Emmy’s Red Carpet Recap

Yes, I’m supposed to be on vacay but then the Emmy’s were on and I had to at least chime in quickly about my favorites and my least favorites. :)

Hands down best dressed goes to red carpet newcomer Lizzy Caplan (Janis!!!!) in Donna Karan Atelier. Just PERFECT from all angles- modern, glamorous and perfectly accessorized.


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Second favorite was Allison Williams- another modern take on a ladylike gown.  I feel like if Audrey Hepburn were alive today and this age she would have worn this.


Red was obviously the color of the night. I imagine there were a few stylists being like “Oh sh*t…. everyone is in freaking RED!”  The two that nailed the red trend- Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who almost never misses) and CRAZY EYES! You guys, look at Crazy Eyes! So fabulous I almost couldn’t believe it was her!

042m 083m

These gowns looked red on TV, but they are certainly more coral- LOVED Heidi Klum’s Zac Posen and I thought Sarah Hyland’s two-piece ensemble was totally age- appropriate and adorable on her.

heidi-klum-290 003m

When it comes to white and nude I thought Taylor Schilling slayed it- love the neckline and drape of the sides.  And I was so happy to see Kristen Wiid not looking like a wet mop finally- she looked simply beautiful (although nipple covers would have been welcome).

taylor-schilling-290 062m

You can;t mess with Robin Wright in a white tux jumpsuit, she’s just so bad ass. And Lucy Lui looked lovely as well.  And we all know Sofia Vergara looked hot and amazing, but I really wish she’d try something new just ONCE. Just for fun.

075m 045m

Seth Meyers was so funny and his navy tux (another trend of the night) was perfect.  His wife looked fabulous in J. Mendel too.  But WHAT was Matthew McConaughey wearing???? SO BAD! Camilla looked killer in her gown though.

002m 064m

For sparkly, I loved Amy Poehler and I actually liked Julia Robert’s dress on her- if I saw it hanging on a rack (or on anyone else, probably) I don;t think I would have, but she really pulled it off. Plus, those legs- my God.

051m julia-roberts-290

Halle Berry just being her perfect self. She really is unbelievable. And Gwen Stefani’s two piece, while looking awkward here, moved so beautifully on stage and was so different and so HER- I think it was a great choice.

084m 069m

Now for the bad. There weren’t many, but those that missed, missed by a mile.

Amanda Peet always looks weird and frumpy. And for such a pretty lady, I don’t understand why. I HATED Kerry Washington’s ensemble- it fit awkward and looked like she was wearing a pair of sequin bike shorts underneath.

006m kerry-washington-290

Katherine Heigl looked like she borrowed this number from someone’s closet at a Hollywood senior living facility, and there really are no words for Blossom/ Mayim Balik’s 80’s prom mess.

058m 039m

But yet again, Lena Dunham takes the cake. The hair. The makeup. The awkward, awful top with that skirt. It’s by far the worst she’s worn yet.


Your thoughts???


  1. Lena Dunham – where to begin. Okay we get it, she’s not razor thin and she’s not a conventional Hollywood beauty. But she’s also chosen to be a celebrity, and she’s chosen to make a statement about acceptance and body confidence by showing hers all over the place. By showing up at the events looking this way the message she sends isn’t one of confidence it’s actually the opposite. “I give up. I’m not even trying anymore. I can’t compete with these waifs, not unless I’m on the pages of Vogue and they are literally airbrushing limbs out of the picture to make me look thinner”. I guess it’s the Mom in me, but I’d love to see her give these women a run for their money and expand our definition of beauty rather than just throw in the towel and WILLINGLY be the punch line.

  2. I know I’m totally going to be the only one who thinks this, but if Lena’s top were different, I think I might like the skirt? If the top were simple/flattering, maybe with an actual neckline?

    I love Kristen Wigg, but I think un-lined bright-white satin, is NEVER a good idea, no matter how thin you are.

    Loooooovvvveee Taylor Schilling and Crazy Eye’s dresses. So stunning on both of them.

    Loved this recap!

  3. Hi Erin, I had just finished reading your post “on Beauty” where you reflected upon the awkwardness of your youth…. and then scrolling through your blog posts I came across this article… and that last comment on Lena Dunham… and well… it struck me as discordant… given your own youthful experiences…

    Whilst you are correct in that the outfit and pose do no justice (to be perfectly Frank, I don’t even think Heidi Klum could pull off that particular arrangement…) perhaps it would be more gracious to have overlooked that image all together.
    Im sure that Lena well realizes she is not the most physically graced beauty on this planet, and it would appear that fashion is not her strongest suit, but at the heart of every woman is still a need to be accepted… and to feel beautiful to someone.
    I don’t want to berate you, not at all, just encourage a gentler approach… perhaps pass over the shortcoming of those who may fall short of social expectations.
    With Kindest intent, L

  4. Lucina, I disagree. I think if anything you can argue the whole post of judging women’s bodies is discordant but why should Lena Dunham not get the same treatment as everyone else? She is fine and doesn’t need to be graded on a curve, no pun intended. That is insulting

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