning. Both are two spring/summer “must haves”!!!! My manicurist thought something was wrong when I didn’t show up for my bi-weekly visit!! That stuff is amazing!! GREAT recommendations!! Thanks!!

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