A Different Kind of CSA


There is nothing that helps give life and color to a space then flowers.  Really, look at any interior spread and cover the flowers or greenery with your hand and see how the magic just drains out of the photos. So I love anything and everything floral related.  My project manager Lindsey alerted me to this awesome local company, Fivefork Farms, that offers a genius concept of a sustainable flower CSA.  What a lovely treat to yourself to receive a weekly bouquet or bucket of beautiful flowers (if you prefer doing your own arrangements), and BONUS,  you are supporting a small farm! LOVE. IT. Take a peek at this idyllic, wonderful farm and it’s flowers.  Check here for options and pick up locations and sign up for next spring!

















  1. Thanks to you and Lindsey, I live so close to this farm and didn’t t know about it. I think this is the perfect gift for my hard to buy for Mom and she would love to go each week to pick up her flowers!

  2. Love it! I had a flower farm as part of my CSA “package” a few years ago and really enjoyed it! (I love the idea of a CSA but I started growing more of my own vegetables & fruit so I dropped my subscription -sadly, my flower production hasn’t matched my green bean production – I should join just for the flowers again next year!) Anyway – lots of areas have flower farm options, so investigate! (I’m in NC) Check out localharvest.org for information on all sorts of things by zip code….

  3. I begged the owner of Farm and Fable to sell me a bouquet when I saw them there one Tuesday a while back! Easily the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen!

  4. Just breathtaking!! Oh, FWIW…the “black” kitchen I referred to last week was in “House Beautiful”…not “Traditional Home.” The flower concept is marvelous!! franki

  5. I actually did this flower CSA through Fivefork Farms and Farm & Fable in the South End and loved it! I highly recommend to anyone considering participating in it next spring/summer!

  6. Who took these gorgeous photographs? Ranunculus(es?) are my absolute favorite flower and I would just love to have a giant print of that first image. I wish I lived anywhere close so I could join this CSA! Unfortunately they haven’t really become popular yet in Oklahoma, but I can always hope!

  7. I LOVE this concept. I may just have to start calling our local floral shops and farms and try to bring it to Charlotte!! We did an local artist CSA last year too, so many new CSA concept popping up, but I sure love the original!

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