Taking Another Look At Toile

I’ve been looking for slightly less expensive wallpapers for my laundry room ever since I calculated out the cost of using the Katie Ridder one I had previously posted about.  Recently we got a sample of a grey toile from the new Folie collection by Cole & Sons in a grey colorway and I fell in love! With toile! Me!?


Versaille Toile by Cole & Sons


I’m going to re-use this Jonathan Adler Parker flushmount in brass we had in Andrew’s office (now our master bathroom) and I think the modern fixture paired with the traditional toile will look pretty rad and a little less Little Women.


It got me thinking about modern day toile and so I went on a search for some fabulous examples of how to make this pattern work in today’s interiors:

Mix it with animal hide and modern touches like this light fixture and bold, saturated headboard.


Combine it with graphic, geometrics for a refreshing mix.


Choose to use the print but in a BOLD color. Also note the modern, contrasting floor.


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LOVE this mix.


A perfect powder room paper in black and white!


Again, mixing with geometrics, modern touches and a BAD ASS vintage gilt headboard make for a winning combo.


Look for something with a blown up scale for an unexpected twist!


Love the classic, crisp blue and white in an entry. A gallery wall would look amazing running up the stairs!


Use it as an accent in a nook amongst modern furniture.


Chinoiserie toile is even more modern and fun, especially done in this silhouetted style!


The dark walls really make this fabric pop. Also love it combined with that cowhide rug and crisp orange and white bedding.


Love the shades, again, killer with the zebra cowhide.


This is a risk, but I’d say it paid off!

quadrille paradise 2

Some toiles to check out (click images for links):

5004091 T16022-3360

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.42.20 AM

Spoonflower has a tone of toiles.


t36107-3360 Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.50.14 AM





  1. I’ll never forget that a childhood friend’s house had a room with walls covered in toile fabric. I thought that it was so unique to use toile fabric instead of wallpaper. Plus, their was a thin layer of padding behind the fabric. It was really cool to feel plush fabric on walls. It was in a little sitting room in their house and it was really charming.

  2. This is funny to read right now as I’m about to rip down toile wallpaper from my powder room! Now you have me rethinking it…

  3. In the future you might also want to consider Flavor Paper in Brooklyn.
    You can do CUSTOM toile! I often discuss the custom toile wallpaper I want to put in a bathroom we do not have yet!

  4. I love toile but I never had a good place to use it until my daughter was born. I’ve gotten a lot of sideways looks about the zebra print bench in her room – thanks for validating my choice to mix prints!

  5. Your laundry room is going to be prettier than the best room in my house. I’m also planning a re-do (can you say re-do about a space in a 1930s basement with a washer / dryer plopped in it, as it was never “done” to begin with). You’re looking at stunning wallpaper. I’m looking at pegboard and paint.

    Color me impressed or at least embossed.

  6. I love the toile….BUT I love the Katie Ridder more. You work so hard, think about how much you would appreciate the laundry room every time you go in there. I am partial to Ridder and have her coffee table book by my sofa! I think you may be spending a lot of time doing laundry in the coming years, dear Erin. Go for it!

  7. If I find myself wearing toile pants again, I’m holding you personally responsible! Last time it was in vogue, my butt looked the size of Grammy’s settee – no bueno. Charming on walls though :)!

  8. Who doesn’t love a little bit of toile? I had a light blue bed spread that I adored and got tons of compliments on. It was a nice classic staple with crisp white linens to go with it. We upgraded to a king sized bed or I totally would have kept it.

  9. Erin I love toile and would love to do a bath in black and white! I have two toile pillows on my bed right now! Thank you for the fab pics!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Wow. I liked Toile patterns, but seeing these beautiful pictures just made me fall in love with them even more. Thank you for the great post. Can’t wait to see how your laundry room turns out.

  11. Great post! Can’t wait to see your laundry room reveal. Any ideas on budget friendly versions of Farrow and Ball’s Ocelot?! Your post is timely, as I was just today at the store pricing rolls for our tiny tiny bathroom. Still too $$$, as we’re also re-doing kitchen. Statement wall in F&B Lotus too much?!

  12. Timorous Beasties has a modern London toile that I’m obsessed with! Can’t wait til I have a house of my own to use it in.

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