Provence in Austin.

I’ve never been to Austin, TX and I’m thinking that I need to go!  My husband has been there many times on business and I think the next time he heads that way he may find his wife sneaking in his suitcase.  One of the many reasons for this would be the incredibly designed restaurants I’ve been noticing in the southern city.  I’m all about delicious food, but it’s best when served amongst a visual feast as well as a literal one. Case in point, LaV. I FREAKING DIE, Y’ALL. DIE. This place is heaven! Designed by McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier (whose portfolio makes me sweat it’s so good) the space is like a modern farmhouse in Provence. I love it.









I just had to try to replicate this look in a dining room- but on a budget. So I found a bunch of great anchor pieces at World Market and then accessorized with items from Overstock and PB and saved my splurge for the showstopping chandelier. The art is a huge reproduction print from a cool new site called A New Wall.


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  1. You crushed it! What wall color? Something moody, maybe something that reads differently…

  2. Love it! I grew up in a house with horse paintings like that one. Also: be sure to visit the Lake Austin Spa. The. Best. Ever.

  3. Although Austin is in the southern half of the country, most Texas natives don’t consider themselves Southerners or coming from southern cities. Who knows why. Just a heads up to you “Yankees” from an Austinite…..:)

  4. How fun to see my beloved city on your blog this morning?! It IS the greatest, Erin, skip Dallas and do your book signing here! Seriously, you get all the loveliness of Texas (mild weather excluding summer, super friendly, unpretentious people) with all the fabulous restaurants, shops, music, and liberal politics that can be harder to find elsewhere. You’d leave happy, with lower blood pressure. :)

  5. Yes! Come to Austin! LaV is so gorgeous, it won’t disappoint! I recommend going for brunch.

  6. Stay at the Four Seasons in Austin. The spa and gym are heaven. The city has such a cool vibe that you won’t want to leave!

  7. So glad to see a post like this! I’ve missed the “how to recreate the look” posts lately. Love it!

  8. Love it!!! A piece of advice from one married to a yankee who had some…ahem…adjustment issues: don’t come here in summer unless you are prepared to spend all day in a body of water! :-) LaV is spectacular. (I’m sure you know Bobby McAlpine designed it?) Book ahead or go really late night (after 10). It’s like being in Santa Barbara. Another fun, stylish place is Justine, also on the east side. I also love a (very high quality) seafood joint called Perla, right on Congress Ave, but its vibe is kind of Socal-meets-New England so you might be hankering for something different instead :-)

  9. As a Native Texan, and UT Austin alum, this made my day. It’s been (ahem) a few years since I graduated and left Austin, but it’s fairly clear, the city has only gotten better. I say jump on the chance to tag along on Andrew’s next trip.

  10. I agree you need to go to Austin! We live in Houston, but my husband’s family is in Austin. I must say though that whenever we visit, we are too busy visiting family that we rarely take in all of the wonderful places the city has to offer. We need to make it a point to visit LaV next time we go. It looks incredible!!! I wish my home looked like this. So glad you posted this.

  11. Oh! As I was reading this I found out we’re going there tonight! It’s gorgeous in person and the food is great too!

  12. I love this look too. Elegant yet a hit of ruralness. I’d be super appreciative if you could suggest a paint color too! I’m going for this look right now in my living room and for the life of me I’m having such a hard time deciding what to pick.

  13. YES!!! Come to ATX!! You will love it. And when you come, can we please go to happy hour? I would like to buy you a Michelada, or 5. xo

  14. Come to Austin, there are so many wonderful restaurants and it is a great city! Glad to see so many Austinites reply as well. We are looking forward to going to LaV too, heard nothing but good things.

  15. Do come to Austin! You’ll love it! Just don’t come in July or August. You’ll melt into a puddle, it’s so hot here then. But don’t stay at the the Four Seasons. It is nice of course but if you want to stay someplace with personality, stay at the Saint Cecilia. I second Justine’s–hands down my favorite restaurant in town. I also love Uchiko and La Condesa. You’ll find lots of fun things to do here!

  16. I have lived in Austin for 25+ years and have never heard of LaV. If you do visit Austin, and I encourage you to do so, please know that most of our local faves are dives. Austin is very laid back and unpretentious. Enjoy your visit, just please don’t move here…we are full! :-)

  17. Go to Austin! I go about 2x a year and was planning to move there (until I fell in love with a New Yorker).
    yes to lake austin spa.

    you will love the attention to design at SO many places. they care. and while modern isn’t your thing, some of the architecture is just so interesting and innovative in neighborhoods- sprinkled in among the bungalows and stucco.

    btw, this dining room you’ve concocted is divine- thanks for the sources! could be a great look for our new country house. i’ll be checking out back posts for more mood boards.

  18. This restaurant looks fabulous! And love love love Austin! It’s charming, eclectic, and has an incredible restaurant scene. When you go, be sure to try Josephine House – a precious little spot with the most amazing brunch.

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