Suprise Source: Soft Surroundings

I am not one to hoard sources for a good deal or great finds. I remember finding an amazing long black Dolce & Gabana gown at Filene’s Basement (RIP) in 2002 marked down from $1,900 to $99.  When complimented on it while wearing it I would blurts out “Oh My God! Filene’s Basement! Like 95% off! You need to go!” instead of just mysteriously saying “thank you”. As a designer you’re supposed to keep your sources rather secretive, but I have a really hard time doing that too. Whenever I find something good I want to share it and spread the wealth.  And sometimes that just means finding out a catalog you typically recycle actually has some really great home stuff! I got a Soft Surroundings catalog the other day- yes, the one full of comfy clothes and jammies for mature ladies- and found all of this great home stuff! Woah!

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Some great chairs…


An incredible chest and gilt mirror…

SS10 SS18

A very cool rope wrapped chair and cane back barstool…

SS5 SS20

A wood chest and peacock mirror…


A tufted beauty and cool entry console…

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.23.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.24.54 PM

Adorable gilt side table and framed intaglios…

SS21 SS15

A mirrored chest and vintage inspired chair…

SS22 SS2

More cool side tables and glass terrariums…

SS4 SS16

Baxter would love this ottoman/dog house and a cool metal catchall…


A bamboo mirror and suzani pillow…

SS17 SS19

A brass garden stool and awesome vases…

SS11 SS14

Pretty print drapes and a burlap and grey linen upholstered chair…

SS13 Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.13.02 PM

Any secret sources you’re willing to share??


  1. I recently purchased a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from Overstock. I also buy clothing/accessories from The Outnet. I always share my sources. People think you’re a savvy shopper and a good friend when you share. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Thanks! Some seriously quirky charming pieces. Love that dog nest / ottoman. That would work for my vertically challenged cat (her leap is about 3 inches on a good day)as a hiding place…
    I’m an “Overstocks” user also … leopard print needlepoint rug and currently on it’s way to us, an indoor/outdoor rug for the laundry room re-do.

  3. There is a Soft Surroundings store at Copley Place between the J.Crew and Banana Republic – I always laugh to myself whenever I pass it because it totally is a “mature lady” store. I’ll have to check it out next time!

  4. I know — it’s such a funny store but I’ve found some really good gifts at Soft Surroundings. Years ago they had a cool beach robe/cover-up thing, and there was also a monogrammed beach blanket. I gave them as a little set to my bridesmaids and they seemed to love them! In use today, I believe.

  5. I agree Soft Surrounding surprisingly has some nice home items!! My mom started showing me things she thought I would like a few years back or else I would never ever have looked at that magazine. I have a burlap bed skirt from them that I love.

  6. Like a previous commenter mentioned, I have scored some great deals on Overstock, but I’ve also bought some flops. One wool rug in particular comes to mind… the colors were totally off and faded (not in a purposeful way), and it shed way more than a normal rug should. One year after putting it down and vaccuuming the hell out of it, and I still couldn’t sit on the rug without being covered in fibers. I sold it on Craigslist and vowed, no more rugs from Overstock!

  7. I think the most important question for Soft Surroundings home goods is: do they have a 1-3 pillow softness rating scale like the clothes do?
    I’m not quite at “mature lady” status yet, but I got a catalog in the mail and had a field day making my husband guess the “softness scale” of various robes, scarves, and blouses.

  8. That catalog came in the mail the other day, and I “judged the book”, and tossed it before checking it out. That’ll teach me! I understand designers work hard to establish relationships with vendors, and to curate their rolodex, but I still find it very refreshing when one will share a resource. I recently read a rant by a designer who wouldn’t share a paint color she used, claiming it’s decisions like that that “pay her bills.” Ugh.
    I mean, really, it’s all about the talent, not the source! ;)

  9. thnx for ALWAYS sharing your sources. i’m of like-mind! i don’t “get” not being that way. the design biz is tough enough; helping each other out can only lead to enrichment & postive things. the pie is big enough for all to eat!!!! appreciated………

  10. As a fellow designer I agree Erin and Deb! It is too bad there isn’t more comradery between designers. Why can’t we build a stronger community between designers and not only share sources for products but installers/contractors too? If you love your sources so much – I’m sure they would love you back if you promoted them every now and then. So thanks for sharing Erin!

  11. I had to laugh when I read the title of this post! Soft Surroundings is my secret source for comfy clothes and swim suit coverups. I’m 34 and pretty trendy in my attire, but I swear they have some gems every now and then. And it’s super reasonable compared to everywhere else I shop. I love that you weren’t scared to shout it from the rooftops!!! :)

  12. Their Home Selection is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing your great sources with us Erin!

    The Arts by Karena

  13. My god – American choices and prices KILL ME!!! That bone-inlay Marrakech cabinet?? My wholesale price direct from the importer here in Australia is $2000. WHOLESALE. And those mirrors? I die….

  14. They just opened a new store near me, and it’s divine. To be able to touch/feel the quality of their fabrics is great. I’ve shopped their things for years. “Mature” ladies? Seriously?

  15. I get it, this Saturday night, I totally regretted sharing a story of my double price adjustment when someone complimented my Anthro top. I’ll share here: I love, they have weekly deals as well as a revolving set of great designer finds deeply discounted, especially jeans…. if you know what you are looking for it’s a gem! Free Shipping too. It is owned by amazon, but prices are usually cheaper then it’s counterpart, Zappos.

  16. I need to find a larger ottoman like that one for Kanga, our new german shorthaired pointer puppy. She is going to get so big, so I know she would outgrow the above one in about five minutes.

  17. Lol., these comments on Soft Surroundings are too funny. I secretly fell in love with aspects of this store while shopping there with my mom (she had some great luck!). I ended up wondering over to the cosmetic area and they have some fabulous products! I now buy all of my skin and hair care products exclusively from them whenever I get a birthday coupon in the mail. I will have to check out the home furnishings next time I get a catalog!

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