Birthday Wishlist

So, I turn 35 next week and for the first time in my life I’m feeling a little ho-hum about my birthday. Usually I have a birthday MONTH and relish all things birthday, but his year, I’m kinda not into it.  35 sounds so much older than I actually feel and it’s been such a tough year personally, so I think I’ll just try 34 again instead. Is that okay with everyone?

I also don’t have a mega-specific wishlist this year either. I am grateful for my health, my house (especially all the new bits) and the success I’ve found in the past couple years so I plan to focus on that. I’m feeling rather quiet and contemplative this birthday, and will probably spend it in that manner. A nice dinner with Andrew, extra dog snuggles and some wine. Nothing fancy.

Of course, there are some things I wouldn’t mind getting.  There’s always a permanent wish list items (Tank watch/ Love bracelet/ baby goat/ safari in Africa) but here’s a little grouping of lovelies I have my eye on too. And clearly there is an orange and navy thing happening in my brain right now.


1. As much as I love my iPhone, I perform better with a real planner.  So I think I need to go old school and get a new one. this monogrammable leather one from Graphic Image suits me just fine.

2. This bag is part of my permanent wish list. DUH.

3. I have a tassel addiction. Obsessed with this new J.Crew necklace.

4. I need new sneakers so I can get back to running a little more often. These have CHEETAH and you can customize the colors- plus great reviews!

5. DIE DIE DIE for this shearling vest. DIE.

6. I know you probably want to slap me over the number of times I’ve posted these plates but I still have not bought them for myself.


8. I have this brand’s White Rhino candle and it smells awesome and it’s HUGE- I’d love to give this one a go for my new bedroom!

9. & 10. More J.Crew- this navy blouse and cuffed hem jeans would be a fall staple.


11. I love, love, love these lamps for my new bedroom but they are a bit too pricey for me right now.

12. Some really nice stationery from Crane for all the thanks you notes I suspect I’ll be writing this fall.

13. A beautiful rolling bag to pack in for my book tour this fall! Dates and cities coming soon!

14. A kayak. The one thing I really do want. Actually, two of them (or one tandem one but Andrew and I argue/ get competetive when we paddle together and then I try to smack him with my paddle…)  We have a little lake right by our house and I think this would be fun exercise!

15. Still obsessed with the white version of this little Adler vase. Need one!

16. We’ve been working with Mallory Page a lot lately and I love her work.  Original art is becoming more of a desire as I get OLD AS DIRT.



  1. If you do look at a safari, Acacia Africa do a ten day Kruger through to Victoria a falls and it is excellent!

  2. Happy Birthday, Erin. Ask for something personal and something for the home. I vote for the Love Bracelet (Just got mine in Paris and it is simple elegance) for you and the plates for home. And then do a post on your table decorated around those beauties!!!

  3. Happy early birthday Erin! Loving all the navy and orange… you know there is always a navy and orange thing going on in my brain :)

  4. Erin, I’m 42 in mid-August. Trust me when I say it gets easier, not harder. I look and feel the best I ever have, so there’s hope!

  5. If we don’t have the exact same birthday, then we’re literally days apart. Happy 35th to us!

  6. i may or may not have bought nike sneaks with zebra stripes and my initials on them yesterday…

  7. Happy Birthday, Erin! I felt this way on my 30th, but I echo Shuzluva’s comment — it only gets better. Really! Besides, a quiet celebration is no less meaningful and, maybe even better. I hope you get that baby goat!

  8. happy birthday, 35 years young with so much ahead of you! sounds like a great way to spend your birthday with those that love you most…

    I like this quote:
    “Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many” -Unknown

  9. Happy Birthday! I can totally sympathize with you —although I had more trouble with 36 than 35. 35 still felt cool while 36 (and 37 now) just feel closer to 40. Ughhh :)

  10. Happy birthday from someone older than the hills you’re nowhere near going over… Actually 46 was my “issue” birthday. Just because it was so damn near 50. And that turned out to be no big deal, neither was 60. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable in my own skin (even as it sags and wrinkles… that’s just part of the process). Celebrate it any way you want.
    And go to Africa. Waking up at night hearing lions roar … watching elephants give each other head noogies (I’m guessing they were teenage brothers by the way they acted) … just seeing the Masai Mara during migration. I will never forget that trip. Ever.

  11. I’m 19 years older, 8/10, and never felt better. Love all your picks, especially the vest and tassels.

  12. Ha – I just turned 40 and I STILL feel like any minute the grown ups are going to bust me for pretending to be one… But contemplative birthdays are fine, just as long as you do take a moment to relax and reflect. And those plates? I have them in the slate… and I love love love them! Happy Birthday Erin!!

  13. Be thrilled to be 35 Erin! It was literally my favorite age 35 and 36 rocked. You have a great mind, you are coming into your own career wise and you are still at the absolute peak of your beauty at this time of your life. Don’t dread it enjoy it! I read that a woman’s most beautiful age is 36! So look forward to that! Now 40 (which I reached this year) is a real weeper! lol

  14. Happy birthday! And btw…35 is not even at the starting line of life yet so stop worrying. I have those flats and love them and those lamps…a little too pricey? duh!

  15. Happy birthday, Erin. It’s okay to feel ambivalent towards your birthday. By the time I turned 30 I’d had three miscarriages. One of them happened a few days before my 30th and I was in no mood to celebrate, believe me. Here’s the deal, if you want to be a mom, you will be. It’s no different than when you decided you wanted to be married, or an interior designer, or an author. The mere fact that you want this so bad means you will be a mom. Period.

    During my bridal shower one of my friends reminded me that when it comes to the relationship with your spouse, it’s not just that some days are better than others, it’s that sometimes some entire *years* are better than others. This advice has always resonated with me whether I’m thinking about my husband, or work, or family in general. For example, I know that my 29th year was the crappiest year of my life and I totally wrote it off the books. You should do the same for 34. F— 34.

    But 35? I have a feeling things are going to be looking up in the best way.

    I am going to email you a link to a fertility meditation thing that you can download and listen to. I’m highly highly strung (like I’m as type A and perfectionist as you are) but this meditation thing used to totally mellow my harsh :)

  16. Hey! I completely hear you loud and clear! My 35th… Errr 34th, is the week after.
    I live nearby too (Westwood)- just moved here nearly 2 yrs ago from Southie.
    I’d say we could share a bottle of wine to commiserate but that wouldn’t compete with dog cuddles!
    It was nice to know I wasn’t alone. I usually LOVE my b-day and was unaffected by 30 as well.
    Just wanted you to know u weren’t alone either

  17. I LOVE my Graphic Image calendar and have been using them for over a decade. I love that I can see a month at a time and can keep track of time and notes in the back by day. I use the ribbon to mark the day in the back section and cut the corners in the month sections so it’s super easy to open immediately to either. A great self birthday present – I think you will enjoy!

  18. You may already be aware, but the Juliska store in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard has an outlet store upstairs — those plates (and other pieces of dinnerware in that line) are there and are deeply discounted! Happy Birthday!

  19. Erin, do you know there is a Flagship store is in Stamford Ct and they have an outlet store called Barry and Thread…. You will find your coveted plates there for 1/2 off!
    Happy birthday

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