Fashion Friday: Perfectly Prepped

Ok, so I obviously have all things preppy on my mind since I am currently in the preppiest place on Planet Earth.  There is something about fall weather that just brings out my inner preppy girl.  Here are some of the prep essentials for fall (half of which I’ve already bought, like the Barbour coat and cable sweater- as seen on my Instagram).  It helps that J.Crew, harbinger of all things preppy, is having a big fall sale (25% off with code SHOPFALL)!

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  1. You’re going to have to show us how to wear that Barbour without looking old and frumpy. I tried one on and was suddenly in my 60’s taking matching schnauzers out for a stroll (I am 35 and have no schnauzers – but I did while wearing that coat!)

  2. Makes me want to bake a clam or two… Like the suggestion to show how to put the look ttogether or incorporate with other styles.

  3. Hay…. I am 55 and am GETTING matching schnauzers… I guess I need the coat… Do I need the coat if I decide to get schnoodles instead?. (Don’t tell hubs and yes there’s such a dog.).
    PS… Jamie has 2 schnauzers and she’s one of the coolest chicks on the planet… Show some schnauzer love!
    PSS…Erin, you have obviously never been to a frat house @USC in Columbia after a football game.
    Great post!

  4. I bought that Barbour jacket in plum (a Pantone collaboration!) in London at Liberty, and I LOVE it. I was worried about feeling like a frump, but skinny jeans and boots helped quite me feel less “60s with schnauzers” and more “on a fall walk to visit my fictional walk.”

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