The Look of Leisure.

The most awesome spread in the current House Beautiful had to be the cover story- not only for it’s decor (by Hannon Douglas) but the story behind the space.  This feminine beauty is not a full time residence, but rather a getaway for the mother of four whose main home is down the street.  Used as a space for her to get some alone time, drink wine with friends and hold small gatherings (as well as being a guest space for visitors) I think this has to be the most amazing luxury I’ve heard of as of late.  Can you imagine having a separate space from your family to just GET. AWAY. ?? Not to mention one that looks like THIS?  I dunno, if it were me I might pick some extra fights with my husband just to “take a time out”. :)

I am pretty sure her kitchen uses my bathroom floor tile as the backsplash! And how about those vintage doors?

I love the peek into the dining area with the banquette from the living space.


The perfect spot to invite a couple girlfriends over for wine and gossip.


Beautiful details (p.s. THOSE WINDOWS!)


The bedrooms with an amazing exposed brick wall mixed with a glamorous chandelier.


Holy awesome built ins with antiqued mirrored doors! Reminds me a smidge of the ones I did in our master hallway (by the way, my master bedroom final reveal will happen in November when I’m back from tour and can get it photographed!)


The bathroom with awesome Kelly Wearstler fabric drapes.


Want help getting this look (grey, purple, great texture and glamorous accents?) Here ya go!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4.  (a great rug source) // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

So tomorrow is a big day, the official day of publication of Elements of Style: Designing a Home and a Life and to say I’m a bundle of nerves would be an understatement.  However, the winners of the giveaway will be picked so get your last minute entries in!!!!



  1. Sign me up for a getaway pad, stat! And if I win the giveaway, please design it! Can’t wait to get my book tomorrow. xoxo Irene

  2. Love that kitchen esp. the seating configuration at the island. Much more conducive to conversation than linear seating.

  3. It’s gorgeous. My getaway pad is called my car. Sometimes. When kids aren’t in it which is RARE! Can’t wait to get my book tomorrow, come on Amazon! XO

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love,love,love the house. I just do not like the idea of it. “Home” is where life takes place and children are raised and memories are made and friends are welcome and enjoyed and tears are cried along with lots of laughter and solitude. Doing that somewhere else is sad.

    1. I totally agree. I’d be lonely there. And I do think its an indulgence, the funds for which ( or at least some of the $$) could have been used to help better other people’s lives.

    2. Agree 100%. It’s a beautiful home, and I might love to spend a day there away from the chaos of my family, but the idea of it is self-indulgent and a bit obnoxious.

    3. I really agree. I am a mother of 5 and I love a nice home as much as the next girl but the idea of having a home to ‘get away’ from my family on a regular basis (and I’m assuming it would be pretty regular if you need it close by and it’s an entire fully decorated to the max house) deeply saddens me.

      To me, true luxury is: having a family, being able to stay home with them (if you choose), decorating your home and having a room of one’s own to escape to from time to time. For me that ‘room’ is my bathroom with a great tub, the sitting area in our master bedroom and my home office.

  5. I read that article, too, and also thought “what an unbelievable luxury.” It was extra fun for me to read because the family lives in the neighborhood where I grew up, and I’m pretty sure I know the building where this “getaway” is. If I lived there I would definitely befriend her through our kids for some awesome girls’ nights out in that space!

  6. I agree with Dianne. It is beautiful. But I hope it is only used a few times a year in lieu of a weekend away from the kids. The most beautiful things are the totally imperfect things that happen under your own roof with your immediate family. At least for me.

  7. Erin, thanks so much for featuring our work! This was such a fun project for Hannon and I to work on and we were so excited when House Beautiful picked it for the cover. Love seeing it here again on your blog. PS, we can’t wait to see a copy of your book, congrats!

  8. Beautiful home – very strange circumstance? Doesn’t she have a closet she eat cupcakes and cry in? That could be purple and gray too…

    That being said the bedroom is gorgeous!

    1. This is the funniest comment!! I totally relate to medicating with cupcakes. Seriously, how bizarre. I can’t imagine any non-nefarious reason to have a place close by to escape my family. Some people have more money than sense.

    1. Totally unrelated to your post today but wanted to know when your book ships for those of us that pre-ordered back in June ? Also love your new site but can’t enlarge photos. Is that something still to be worked out? Love your blog!!

  9. The house is very nice. It’s one thing to have a vacation home, quite another to have a retreat down the street. I’m afraid I find concept this repulsive.

  10. Erin, I was going to pre-order your book but then figured I’d wait since I’d much prefer to get a signed copy from you (if you are in fact signing copies) at your launch event tomorrow. Will there be books available at West Elm for purchase? Forgive me if this is a dumb question!

  11. Gorgeous. Love the colors, design, everything. Congrats to Hannon Douglas. Some comments are a little dramatic imo. This woman can walk down the block with her friends and hang out instead of going out to a bar/restaurant. No difference, only this is closer and more practical. She’s not living there. It’s also used as a guest house. I’d love to do something like that.

  12. Congrats Erin! I just received my EOS book this afternoon, hot off the press. The photography is beautiful and I love the format, telling your life story through design but with so much incredible information. You put so much work into this work of art. I can’t wait to really get into it… maybe go hide in my private space and read and savor the first to the last page. Thank you, thank you!


  13. I love the getaway idea……. and my kids are grown and gone!!! How about a getaway from the hubby and dogs!! Super excited to see you in Houston next week!!

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