Fashion Friday: The (Still) Staple Coat

I’s that time of year again (if you live in the northeast or mid-west, that is)…. COAT SEASON!  I inherited my love of a good coat from my mom (whose collection is pretty epic) and now that I have a legit, HUGE coat closet I can imbibe in a few extras this season.  Last year the “it” coat for fall/ winter was the army green anorak with (faux) fur trimmed hood.  And guess what, it’s still HUGE this year too (lucky for our wallets!)  There are a few variations on the theme, like the the duffle coat version, the glossy grey anorak version the pea coat version and the puffy coat version (all via Nordstrom, which has a killer selection in so many price points).

I find that in the colder months I dress in a total uniform of sweaters, skinny jeans, boots and this coat (I bought one last year and just need to find out where it’s hiding post-construction).  This look works for a variety of ages and body types too, so if you aren’t already rocking this combo, now’s the time to try it! Click images for links (or see links below)

Coat // Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Boots (die over the bows on the backs!) // Watch // Earrings

Some more inspiration for this look:







Some other versions you should consider (and so much on sale too!):


*This post was sponsored in part by Nordstrom. All product selections and opinions are my own.



  1. I love a good army green coat! I already have a few too many but this is one version that I don’t have. Seems so cozy and definitely goes with everything. Now if only I had a coat closet to put it in! (dang NYC studio apartment :)

  2. Promoting the purchase of coyote fur!? You’ve also pinned real fur clothing on Pinterest. SHAME ON YOU!! Your readers look to you, a self-proclaimed animal lover, for clothing advise. You might want to educate yourself on the tortuous practice used for you to get the newest “it” coat:

    1. Agree! It was in news…in some cases the “faux fur ” is actually from dogs they kill for their fur.

  3. I like this look, but don’t understand the need for real fur. Faux fur looks the same. There’s just no need.

  4. Most of the coats shown in the links were faux fur . Just saying… I’m a hooded coat fan, living in Seattle. I like that you’ve shown all hoodies. We never bother with umbrellas.

  5. Love the variety of choices! So nice to live in a country where we have the freedom to choose what we would like to buy. Btw, Tara L, please educate yourself . Period. The grammatically correct word you are looking for is advice- with a “c”. Love your blog Erin!

    1. Such a wide variety (!)….of green coats. How very ignorant that EOS readers would side with mindless fashion choices over living beings.

  6. You have reminded me that I have a black toggle closure coat that just needs cleaning for winter. Love your classics Erin!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. I love these jackets – and the lighter weight ones are perfect for Virginia winters.
    Have one in my shopping cart at Nordstroms.
    I usually choose faux fur, because I don’t do real fur.
    (Until I get my mom’s hand me down fur, since the animal was already killed decades ago and it might as well be worn, instead of someone buying a new one.)
    Now you ladies are telling me that faux fur will never decompose…..
    Well then maybe someone will re-purpose it in 50 years.
    Or someone will find it in a bog in 1200 years and put it in a museum.
    I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t.

    But I’m gettin that damn coat.

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