25 Favorites from Nordstrom Home

I’ve always loved Nordstrom for clothing, accessories, makeup and shoes but never really thought of them for home goods.  Well, they are adding a lot of great stuff to their e-commerce site for the home and they asked me to share some of my favorite items (most for under $200!)


1. & 6 These black and cream Danby cookware pieces are SO CHIC. I’d happily trade my bright red Le Crueset for them!

2. Adore these polka dot stemless wine glasses form Kate Spade.

3. Cool branch candlesticks.

4. The prettiest packaging on these Monique Lhuillier candles (my wedding dress designer!)

5. LOVE this cutting board. Like, for reals.

7. A rustic woven throw perfect to add texture to any space.

8. Vintage cool alarm clock.

9. A crisp black bordered pillow.

10. OK, this little plate made me laugh because it reminds me of this one time my parents got a grill with a rotisserie and after working so hard to get the chicken on the thing and then actually roasted, my mom could notfigure out how to get it OFF the rotisserie. Cut to me walking outside to find her whacking at the chicken with a butcher knife in frustration, with all the dogs standing around her delighted as pieces of chicken rained down on them. I think she needs this.

11. A pretty, detailed quilt, great for layering on a bed.

12. Cool grey and white ikat chevron sheets.

13. Adore the little sayings on these Andrea Schroder candles, and Basil Lemongrass sound perfect to light in the kitchen!

14. Simple, pretty hem-stiched sheets.

15. Adore the emerald stitching on this accent pillow.

16. Yummy towels. I always need new towels and these have good reviews!

17. They sell the Westin Heavenly Bed line and I bet this comforter rocks (may have to order for my new bed!)

18. This stripe throw reminds me of my favorite striped shirts!

19. I’ve used these hobnail candles on a couple photoshoots. Love the texture, and you can use the glass to hold makeup brushes or pens when it’s burned down!

20. Adorable navy ikat polka dot shower curtain (paired with navy walls- adorbs.)

21. Velvet and tassel pillows in a few colors.

22. Another hilariously awesome gift- a wine holder for the bathtub or shower. I mean, if you drink wine in the shower you might have a problem, but in the tub is TOTALLY acceptable. And this keeps it from slipping off the edge of the tub and INTO your bath (which has totally never happened to me. Ever.)

23.  A petite Merci sign to remind one of Paris.

24. Adorable print tiny bowls perfect for sauces, snacks and the like.

25. I love the brass bathroom accessories from Waterworks Studio (also the marble ones!)


* This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All selections and opinions are my own.


  1. Loved the witty plate (I too have whacked the hell out of a chicken) and the shower/bath wine glass holder gave me a chuckly… my danger zone is sitting at the computer and reaching out and… cut to a frantic dash for towels.
    I am wondering if you’ll be in Seattle for your book tour. My birthday’s coming up next month and my sis wants to pre-order your book as a present. But if you’re coming here, I’ll wait and get an autographed copy at your book signing…

  2. Hello Erin,

    I’ve got to tell you, I am not a fan of the Nordstrom-sponsored postings because they seem really inauthentic. I realize it must be insanely impossible to come up with a different topic to write about every day, but every time I read one of these, I think: maybe I can skip Elements of Style tomorrow.

    How about showing some of the work you do with clients? Before and after shots??

    Your spirit and creativity is awesome; try not to tarnish it with sponsored postings!

  3. Meg-
    I have to do some sponsored posts or else the blog would cease to exist. I only accept those that I truly love the products of, including this one, and think of it as another opportunity to share goods readers may not have found themselves while allowing myself to make a living off the time spent working on the blog. I’m sorry if this makes you not want to read, but I do try to spread them out so that there are only a few per month. I feel I do a good job with that balance.

    As for my work, it’s all embargoed until the book comes out. I’m shooting new projects now to share with you guys on the blog but these projects take sucha long time. I’m doing my best.


  4. I get that you must raise money off the blog, but between the sponsorship from Nordstrom PLUS the rstyle click money, this is a double whammy. And factor in the side bar ads, it all seems a bit much to me.

    Le Sigh.

  5. You have awesome taste! LOVE everything you post…..Tell me, what are your fave nail colors for fall….

  6. I love the Nordstrom posts (and love that you picked some of the Waterworks items that we recently purchased for our new bath). I really don’t think that these sponsored posts seem authentic at all because the items you choose totally seem like the items YOU WOULD CHOOSE based on your other content. I don’t know, I guess that part of being out in the public domain is that you just can’t please everyone and it is okay for people to like them and for people to be turned off by them. Whatever.

  7. Thanks for reccomending Andrea Schroder Basil Lemongrass candle for the kitchen. I have been looking for a candle for the kitchen that isn’t sweet, and this candle is the BEST because it smells like fresh cut basil, lemon and garden herbs. Great post. Thanks. Katie

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