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Nantucket Magic.

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Oh Nantucket.

Even though we live a mere 3 hour drive/ ferry ride from this little beauty, Andrew and I had not been in TEN YEARS. I don’t know what we’ve been doing all these weekends the past decade, but it was more likely Netflix binges and yard work than jaunts to Nantucket.  I am SO GLAD we decided to go last week for three nights to celebrate our nine year anniversary.  It is one of the most magical places I have been since Paris. I am not even kidding you. Granted, we had the most perfect weather ever (sunny, dry, breezy and 67 degree days and slightly chillier nights) and we went during the best month (the crazy, busy summers are not so much my thing).  But truly Nantucket has a glow about it. A salty, warm glow that just makes you smile and breathe a little easier.  As my mom said, it’s like a really expensive Disney World for adults. Everything is SO beautiful it almost feels like it can’t be real! Especially the houses. Oh, the houses!!!  Walking along the streets I found myself yelling things at Andrew like “How can all these houses be so cute? How do all these people have so much money? I want to live here forever! Let’s sell everything and open an inn!”  It was heaven. And here are some pictures to prove it.

I would beg, plead and sell an organ for this house. We saw it the first night on our way to dinner and I might have had a mini-meltdown on the sidewalk over it. Might have.

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White clapboard beauties and the island’s official vehicle, the Jeep.

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We were biking past this house when I slammed on my brakes and nearly caused Andrew to fly over his handlebars.  But LOOK AT THIS JOINT.  I couldn’t get the garage/ guest house in the shot, but this home on Cliff Road was truly magnificent. Complete with two Lalanne sheep sculptures in the front yard.  I can’t even…

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While grand is lovely, I swoon equally over the teeny, tiny houses- especially this one at left.  Andrew’s parents’ friend actually used to own this guest house and the main house behind it. Andrew’s been in it and I begged him to recall the details of the interior ( “Was there a black and white kitchen floor? A tiny vintage style stove and fridge? Wide plank floors??? A claw foot tub??? THINK ANDREW! THINK!”)  All he could recall was “it’s one bedroom”. ARRRRGGGHHHHH! Men.

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If anyone has $9.5 million lying around, this perfect, incredible house is actually for sale!  And if so, I would gladly help you redecorate it. {CALL ME!}

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People’s window box game is seriously on point on this island. Or should I say, the landscaping and gardening companies have some serious skills. Probably the latter.

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Shingles and white trim are the name of the game here.  Nantucket humor at it’s best is something like, “Take a left at the house with the grey shingles and white trim.”

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Wonderful windows and widow’s walks…

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I mean, can it get more perfect?? Can it? I don’t think so.

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There is such a deep Americana vibe here, full of history and heritage. It made me want to wear red, white and blue and Lilly Pulitzer head to toe.

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We had a WONDERFUL stay at the new inn 21 Broad (seriously, so chic and so lovely with a killer location) and then hopped over to the harbor for a couple nights at the famous White Elephant where we had a private deck with THIS view. Not bad. Not bad at all!


We biked around part of the island one day which was SO much fun.  From lighthouses to fields of split rail fences, beaches and cobblestone roads. Again, pure magic.

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The shopping is super fun too. So many boutiques to browse in, oh and guess what? They are just as adorable as the houses! This little shop, Milly & Grace is actually owned by a blog reader (hi!).  Right next to it was an incredible home shop called Bodega I loved (and could see myself owning if/when I move to the island)

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A row of these TINY little shops on the wharf- including a great home one called Space. Again, like my version of Disney World.

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This is my dream Nantucket ride- a vintage Bronco in the perfect shade of orange-y red.

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We stopped into this adorable cafe recently opened by a young guy who just moved with his family to the island full time.  We also had an awesome dinner at Cru– the best meal we had on the island by FAR (and with the best decor and location!)

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We went out to the Wauwinet for lunch and relaxed on the lawn chairs by the ocean….

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And bought ourselves a lovely little memento- a tiny painting called “Nantucket Blues” from artist Sharon Woods Hussey.

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But the best part? Spending it with this guy, who makes me life SO much more wonderful every day. :) Oh, and wine helps too.

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