Fashion Friday: What Does One Wear to their own book party???

As you know this book has been a long process, which is finally ramping up to the release October 7th! So fair warning, you’ll be hearing A LOT about it, tour plans, parties, giveaways and signings in the next month and a half. Until I have a human baby to talk incessantly about, THIS is my baby (in fact, it took me exactly 9 months to write and shoot, oddly enough). Even though it’s a little early, I’ve started thinking about what to wear not only to the big launch in Boston, but to the other seven book parties across the country. No pressure (cue me breathing shallowly into a paper bag).  I’ve started bookmarking stuff and will be posting some outfit thoughts here…. starting with this one:

1. Sleeveless black turtleneck sweater. Warm yet not dowdy for October evenings.

2. The Gates satchel– duh.

3.  I did get these crazy amazing shoes specifically for the tour.  I have to pack light so I figured one statement shoe and one pair of classic black pumps should get me through eight parties. Ok, maybe one other pair.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sequin skirt! Paired with the chunky knit sweater it’s a fab mix of textures.

5. It’s not on their site yet, but the new Tiffany T Collection bangle is my new obsession. So classic, so lovely.

6. With turtlenecks it’s all about statement earrings. Love the vintage vibe of these.

7. The reason I’m doing all this.

8. When traveling I love a good eyeshadow palette- this one from Nars looks perfect for fall!

9. I smelled this new Armani fragrance the other day and love it for fall!


  1. Love, love, love the shoes and the skirt. Great outfit. Hope there will be a signing near my neck of the woods…looking forward to receiving my book in mail and putting it on my coffee table! (oh, and reading it as well!)

  2. Ever since my son stated” I don’t get the turtleneck without sleeves?” my sleeveless turtlenecks have remained folded in my drawer-LOL!

  3. Come to Washington DC! It’s a happening place, with a great (and expensive :/) real estate market where people like to get all sorts of fancy with their interior decorating. Would love to have you sign the book I preordered when you announced it!

  4. Cannot WAIT for your book tour!! I know the book will be fabulous! Congratulations, this is such a wonderful achievement!!

    And PS, you deserve those absolutely stunning shoes. Occasions like the launch of your first book call for fabulous footwear. Don’t let anyone make you feel the slightest bit guilty about that! You do you, EG!!

  5. Keep us posted on book-tour schedule – I’ll definitely catch you when you’re here in Chicago! P.S. You might want to go ahead and purchase that chunky sweater before you get here! Just saying…

  6. Pretty spectacular on all levels! Exciting to be writing a book, going to launch parties OH MY!!! Love your style, always and this is so YOU. Enjoy the process!! It is so well deserved. You are so much younger than myself and yet I come here to be inspired, Keep doing what you are doing for the young and the shall we say AGELESS!!

  7. You know, I’ve worn my gun metal gray sequin skirt over and over again…love it with the turtleneck (which is having a HUGE rebirth!!) Never too early to start “the look about the book!” franki

  8. I’m in Seattle, will you be smoking up the bookstores near me? I’m dying to see this combo in person … and get my very own signed copy,

  9. Adore all the pieces you’ve picked out.

    I going to guess that your publisher is not sending you to Rome for a book signing.

    Don’t let the comment about your statement shoes get to you. Shoes, bags, and investment pieces are all about cost per wear. You will have those shoes for decades (with the help of a great cobbler).

    You have busted your butt to earn that money. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it.

    Besides it’s all relative. I think spending $5 dollars for a crappy, fake Italian coffee drink at Starbucks is absurd.

  10. I think this is simply perfect, Erin. I would actually like to play off of this look for an event I have in September. As a fellow Boston girl and writer, I look forward to hearing details about the Boston book party. I’d also love to write a review on Rue Le Chat. Congratulations!

  11. You have to get that skirt on your little butt!!!! So great.
    So excited that you are coming to DC and Raleigh. I am right between the two…. You should do one at High Point Mkt in Oct!!!
    Congrats and so excited for you on all fronts!

  12. Not sure if you have your destinations set but I’d love to see you at Warwicks bookstore in La Jolla, CA! And – perfect book party outfit!

  13. Love your choices, so chic… although are they a little formal?

    At least it’s not a black blazer from Target, skinny jeans from Old Navy and colorful, dangly earrings.

  14. I would avoid the new Tiffany bracelet. It’s destined to be the next tacky thing on every Bridge and Tunnel girl’s arm like those hideous old Tiffany chain link charm things from years ago. I shudder just recalling them!

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