Plain + Simple

Fall brings with it an amazing variety of colors- but sometimes simple is best.  When life is crazy (as mine has been), soothing palettes make me feel calmer (hence, my new all- neutral bedroom, which I am going to shoot for you soon- I promise!)  But that translates into clothing too- black, white and camel is such a fabulous, classic, streamlined way to dress AND decorate.  Just check out these pairings for inspiration…

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(Love this outfit below? Yeah, me too. It’s from Madewell’s new collaboration with Sezane, an amazing French company I’ve been following for years! It’s SO good, and totally in the same spirit as this post!)

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  1. Erin, not only did you hit the color pairings on the head, but the moods as well. Although gorgeous, The rooms all feel a bit aloof as far as actually living. Do you think this is because of the actual pallet or just personal taste? Maybe in fall we all crave a little personal space to think??

  2. Black, white, camel, and grey is the palette for our condo! That last photo confirmed that i need a camel tufted something, whether chair or couch, in our place! And I also love, Sezanne, although they sell out so quickly! Excited to check out their collaboration with Madewell this weekend.

  3. I love the idea of playing with all neutrals for the ease, but it always makes me feel a little bummed. I think the key is to mix in plenty of texture and unexpected elements, like that Olivia P look I would totally rock!
    In Dramatic Fashion

  4. My exact combo today! Love it and threw in a little gold for good measure. So excited for Hudson tomorrow night!

  5. I love / hate the new pin me buttons. It now takes me forever to read (pin) one blog post. I’m pinning nearly everything!

  6. LOVE!! so many of the above images are on my Looks I like or camel and other colors pin boards. Love camels and black together a forever classic. Lots of great eye candy in one spot. Thank you Erin!!

  7. Erin,
    I too love these colors. I love adding grey to the mix. Its really my “new black” then paired with some leopard kitten heels and its a go anywhere. Been a fan of you blog for some time. Its really great how you mix fashion, lifestyle and home design…amazing job!

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